Lucifer's Six are a group of super-powered teenagers gathered together by occultist Lucas Ferguson, better known as Father Lucifer. After his failure to garner demonic power for himself using the child Damien, Lucifer went underground to rebuild his power base. Eventually Lucifer struck a new bargain with the demon Mellikon which involved the corruption of six innocent souls. Father Lucifer went out and either kidnapped or persuaded the six children to come with him. Lucifer had deliberately chosen adolescents who had all recently developed metahuman powers, powers which often resulted in them being ostracized by their peers. This made it very easy for Father Lucifer to convince the children to join him. Lucifer eventually persuaded the children to give their souls to Mellikon, actions which set them all on a path of pure evil.

Father Lucifer and his new group first came to the attention of the authorities when they killed the parents and grandmother of William Night, the oldest of Lucifer's Six, who calls himself Reaper. Lucifer also planned to sacrifice Reaper's younger brother and sister but they were stopped by the heroes Tarantula and Headlong, who had come to Vancouver seeking their teammate Firestrike: Reaper's younger brother, David. Tarantula and Headlong rescued Reaper's sister Angela but were unable to stop Father Lucifer from performing a ritual that allowed the demon Mellikon to come to Earth by possessing Firestrike's body. Father Lucifer, Mellikon, and Lucifer's Six all escaped before the heroes could stop them.

The group next appeared in New York City where Father Lucifer and Mellikon were recruiting gang members as followers and giving them super-powers by feeding them a mystic potion Father Lucifer had devised which he called the Demon Drug. The scheme eventually brought them to the attention of Justice Inc. who were able to stop the group's production of the demon drug. Father Lucifer and his protégés were able to escape capture when he double-crossed Mellikon and used a magic ritual to steal much of the demon's power for himself. The weakened Mellikon fled the body of Firestrike and slinked back to Hell while Lucifer used his newly acquired power to escape with the Six.

Father Lucifer and the Six next appeared in Empire City, apparently planning on tapping some of the latent mystic energy that was present there. The plans changed when Father Lucifer learned that his long-lost child Damien, now grown up, was in Empire City. Lucifer had Damien kidnapped and then attempted to persuade his son to rejoin him and fulfill his destiny. Meanwhile, Damien's teammates in the Guardians tracked down where Lucifer and the Six were. By the time the battle was finished the Six were in custody, Damien had been regressed to infancy, and Father Lucifer had been banished to Hell by a vengeful Mellikon. Due to their age the Six were placed in psychiatric care in the hopes of countering Father Lucifer's programming.

The Six did not remain in custody for long. Reaper soon used his powers to escape and then freed the others from the various group homes and psychiatric facilities they had been placed in. The first thing they tried to do was avenge themselves on the Guardians. At this time, however, the Guardians were disbanded so the Six settled on trying to kill the team's former leader, Paladin, and take the baby Damien, whom Paladin had adopted. Mind-controlling the armored villain Harrier, the Six attempted to kill Paladin, but the intervention of his teammate Flashback resulted in his survival, and in sending the baby Damien into the far future, where he would be raised and would eventually return to the present as the Harbinger.

After their failure, the Six went into hiding until the events of Day of Judgment, when Father Lucifer escaped his imprisonment in Hell. Lucifer tracked down the Six and then took them to Superior City, where he hoped to establish a new power base. Lucifer and the Six began killing the leaders of various organized crime groups in the city, planning on using the chaos to take control of the criminal underworld. Their plan again attracted the attention of a team of heroes, this time the new Enforcers of Justice. Their presence also attracted the attention of another in the city, a man named Malachi, the self-proclaimed Prophet of Darkness. Malachi was the other son of Father Lucifer, Damien's twin brother, who Lucifer had attempted to kill when he was still a child. Malachi tracked down the Six and persuaded them to leave Father Lucifer and join him. Malachi then confronted Lucifer and killed him. By the time the Enforcers located the hideout, Malachi and the Six had disappeared.


Reaper is the oldest of the Six and the only one whose background is known. He name is William Jason Night and he has two younger siblings, both of whom are super-heroes; the twins David (Firestrike), and Angela (Impact). His cousin is the hero Blur, a member of the new Enforcers of Justice, and he is also related to the extended Force family. Reaper is also the most evil and corrupt of the Six. His sister Angela and the hero Quiksilver had succeeded in freeing Jason's soul from Mellikon in the hope of redeeming him, but he became more evil instead. The others consider Reaper to be their leader and will obey him when Father Lucifer, or now Prophet, is not present.

Reaper is a powerful telepath capable of reading minds, projecting illusions, and firing bolts of telekinetic force. He very rarely engages in combat, preferring to hang back and use his powers to guide and support the rest of the Six.


Contra is the second oldest of the Six and one of the more powerful members. When Contra touches anyone with metahuman powers she can drain their powers into herself. The victim temporarily loses the powers while Contra gains them for a limited period of time.


Tri-Lord is one of the most offensively powerful members of the Six. He is a normal teenager until he activates his power. At that point Tri-Lord splits into three separate beings composed entirely of an unknown type of energy. Each of the energy beings can fly and anything that comes into contact with the body is burned.

The effect is so powerful that even the strongest steel will be disintegrated after only a few seconds contact with one of Tri-Lord's energy forms. And because the energy forms are pure energy they are virtually impossible to harm physically. The only time Tri-Lord has been defeated was when he was rendered unconscious before he could activate his power.


Terror Child is the youngest of the Six and is at the same time one of the most feared, and most pitiable. At first it was thought that Terror Child was a vampire of some kind, but it has been revealed that he is in fact a metahuman.

Normally Terror Child is a shy, fearful boy; but when he consumes human blood (something he was always forced to do by Reaper or Father Lucifer) he would transform into a powerful vampire-like creature. In this form Terror Child has superhuman reflexes and strength, fangs and claws that can shatter stone and carve steel, and the power to fly. He is also effectively invulnerable because he heals most injuries almost instantly.


Possessor has a strange form of mind-control power. Possessor himself is insane, however he has multiple personality disorder with four distinct additional personalities besides his own. By using his powers Possessor seems to be able to telepathically transfer his other personalities into a target, where it takes control of the victim's body.

The personalities can voluntarily leave a possessed body, or can be forced out by the victim's willpower or with the help of a strong enough telepath. Possessor's split personalities have names that they respond to when in possession of a body. The personalities are Bill, who is calm, cool and evil to the core; Seth, who is immature and violent; Kurt, who is murderously violent; and Robin, who is highly intelligent but timid.


Pretender is the second youngest of the Six. She almost never gets involved in direct combat but is instead used for torture and coercion. Pretender possesses the unusual ability to mold organic tissue. As a result she can reshape parts of a victim's body in many different ways without killing them. She can mold the flesh on the head to close over the eyes or mouth, she can rearrange bone and muscle structures to cripple and deform, all of which can be painful or even fatal. The effect will wear off eventually, but the victim will feel the pain all over again as the molded tissue reverts back to its original state.