The New Enforcers of Justice came about when Renegade teamed up with ArcAngel to rescue his wife, the vigilante named Solitaire, from the techno-voodoo cult called the Silver Path. They were joined by an amnesiac woman who had once been enslaved by the Silver Path and was now being pursued by them. Before her escape, the Path had implanted advanced cybernetic systems into the woman that they wanted back. With the help of a young psychic, the group was able to rescue Solitaire and stop the Silver Path's current scheme. Afterward the Silver Path declared a "Crime War" on Superior City, where Renegade was based.

This group stayed together and next faced the evil Death Spider who was attempting to alter history. Shortly after this the alien Nemisinian named Mercy arrived on Earth claiming to be looking for Nemesis. She chose to stay in Superior with the others. The team was not officially formed until after they defeated the Ultra-Humanite and his plan to engulf the world in darkness. By this time, Solitaire had left Renegade, and ArcAngel had relocated to Superior City from New Orleans. This made the official membership:

After Mercy was killed in the anti-matter universe, the team was joined by a teenage speedster calling himself Blur. A month later, when the Enforcers were battling the A.I. android OMEGA they were assisted by a hero with electro-magnetic powers calling himself Surge, who later joined the team. Later Mystère was killed in the battle which crippled the Silver Path organization. During that battle the team was assisted by Omega, who had been reactivated with a new A.I. personality.

After operating with this roster for a while the team underwent a major change, losing almost all its members within a matter of weeks. Surge was crippled in an attack, ArcAngel left under mysterious circumstances, Orchid quit to take care of her mother, and Renegade became trapped in another dimension. With only himself and Blur remaining, Omega used his knowledge of the original Enforcers to recruit two former members, Prism and Shadow Walker, to bolster the team's ranks.

Prism did not stay for long and left after the first few missions. The group was then joined by the enigmatic hero named Manticore shortly before an encounter with Enforcer left Omega crippled and Blur and Manticore trapped with Renegade on Otherworld. Eventually the missing heroes were rescued with the help of a restored Mystère. They had been joined by a rebel from Otherworld named Digit, who made the journey back with them. In the process of returning the others to Earth Omega was transformed and changed his name to Aegis, and the heroes were soon successful in bringing Surge back. These heroes formed the core of the rejuvenated team, though Blur eventually left for personal reasons and Surge was driven temporarily insane and had to be imprisoned.

The Enforcers then faced one of their greatest challenges, requiring them to take a leadership role uniting the heroes of Superior City to face a massive threat. By the end of the crisis several new heroes had emerged and many old ones had returned. Instrumental in the end of the crisis, ArcAngel returned and rejoined the team but Manticore pulled back his involvement and became a part-time member.

The core team soon had a bizarre encounter with Cockroach, followed by an extended time travel adventure that revealed new truths behind the history of Superior City. A Gang War that broke out between the various criminal factions of Superior City proved to be the beginning of the end for the team. Manticore left the team and the city at the end of the gang war, during which Mystère's physical avatar form was destroyed leaving her trapped in Cyberspace and only able to interact when she could take control of a robotic body. Shortly after this she left the team to guide a newly formed sanctuary nation of artificial intelligences. Digit left to join a colony of intelligent humanoid animals after a confrontation with a secret anti-metahuman organization operating in the city. By this time the team existed in name only and the remaining members frequently worked with other heroes in the city, most notable the New Adventurers. The team finally ended when ArcAngel was killed by Vandal Savage and Renegade retired after a confrontation with the second Death Spider.