Justice Incorporated has risen to become one of the more prominent super-hero teams on the planet in the few years it has been in existence. Originally headquartered beneath what had been Titans Island in New York's East River, they are currently based out of a modern skyscraper in downtown Manhattan.

The team was formed shortly before the crisis in time "Zero Hour." Working primarily out of New York City, there have been several incarnations of the team. Below is a chronological accounting of the membership since the team's inception. For a full description of the team's incarnations and adventures see the timeline.

The team was first formed when Quiksilver and Azure Star helped Elemental avoid capture by troops from Apokalips that were pursuing him. They decided to remain together as a team and were joined by Metalmorph for their second adventure. During Zero Hour they were joined by the second Tarantula, Tempest, and Foxspirit. This was the first stable roster for the group.

The second stable incarnation of the team was formed with the members who joined after Underworld Unleashed when Elemental, Azure Star, Tempest, and Foxspirit all left the group. Mindblade joined just prior to Underworld Unleashed, Nemesis just after. Uktena, Arclight, and Cat joined during a confrontation with H.I.V.E.

This roster remained intact until Tarantula's death. After this, Arclight left the team. Later, after losing his powers, Quiksilver quit the team and Night Flick joined shortly thereafter. Tempest rejoined the team just prior to Uktena's disappearance and stayed with team until she was killed by Kristallnacht during the Battle of Armageddon at the end of the Revelations saga.

Edgerunner joined at the start of the Revelations saga and Arclight returned for most of this period. At the end of Revelations ArcAngel (as Arclight was now called) again left the team. They were joined by Ebony Banshee just before being banished to outer space by Vandal Savage. While in space they encountered Goldstar and this team roster remained together for the duration of the team's battle with the sorcerer Mordru and their journey back to Earth.

While they were in space, the team was believed dead by the general public. Upon their return, Mindblade established a new base for the group in a skyscraper in mid-town Manhattan and the team returned to prominence.

The next lineup consisted of many of the original members. The Ebony Banshee had left the team shortly after their return to Earth. After a major battle with the forces from H.I.V.E., Cat and Night Flick left the group and Goldstar lost his powers, but Metalmorph and Azure Star rejoined the team as did Elemental (who now possesses the Goldstar powers). They were also joined by Torch, a sometime ally of the team. With this roster, Justice Inc. was probably at its most powerful level since the team's inception, but it didn't last.

Nicholas Coal, the former host of the Goldstar power, soon developed powers of his own and joined the team as Power Star. Cat rejoined after a H.I.V.E. attack on her village resulted in her people being relocated and she was not able to go with them. During a battle in the antimatter universe, Azure Star was killed and afterwards Elemental chose to leave the team to explore space. Shortly after this Torch left the team to join the reformed Guardians and Edgerunner left for an alternate Earth. During the Vampire Wars, the second General Glory joined the team and Night Flick rejoined. This is the team's roster as of this writing.