As the hero Zodiak began learning more about his newfound magical powers he slowly discovered the number of mystical threats to the safety of Earth that existed. Zodiak changed his tactics, shifting from fighting crime to combating any of these mystic threats he could discover. Over time he began to gather allies to help him in these battles. The first was a minor sorcerer with a knack for discovering (and stealing) magical artifacts who alternately went by the names Ghost, Wraith, and even went as far as to try calling himself Spectre once. He later recruited two former members of Justice Inc., the Ebony Banshee and Night Flick, and tracked down a sorceress who later took the name Solitaire. Together this group referred to themselves as The Arcane.

Eventually the Arcane was joined by the mystic Samuel Vision, also called Visionary, who helped the group establish a base of operations near the town of Cloister, Vermont. For a mission to counter a demonic invasion the Arcane were aided by Catholic priest (and former super-villain) Father Duncan Kelley. Night Flick would later leave the group and rejoin Justice Inc. and Father Kelley left as well, but the rest of the group stayed together. In a mission to help the new Enforcers of Justice combat the threat of a mysterious pit of darkness the Arcane lost another two members, Wraith and the Ebony Banshee. The remaining members continued to battle against the forces of dark magic while searching for their missing teammates.

At its height, the Arcane consisted of the following members:

With the death of Zodiak, the team was effectively dead (with only two truly active members). However, with the arrival of a new Zodiak host and at the suggestion of the sorceror Arion, Solitaire has formed a new Arcane. Its members are: