These are key locations that have appeared in the various DC Heroes campaigns.




New England city and home to the Guardians.


California home to Manhunter and the original Enforcers of Justice.


Pacific Northwest metropolis and home to the new Enforcers of Justice.


Mountain city that was once digitized into Cyberspace by OMEGA.



Cyberia is a volcanic island in the South Pacific that serves as a refuge for robotic and artificial intelligences. The island had previously served as a base for H.I.V.E. that was later destroyed by the hero team Justice Inc. The first Cyberia was established by a group of Russian robot soldiers who rebelled against their creators and seized the Science Citadel in Siberia where they had been created. The robots were joined by the rogue A.I. called OMEGA and other robotic intelligences. When Russian forces annihilated the robots with an electromagnetic pulse, OMEGA seized control of the Russian nuclear arsenal and threatened to annihilate humanity in revenge. The cyber-hero Mystère and her teammates in the New Enforcers of Justice were able to broker a peace with OMEGA and the other artifical intelligences to prevent the retaliatory strike. With the help of their ally G-Force the Enforcers were able to restore the former H.I.V.E. island and offer it as a new refuge. The United Nations were not pleased with the development, but had no choice but to accept it in the face of OMEGA's threat.

The island now serves as a refuge for any robotic or artificial intelligence that wishes to come there, recognizing the rights of sentient digital entities to be free from unwilling servitude. The nations of the world are keeping a wary eye on the island lest it become an active threat to the rest of humanity, but refrain from taking an direct action against Cyberia or its inhabitants while the island remains under the protection of OMEGA and Mystère.


San Marco and San Sebor are pair of small neighboring nations in Central America that are frequently hostile to one another.

San Sebor was previously a dictatorship under the rule of a leader referred to in the American press as "El Fajita". The dictator's regime was overthrown in one of the first missions of the corporate sponsored super team The Conglomerate. The Conglomerate installed rebel leader "El Carbonero" as the new President before leaving. Though ostensibly now a democracy, the government of "El Carbonero" is beholden to the international corporations that exploit the nation's population and natural resources.

Neighboring San Marco is ruled by a military junta that seized power from the democratically elected government decades earlier. During the Cold War the junta was backed by the Soviet Union, but eventually found an alternate means of retaining power and protecting their borders. This new means was a deterrent in the form of a super villain named Doctor Radiation. The junta offered the villain refuge and diplomatic protection from international authorities and in exchange Doctor Radiation would use his considerable powers to support the government and the nation. Doctor Radiation's powers seemingly include longevity, as he has not aged since coming to San Marco, and he has continued to honor his side of the agreement with the junta over the years. Lacking natural resources San Marco has for the last several years been using the international drug trade for funding.

The two nations have been at odds with each other for nearly a century, but open conflict was rare due to the powerful backers each nation has had over the decades. It finally looked like war would break out between the two during the Mageddon crisis. Driven by the madness of the Warbringer both governments were marshaling their military forces along the border and open conflict would have erupted if not for the efforts of the Enforcers of Justice, aided by some members of the New Conglomerate and Ameriforce (in fact disillusionment with the actions of their respective corporate and government backers both the New Conglomerate and Ameriforce would disband in the wake of the Mageddon crisis and several members from both groups would join together to form a new independent super hero team called Justice Force).

Though war was averted, San Sebor and San Marco remain hostile neighbors.


San Monique is a small island nation in the Caribbean, approximately 450 miles west of Cuba. Its population consists mainly of former African slaves, the native Carib population having been wiped out centuries ago by Spanish conquistadors. The population lives mainly in rural communities but there are a few major metropolitan areas including the capital city of Princeton. The official religion of the island is voodoo, though its practice is mainly centered in the rural areas. Metropolitan areas have a fair share of Christians and Muslims.

San Monique's main industry is agriculture with sugar and coffee exports, and it is a popular tourist site as well. Unofficially, much of San Monique's wealth comes from the trade in illicit drugs. Mixed in with the sugar and coffee plantations are field upon field of opium poppies use in the manufacture of heroin. There is also some cocaine production and the country serves as a way station for cocaine from the South American nation of Bogatago. San Monique has a very high standard of living with excellent health care and an advanced telecommunications infrastructure. Most of this is, of course, the result of the large amount of illicit funds from criminal enterprises.

Because of its computer infrastructure, San Monique is rapidly becoming a haven for the new breed of data pirates and computer criminals. San Monique has recently voided all extradition treaties with other nations. Now anyone who can afford the steep immigration fee can become a citizen. This has made the island a haven for the criminal elite of the world. Despite the amount of criminal activity based in San Monique, the island is a very safe place to visit, provided you aren't breaking any laws. The law is strictly enforced, the domestic criminal element is virtually non-existent, and the immigrant criminals know better than to anger their hosts. You can run almost any criminal enterprise from San Monique provided you inform the authorities and pay your taxes on time.

While it has a national police force, San Monique does not possess an army. It does, however, have the extensive resources of the Silver Path and many among the elite immigrant community have access to small armies of their own which they are willing to lend to the government in times of crisis.

The government is democratic, consisting of an elected senate with representatives from the various districts and is headed by an elected president. In order to run for office, a person must be a native of San Monique or must be able to prove that they are a descendant no more than three generations removed from a native. Unofficially, no one gets into power without the approval of the Silver Path. In fact many of the more powerful government figures are members of the inner council of the Silver Path, including President Emil Kinangi and General Jean-Pierre Gautreaux, head of the national police force.


Seyvaria is a small mainly Balkan nation nestled between Slovenia, Austria, and Hungary. For most of its existence Seyvaria has been a vassal state, or wholesale part, of various empires. The modern nation of Seyvaria traces its origins to the Middle Ages, when it emerged from the Byzantine Empire. Seyvaria was alternately part of the Holy Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire for the first few centuries before becoming part of the Austrian and later Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Throughout all of this period the Stürmberg family was the ruling power, whether or not they paid tribute to another power or not. The country saw a large amount of fighting during the First World War as the fluctuating Eastern Front often passed through Seyvaria. In the wake of the war Seyvaria was able to declare its full independence and became a truly sovereign nation for the first time in 1919. The country was initially ruled by King Johann I (of the Stürmberg line, naturally), but the royals were deposed in 1934 by a fascist revolt. The surviving royal family went into exile, shortening their name to Stürm. The fascist Seyvarian government was part of the Axis powers during World War II, allied with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. After the war the fascist government had been deposted and the nation fell under Soviet control. A puppet Communist government was put into place, which lasted until the fall of Communism in Europe in the 1990s. After that the region was a hotbed of ethnic strife and Seyvaria was on the verge of falling into civil war which its provisional government seemed helpless to prevent.

During this period the heir of the royal line, Derek Stürm (who was also the super villain Darkstorm), returned to Seyvaria with his allies in the New Secret Society of Super-Villains. They worked to fan the flames of the conflict, with Darkstorm planning to move in at an appropriate time and seize power. The heroic Guardians had pursued the Society to Seyvaria from the U.S., and in a battle that also involved the international arms dealer known as the Weapons Master (who had been supplying both sides in the civil war) large parts of Seyvaria, mostly agrarian land, was set ablaze. With most of the nation's farmland destroyed the nation facing a famine the government collapsed. Darkstorm and his allies had been stopped by the Guardians and taken back to America to be jailed, leaving a power vacuum.

With the civil strife, international relief agencies had difficulty getting in to render assistance. The United Nations finally settled on a resolution to send in a peacekeeping force to try and restore order and render aid to the civilian populace. Back in America, Darkstorm escaped prison and with the help of some mysterious backers he was able to return to Seyvaria and seize power. Once he was relatively secure in his position, Darkstorm ordered the UN Peacekeeping Force out of the country and set about consilidating his power.

A short time later the population of several small villages in Seyvaria disappear. This was the result of the rogue AI OMEGA field testing its technology to "digitize" living beings; converting them into electronic data stored in a computer simulation. The New Enforcers of Justice came to Seyvaria to investigate the villages, which brought them into conflict with Darkstorm. Some time later the Enforcers found a way to restored the digitized people that OMEGA had held in its computer systems. This presumably included the people from the Seyvarian villages along with other populations that OMEGA had trapped.



Maximum security metahuman prison run by the DEO.


A school for metahuman students in Superior City.



The many bases of operations of the different iterations of the Enforcers of Justice.


The homes of New York City's premiere super-hero team.


The mysterious mansion that was home to the Guardians of Empire City.

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