The Enforcers of Justice were formed just after Superman's fatal battle with the alien monster Doomsday. The mysterious figure called Omega assembled the members of the team in order to stop Overlord's first attempt to invade Earth. Omega had manipulated events so that all the heroes would be present in Star City when one of Overlord's minions, Hellfurnace, attacked the S.T.A.R. Labs there.

After stopping Hellfurnace, the heroes were given devices that allowed them to communicate with and track each other, as well as give them access to an advanced satellite headquarters orbiting the Earth. The Enforcers were able to thwart Overlord's minions on Earth and eventually traveled to Overlord's other-dimensional homeworld. There they teamed up with rebel forces and were able to defeat Overlord, imprisoning him in a limbo-like dimension. This original team consisted of:

After Overlord's defeat, most team members went their separate ways. Shortly before Zero Hour, Omega arranged for several new members to join. The team's purpose this time was to combat Annihilator's attempt to resurrect the android race of Manhunters and turn Earth into a new homeworld for them. This team's roster was:

Again, once the villain was defeated, several members left. Tarantula joined Justice Inc., Prism retired to run her company full time, and Mimic reverted to the villainous Catspaw. The third team wasn't together very long, by this point in time Omega no longer required them for his purposes. Without Omega providing behind the scenes guidance, the entire team only came together for serious emergencies. The membership of the team, such as it was, at this time was:

This group was only together for a short while. Patriot was lost in time, trapped in World War II, where he fought along side Commander Steel in Europe. Shadow Walker became trapped in the shadow dimension he traveled through when teleporting. After this, Manhunter split his time between retaking control of his company and fighting crime in Pacific City. The only person left who made use of the Enforcers' satellite and equipment after this was Galahad.

After Galahad, now calling himself Paladin, discovered Omega's master plan he recruited the fledgling super team the Guardians to help him defeat Omega. The satellite was destroyed as a result of their final confrontation with Omega.

This was the end of the team, but a new Enforcers of Justice formed in the Pacific northwest, where several heroes banded together to defend Superior City from the onslaught of evil that threatens it.