This is a chronological list of the events and adventures that the New Enforcers of Justice have participated in or that had an impact on the team.


Historical Events
~5000 Years Ago
  • In Ancient Egypt, a time-traveling Surge meets the alien hero Seker and battles the sorcerer Kheth-Amon.
~3500 Years Ago
  • An alien meteor crashes in the vicinity of what is now Superior City. Its unusual radiations begin mutating local wildlife, creating both the Adoax and a race of giant spiders.
~700 Years Ago
  • A warrior tribe called the Children of Thunder unite local Native tribes to wipe out a cannibalistic tribe that worship the giant mutant spiders in the area.
~250 Years Ago
  • Fleeing from the arriving European settlers, the Adoax establish their new home in a hidden valley south of where Superior City now stands.
Wild West
  • Fort Superior established by Major Christopher Solomon and explorer Jebediah Marks.
  • Jacob Pearson establishes the first Paradise settlement.
  • Paradise settlement found completely deserted, reason unknown but generally attributed to disease.
  • Teenage outlaw Billy Sullivan meets the time-traveling Enforcers of Justice. Inspired by Renegade and contemporary western heroes like Jonah Hex, Night Hawk, Scalphunter and the Vigilante, young Billy resolves to be a similar hero.
  • Now calling himself Garret Land, Billy Sullivan settles in the lawless Fort Superior and creates the masked identity of the Renegade to fight crime and corruption.
  • The time-traveling Enforcers of Justice arrive in Fort Superior and help Renegade defeat the giant mutant spiders. The tale is recorded in a series of articles by author Peter Law (great-great-grandfather of the third Renegade).
  • Fort Superior becomes Superior City.
  • A time-traveling ArcAngel meets the Renegade for the first time.
  • City of Paradise formally established after several smaller settlements merge together.
Golden Age of Heroes
  • First appearance of the second Renegade.
  • First appearance of Atlas.
  • Time-lost hero Patriot settles in Superior City and adopts a civilian identity.
  • First appearance of Ladyhawk in Paradise.
  • Renegade, Red Bee, Atlas, Patriot, and Ladyhawk band together as the Adventurers to stop Nazi villains Vendetta from destroying the shipyards in Paradise.
  • The time-traveling Enforcers of Justice, posing as a team called the Justice Squadron, join forces with the Adventurers to battle Vendetta.
  • Patriot leaves to fight on European front and later returns to the future.
  • The Legion of Doom, a villainous alliance headed by the Brain Wave and the Iron Mask (actually the Black Baron), tries to destroy the Superior City. The Adventurers and the Justice Society defeat them, but none of the Adventurers are seen again after the battle.
Forgotten Age of Heroes (~25 to 10 years B.M.A. [Before the Modern Age of Heroes])
~25 years B.M.A.
  • First appearance of Shadow.
~24 years B.M.A.
  • First appearance of Sparrowhawk.
~22 years B.M.A.
  • First appearance of Quarrel and Scattershot.
  • First appearance of Nightracer.
~21 years B.M.A.
  • Dr. Jacob Keller adopts the identity of Dwarfstar and joins the Star City-based hero team, the Crusaders.
  • Archaeologist and adventurer Clive Arno finds mystical coins that give him powers of the gods. He battles evil as Captain Action.
~18 years B.M.A.
  • Scattershot goes into semi-retirement to attend university.
~15 years B.M.A.
  • Shadow retires.
~12 years B.M.A.
  • Quarrel killed by Dr. Trap.
~11 years B.M.A.
  • Nightracer killed by Dr. Trap.
  • Sparrowhawk killed by Dr. Trap.
~10 years B.M.A.
  • Jonathan Peter Law, son of the Golden-Age Tarantula, adopts his father's heroic identity. This new Tarantula is killed months later by Dr. Trap, leaving behind a wife and young son.
  • Spurred by the death of the second Tarantula, the Justice Society comes out of retirement to capture Dr. Trap.
Modern Age of Heroes
Year 1
  • Superman, Batman, Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Aquaman, Black Canary debut.
