The Enforcers of Injustice is the name Death Spider has given to the teams of villains he has assembled for several of his plots against Justice Inc. and the New Enforcers of Justice. The Enforcers of Injustice first appeared alongside Death Spider when he interrupted the wedding of the heroes ArcAngel and Paladin. When recruiting members for the team, Death Spider deliberately selected villains who would at as counterparts of heroes that had been part of the original Enforcers of Justice.

The first team was made up of Death Spider himself, demon-spider goddess (and Death Spider's lover) Aranaea, the twisted speedster Speedmetal, the radioactive Chain Reaction, former hero Abyss, the super-powered ninja assassin Predator, Neo-Nazi mercenary Harrier, special-effects wizard FX, and the shape-changing Enforcer. Most of these villains were apprehended by Justice Inc. after their first appearance and those that weren't were caught a short time later.

Death Spider organized a second Enforcers of Injustice as part of a plot to destroy the newest Enforcers of Justice team by framing them for a series of atrocious crimes and let the authorities take care of them for him. To do this he assembled a team whose members could closely approximate the abilities of the heroes they would be impersonating. Whereas the first Enforcers of Injustice team was made up mainly of mercenaries, this new team was made up of villains who had a personal stake in the effort, or who were insane. This incarnation of the Enforcers of Injustice were:

This group were defeated thanks to the combined efforts of the Enforcers of Justice and the newly formed hero team of the New Adventurers. Death Spider was exiled to another dimension, Aranaea was placed back in her mystical prison, Spectrum and Pscreamer were placed in an asylum, Thunderblade was imprisoned in Mercy Island Prison, and Speedmetal's Responsometer was taken for examination by the DEO. With Death Spider's apparent destruction at the hands of the new Spectre it seems unlikely that a new Enforcers of Injustice will appear anytime soon, but many of the team's members still harbor strong grudges against their heroic counterparts so anything is possible.


The Mercurialite Metal Man was the only other original Enforcer of Injustice to be part of the new group. Speedmetal was Jack Wallace, a young, low-talent guitarist working the scene in Los Angeles when Death Spider found him in a hospital, dying from a drug overdose. Using technology stolen from Dr. Will Magnus (creator of the Metal Men), Death Spider uploaded the dying musician's personality into a device called a Responsometer. Death Spider then embedded the Responsometer into a sample of the unique metal Mercurialite he had obtained from the original body of the hero Quiksilver and Speedmetal was born. Speedmetal can shape his metal body at will, stretching and contorting it into any form imaginable. The unique properties of the Mercurialite let him move at superhuman speeds, and he is nearly frictionless. His only weakness is extreme cold, which robs his metal body of its malleability and negates the Mercurialite powers. Speedmetal is completely loyal to Death Spider.


Thunderblade is a mercenary named Mica Sanchez. Early in her criminal career she fought the hero Firestorm while acting as a power-armored bodyguard called Enforcer. Her brother, Paul, was a gang leader in New York City's Lower East Side whose efforts were often thwarted by fledgling hero Arclight (now ArcAngel of the Enforcers). When the other-dimensional tyrant Overlord invaded New York, Paul offered his services and was given a suit of alien power armor and a sword designed by Overlord's chief scientist Styxx and became the first Thunderblade. He was defeated in battle by Arclight, who took his sword, and he was sent to prison, where he was later murdered in a gang-related incident. Mica learned of her brother's death after being released from prison. She had received a pardon after being seriously injured on a Suicide Squad mission and spending several months convalescing in a prison hospital.

Mica blamed Arclight for her brother's death and eagerly joined Death Spider's new team as the new Thunderblade. Death Spider provided Mica with a suit of power armor that outwardly resembled her old Enforcer armor but was far more technologically advanced. He also equipped her with a custom-built sword made of an advanced metal alloy and possessing a monomolecular edge (meaning the edge was sharpened to one molecule thick and could cut through almost any substance). To prevent the sword from being stolen it was equipped with a security device that would deliver a nearly lethal shock to anyone other than Thunderblade who tried to handle it, and it also had a built-in short range teleportation system that would transport the sword back to Thunderblade's hand on command. After the defeat of the second Enforcers of Injustice, Thunderblade was incarcerated in Mercy Island Prison, where she became part of the super-villain army created by Carnage. When Carnage's plan was thwarted she was one of the few to escape capture.

A short time after her escape, Mica was recruited by The Wild Court, and she was given the identity of the second Gladiator and wore a suit of androgynous armor that disguised her identity. Under this identity she joined the Court when they formed a temporary alliance with the Enforcers of Justice to take on a common enemy, the immortal villain Vandal Savage. During the confrontation with Savage, Mica took advantage of the situation and stabbed ArcAngel in the back with her monomolecular sword, killing her. Mica then attempted to reclaim her brother's sword, which the hero had been using since she had defeated the original Thunderblade, but was prevented from doing so by ArcAngel's teammate Renegade. Mica evaded capture, escaping with the rest of the Wild Court, and her current whereabouts are unknown, but she is being hunted by ArcAngel's husband Paladin who means to exact revenge on her for his wife's murder.


Pscreamer is Anya Periskova, the result of a Soviet experiment to create powerful psionic soldiers and was the only one to survive the experimental process. A mutant born with psychic abilities, Anya was taken to one of the Science Citadels as a young girl to begin her military training. She is a trained killer and the experiment succeeded in greatly amplifying her natural psi talents, but at the cost of her sanity. She is capable of firing devastating blasts of mental energy, enough to kill a normal person with ease and more than a match for most trained psychics. Only a handful of the more powerful psionics on the planet have the willpower and talent to resist Pscreamer's power for long. She also broadcasts a psionic scrambling field that effectively blocks psychic energy for miles around her. Her own powers are unaffected by this field. Death Spider maintained control over her via Spectrum, who was devoted to her because she reminds him of his dead fiance.


Alan Somerset is a mutant born on a parallel Earth, in the dimension called the Megaverse. He was a member of a team of reluctant heroes who were often mistaken for villains and hunted. Spectrum was one of the few thousand people, and the only one of his teammates, to survive the destruction of their world at the hands of Darkseid. Among those killed had been his fiance and he went insane from the guilt and remorse. He has developed a deep hatred for all non-humans and was easily manipulated by Death Spider into joining the Enforcers of Injustice when promised the opportunity to cause a great deal of pain and suffering. Spectrum's powers derive from his eyes, which have developed the ability to perceive and emit all forms of electromagnetic radiation. This allows him to see in different spectrums of light, from regular visible light down to infrared and radio waves, and up through ultraviolet and x-rays. His body is constantly absorbing energy from ambient light and radiation and directs this energy to his eyes, which continually emit powerful beams of radiation. To control these emissions, Spectrum wears a special visor which lets him block all but selected wavelengths. The visor can also focus the emissions, letting him generate laser-like beams of energy. Otherwise the energy is emitted in a wide, flashlight-like beam. Spectrum himself is also immune to the effects of nearly all forms of electromagnetic radiation. He has grown attached to fellow team member Pscreamer, who bears a striking resemblance to his dead fiance. The two are currently incarcerated in a high security insane asylum near Superior City.