  • Superior City mayor Davis Overbrook organizes Sector 10 to create super-hero for the city. Decorated police officer Nicholas Young is selected as first test subject.
  • Justice League formed.
Year 2
  • Nicholas Young transformed into hero Apex (now known as Aegis).
  • Paragon debuts.
  • Olympiad debuts.
  • Time-traveling Enforcers of Justice, aided by former hero Dr. Jacob Keller, thwart Futurion's attempt to kill the majority of Earth's super-heroes.
Year 3
  • Lynx debuts.
  • Whiz Kid debuts, becomes Apex's sidekick.
  • Sector 10 creates Prodigal using similar techniques to those used to create Apex.
  • Prodigal goes insane, becomes super-villain Carnage
  • Astra arrives on Earth, settles in Superior and joins Carnage's villain team, the Slaughterhouse Five.
  • The Centurions form to stop the Slaughterhouse Five. Astra turns on villains and joins the heroes, becoming a member of Centurions.
Year 4
  • The Unknowns debut in Superior City, the members are Omni, V, Haze, Midnight, and Knockout.
  • Edge debuts as Paragon's sidekick.
Year 5
  • Jonathan Peter Law Jr. learns of his grandfather's identity as the Golden-Age Tarantula and of how his father really died.
Year 6
  • Infinity Inc. forms. Jonathan Law Jr. begins training to become the new Tarantula under tutelage of members of the Justice Society.
Year 7
  • Slaughterhouse Seven begin killing spree across Superior City, Astra is killed. The Seven are arrested and placed in Mercy Island prison.
Year 8
  • CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Olympiad is killed. Justice Society vanish into Limbo; Jonathan Law Jr. gives up training to become a hero.
  • LEGENDS. Apex is put into a coma; Paragon, Lynx, and V are killed; Omni is destroyed and Haze vanishes; Midnight and Knockout flee to the Dark City. Whiz Kid and Edge leave Superior City.
  • Slaughterhouse Seven take over Mercy Island Prison, begin brainwashing Superior City into forgetting them and the Centurions.
Year 9
  • INVASION. Alien Dominators detonate the Gene Bomb, large number of latent metahumans suddenly develop powers. Metahuman outcasts flock to the Dark City in the tunnels and caverns beneath Superior City.
  • JANUS DIRECTIVE. Kobra launches a secret campaign to disrupt American intelligence agencies by setting them against each other to distract from his latest plan. Paladin, serving in Checkmate at the time, is gravely injured in the inter-agency conflict.
Year 10
  • WAR OF THE GODS. Archaeologist Peter Arno inherits the mystical coins used by his grandfather, Captain Action.
Year 11
  • Justice Society freed from Limbo.
  • Superman is killed by alien creature Doomsday. To honor the fallen Man of Steel, Jonathan Law Jr. finally decides to become a super-hero. He wears the Tarantula costume but initially calls himself The Web.
Year 12
  • OMEGA forms the first Enforcers of Justice team to stop the Overlord from invading Earth. Team consists of The Web, Singularity, Headlong, Lupin, and Firestrike.
  • Overlord is defeated. The Web officially adopts the identity of Tarantula. The first Enforcers disband.
  • Tarantula meets Arachnia while investigating a weapons smuggling ring.
  • OMEGA influences the formation of a second Enforcers team; the members are Tarantula, Manhunter, Prism, Galahad, and Mimic.
  • Second Enforcers prevent Annihilator from resurrecting the Manhunter android cult.
  • Justice Inc. forms in New York City.
  • ZERO HOUR. Tarantula quits Enforcers to join Justice Inc.; the second Enforcers team disbands.
  • A third Enforcers team forms with Galahad, Manhunter, Patriot, and Shadow Walker.
  • Arachnia replaced by demon spider-goddess Aranaea.
  • Tarantula and Quiksilver are joined by Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and Blue Devil on a time-travel mission to try and rescue Rip Hunter from the distant past.
  • NYPD detective Lisa Donavan is shot and nearly killed by members of Scarab crime family.
  • Patriot is lost in time in the year 1942. The third Enforcers of Justice team disbands shortly thereafter.
  • Nemesis joins Justice Inc.
  • Overlord escapes from his dimensional prison.
  • Arclight joins Justice Inc.
  • Aranaea's identity is revealed, Justice Inc. rescues the real Arachnia from the demon's mystical prison.
  • Tarantulas from alternate timelines begin arriving in New York City. Singularity is murdered by one of these Tarantulas but is resurrected as Abyss by alien scientist Styxx.
  • BATTLEGROUND: NYC. Overlord's forces take over New York City. He is defeated by the heroes of Justice Inc. and their allies.
  • Alternate Tarantulas are revealed to be a plot by Extant to create a massive temporal explosion. Justice Inc. repairs the timestream and sends all but one alternate Tarantula back to their proper timelines.
  • Tarantula apparently killed by Death Spider, allegedly his own future-self, and Aranaea. In reality Tarantula is rescued by his remaining alternate self but decides to let the world believe he has died in order to fool Death Spider.
  • Tarantula and Arachnia establish new civilian identities for themselves as Joshua and Kaitlin Chambers in Superior City. The alternate Tarantula relocates to New Orleans and adopts the new identity of C.T. Nelson.
  • Lisa Donavan testifies against crime figure Scarabus and is placed in Witness Relocation Program. She is given the new identity of Gabrielle Jones and becomes a school teacher in New Orleans, but continues to adventure as Arclight.
  • Quiksilver's body killed during a battle with Egyptian sorcerer Kheth-Amon. Quiksilver's mind and spirit survive in the body of a small kitten.
  • Quiksilver is revived in a powerless clone body. He adopts the costumed identity of Tarantula in honor of his best friend.
Year 13
  • C.T. Nelson adopts Zodiak identity.
  • Kaitlin Chambers adopts Solitaire identity.
  • The Guardians and Zodiak defeat OMEGA, destroying the original Enforcers of Justice satellite headquarters in the process.
  • Joshua Chambers becomes the third Renegade.
  • Arclight returns to New York and rejoins Justice Inc.
  • Zodiak develops mystical powers due to the efforts of Rift.
  • Justice Inc., including Arclight, become lost in parallel dimensions. In one alternate reality Arclight is given the Seraphim power armor and becomes ArcAngel.
  • REVELATIONS. Justice Inc. returns to this reality in time to help the Guardians defeat Kristallnacht and prevent the destruction of Earth by the Nemesinians.
  • ArcAngel leaves Justice Inc. to return to New Orleans. Nemesis resumes leadership of his people and leaves Earth.
  • GENESIS. Renegade first meets the Schwa.
  • Vandal Savage secretly exiles Justice Inc. into space. The team is presumed dead on Earth when Savage destroys their headquarters.
  • Kyoko Uchida begins her Masters degree studies at Centennial University in Superior City.
  • Scientist Marie Ste. Claire begins developing cyber-voodoo technology. Unknown to Marie, her funding comes from the Silver Path crime syndicate.
  • Justice Inc. returns from exile in outer space.
  • Death Spider returns leading a team of villains called the Enforcers of Injustice.
  • Renegade and Zodiak begin the hunt for Death Spider.
Year 14
  • Renegade, Zodiak, and members of Justice Inc. track down Death Spider. The villain's body is killed but his mind and spirit are transferred into the global computer network by OMEGA where he becomes a cyber-entity.
  • The new Enforcers of Justice is formed when Renegade, ArcAngel, and Mystère, aided by Kyoko Uchida, join forces to combat the Silver Path.
  • Death Spider alters the timeline to wipe Jonathan Law Jr. from existence, creating an alternate Tarantula named Michael Pierce. The Enforcers of Justice thwart the plan and restore the timeline.
  • Tired of the attacks by Death Spider, Solitaire drops her new identity and leaves Renegade to move back to San Diego and resume her old life.
  • The alien Mercy arrives in Superior City and joins the Enforcers of Justice.
  • ONE MILLION: Knight 2146 is killed by Death Spider. Kyoko Uchida is kidnapped by the World Crime League.
  • Kyoko Uchida returns after being secretly brainwashed by the World Crime League to kill Buckaroo Banzai. She breaks the conditioning and adopts the heroic identity of Orchid.
  • The Ultra-Humanite envelops the city in a globe of darkness. ArcAngel is reunited with her fiancé, Paladin.
  • The Enforcers and the alien heroes of Starcore travel to the Anti-Matter Universe to stop the creation of a new Anti-Monitor. Mercy and Azure Star are killed in the process.
  • OMEGA begins digitizing the populations of small towns around the world to test his technology.
  • Twilight debuts.
  • The Cockroach appears in Superior City as the Millennium Cockroach. Blur joins the Enforcers of Justice.
  • Nightmare makes his first appearance in Superior City.
  • Raymond Star gains super-powers and becomes the hero Surge.
  • OMEGA digitizes the population of Zenith City.
  • General Kaos is rejuvenated by chaos magic.
  • Renegade and Manhunter capture Enforcer in San Diego.
  • The Enforcers of Justice establish their underground headquarters in a cavern located south of Superior City.
  • Surge joins the Enforcers of Justice.
  • The Enforcers of Justice thwart OMEGA's plan to digitize the population of the planet. The villain's artificial intelligence is electronically lobotomized by a computer virus and its android body stored in the heroes' base.
  • G-Force and Chrysalis make their public debut.
  • Arachnia begins secretly operating in Superior City as the Robin Hood-style thief Skorpia.
  • Death Spider and the Enforcers of Injustice frame the Enforcers of Justice for several murders. The team goes into hiding.
  • The Enforcers of Justice team up with the newly formed team of the New Adventurers to defeat Death Spider and his team.
  • The Enforcers of Justice are cleared of all charges thanks to the assistance of Dr. Jacob Keller.
  • ArcAngel marries Paladin. Arachnia joins the CBI.
  • Lucifer's Six arrives in Superior City. Reaper begins telepathically brainwashing Blur, creating a villainous personality called Point Blank within the hero's mind.
  • DAY OF JUDGMENT. Death Spider and Father Lucifer both escape from Hell. Death Spider is destroyed by the new Spectre.
  • The Arcane arrive in Superior City to close the Pit of Darkness.
  • Father Lucifer is killed by his son, Prophet, who takes control of Lucifer's Six.
  • The Enforcers of Justice attack the Parapsychological Studies Institute (PSI) in Chicago. Orchid learns her true origins.
  • Surge (in his secret identity) is hired by an unknown client to find several missing artifacts.
  • The alien Seker is awakened in present day after being in suspended animation for almost 5000 years. He adopts the heroic identity of Ankh.
  • The Enforcers of Justice meet Dr. Jacob Keller for the first time.
  • The time-traveler Gideon helps the Enforcers of Justice battle the villain Futurion. Surge and ArcAngel are briefly trapped in the past (Surge in Ancient Egypt, ArcAngel in 1889).
  • Mystère is kidnapped and killed by the Silver Path. The android OMEGA body is reactivated, animated by the soul of the hero Apex, and helps the Enforcers defeat the Silver Path.
  • Enforcers battle the new Fearsome Five. Orchid accidentally kills Mammoth. The trauma causes her to lose her powers and she resigns from the team.
  • JLA: WORLD WAR III. Surge is kidnapped by a government black ops group. The Enforcers of Justice travel to Central America to rescue him. First appearance of Stiletto.
  • Fearsome Five captured by the Enforcers of Justice. Mammoth revealed to be alive, but with a new personality.
  • Thomas Pierce (Singularity/Abyss) now working as a defense lawyer for McLellan & Rhodes.
  • Enforcers of Justice battle the Hellraisers.
  • Renegade learns that Arachnia has been missing for several months.
  • Enforcers of Justice battle the World Crime League. Surge attacked by Abyss and put in coma. Stiletto's identity revealed, Orchid regains her powers. Renegade exiled to Otherworld by Abyss. ArcAngel suffers traumatic flashback, flees city.
  • Orchid leaves Superior City to help her mother recover.
  • Manticore arrives in Superior City.
  • Omega forms new Enforcers team with Blur, Shadow Walker, Prism, and later Manticore.
  • Harbinger visits Superior City looking for ArcAngel.
  • Enforcer arrives in city, fleeing Mindshadow. Mindshadow attacks team and takes himself, Enforcer, Blur, and Manticore to Otherworld.
  • Renegade, Blur, and Manticore are joined by Digit on Otherworld.
  • The remaining Enforcers of Justice are joined by Night Flick and Metalmorph of Justice Inc. to battle the new Graveyard Shift.
  • Rebel base on Otherworld destroyed. Exiled Enforcers and a handful of rebels escape.
  • Zodiak comes to Superior City posing as Renegade. Alliance of heroes in city thwart Crime Cartel attempt to rig local elections.
  • Zodiak (as Renegade) assassinated by the Crime Cartel.
  • Arachnia rescued by Silver Vixen, Prism, and new Stiletto. Arachnia later adopts the Tarantula identity.
  • Zodiak's body is stolen by the Wilde Family.
  • Renegade, Blur, Manticore, and Digit escape Otherworld with help of cyber-spirit Mystère and Omega.
  • Population of Zenith City freed from cyberspace. Omega gains physical body, becomes Aegis. The original OMEGA's artificial intelligence is restored and it resumes control of the android body.
  • Dr. Keller awakens Surge from his coma.
  • Reunited Enforcers of Justice establish new headquarters hidden in abandoned factory in Superior City.
Year 15
  • Superior City becomes the site of part the annual Enemy Awards super-villain competition. Several teams of villains commit crimes in the city during the month.
  • Wilde Family, using technology supplied by Futurion, attempt to remove Renegade from the timeline. Renegade thwarts their plan with the aid of Hourman and merges with the Zodiak body to remove the temporal anomaly.
  • Enforcers of Justice and New Adventurers disrupt Enemy Awards ceremony.
  • OUR WORLDS AT WAR. Enforcers of Justice and a Suicide Squad infiltrate Apokalips. Aegis loses control and attacks Desaad. Enforcers rescue Guy Gardner from Apokalips.
  • Construction begins on new Warriors restaurant in Superior City.
  • LAST LAUGH. Surge infected by Joker madness and goes insane.
  • SCU pilot Jason Stickley becomes robotic hero Spartacus.
  • Erik Bloodaxe captured.
  • Aegis falls into a coma. Enforcers discover clues to forgotten heroes in city's past.
  • TOTAL CARNAGE. Superior City trapped in time dilation field. Carnage and his villain army take over city. ArcAngel returns, rejoins Enforcers of Justice. Aegis merged with Apex body and restored. Heroes defeat Carnage's forces.
  • Enforcers of Justice relocate headquarters to bottom of Columbia River.
  • Cockroach sends the Enforcers to an alternate reality.
  • TIME WARP. Enforcers of Justice thwart extended time travel plot by Futurion to wipe out Earth's heroes.
  • GANG WAR: World Crime League resurrects their leader, Shiwan Xan. Manticore leaves team to join Yellow Flame on mission to stop World Crime League. Mystère's physical avatar is destroyed, confining her to cyberspace.
  • Robotic intelligences rebel in Russia. They are joined by OMEGA who summons artificial intelligences from across the world to join them in Siberia. UN uses EMP to destroy the robots, causing OMEGA to threaten nuclear annihilation on humanity. Mystère resurrects the robots and leaves the team to help OMEGA create a robot homeland on an island in the South pacific.
  • Sector 10 attempts to kill the city's heroes and the metahumans of the Dark City. Digit leaves team to join the Adoax.
  • ArcAngel is killed during a confrontation with Vandal Savage.
  • Renegade retires after defeating the second Death Spider.
  • The Enforcers of Justice effectively cease to exist. Aegis joins forces with his former Centurions sidekick Speedshatter to form a New Centurions team to defend Superior City.