Both the original Enforcers of Justice and the New Enforcers of Justice had their share of allies and friends they could lean on for support.





Jeeves was the name given to the robotic majordomoo that maintained the satellite headquarters of the original Enforcers of Justice. Jeeves was built by Omega and appears to have been based on the design of a Kryptonian robot assistant. The Jeeves name was coined by the original Enforcers due to the fact that the robot wore a butler-style uniform of black jacket and tails, vest, white dress shirt, and black bow tie (the robot had a hover unit for a lower half and not legs so did not "wear" pants).

Jeeves' primary function was to make sure the satellite systems remained operational, conducting maintenance and repairs as needed. When members of the Enforcers were present he also functioned as household staff, preparing and serving meals and keeping the living areas clean. Jeeves also had the technical skills to help repair and maintain some of the sophisticated equipment that members of the Enforcers like Tarantula made regular use of. Jeeves continued to serve these functions as the membership of the original Enforcers changed over time.

When former Enforcers member Paladin discovered the truth behind Omega's actions he set out to put a stop to the scheme. He and his new allies, the Guardians, infiltrated the satellite. Attempting to stop Paladin and the Guardians, Jeeves went on the attack but was unable to prevent the heroes from destroying the satellite and Jeeves along with it.


Jeeves was a highly advanced robot with artificial intelligence programming. It served primarily to maintain the Enforcers of Justice Satellite, and had the technical capabilties to do so. Jeeves had a permanent network connection to the satellite's computer and communications systems, which included a direct link to Omega. When defending the satellite from intrusion Jeeves also displayed some offensive and defensive combat capability.

While not indestructable, Jeeves' robotic metal shell could withstand damage equivalent to small-calibre gunfire. Jeeves moved about using a built-in magnetic levitation unit.

Dr. Jacob Keller




Born a dwarf, Jacob Keller left home as a teenager and joined the circus where he became an acrobat. During the circus' travels, often through rural areas, Jacob like nothing more than lying on his back at night and staring at the stars. Studying everything he could get his hands on and saving his money, Jacob was eventually able to enroll in university where he majored in astronomy.

Over the course of the next few years he earned his Bachelor and Master's degree and started on his Doctorate, specializing in the study of white dwarf stars. As part of his research Jacob attempted to replicate the conditions of a white dwarf in the lab. When the experiment was powered up the energies released were beyond anything that had been predicted and there was an explosion. Jacob was bombarded by waves of gravitational energy and the lab was destroyed, but somehow Jacob had survived.

After he recovered, Jacob discovered that the exposure to the energy from the experiment had granted him superhuman powers. Excited by the possibility of adventure, Jacob put together a costume and took to the streets of Star City as the acrobatic, gravity-manipulating Dwarfstar. This was the era between the Golden Age of Heroes and the Modern Age, and Dwarfstar soon found himself allied with other new heroes that were emerging at the time. These heroes, including Dwarfstar, formed a team called the Crusaders and operated mainly in California and occasionally the Pacific Northwest.

The Crusaders were together for almost a decade before the a man named Dr. Trap began seeking out and killing that era's super heroes and villains. Trap had set his sights on the Crusaders and though Dwarfstar escaped relatively unscathed, many of his teammates were captured, crippled, or killed by Trap. The Crusaders did not survive the encounter. Those who remained went their separate ways and Jacob fell into a deep depression. He became a drifter and worked menial jobs around California for several years after.

Jacob emerged from his depression when he was contacted by Renegade who, along with the rest of the New Enforcers of Justice, were traveling through time and needed his help against one of the Crusaders' old foes Futurion. The call back to action was enough to break Jacob out of his funk and restore his confidence. He worked with the Enforcers to defeat Futurion and was then returned to the point where Renegade had found him.

Getting back on his feet with new optimism, Jacob was able to get back into research. Based on his interactions with the Enforcers, Jacob was also able to infer some of the technological advances that would be coming and was able to invest his money accordingly. These investments soon made him a wealthy man. Years later, when he heard word of a new hero named Renegade, Jacob relocated to Superior City. He watched eagerly as the New Enforcers of Justice formed and when the team was falsely accused of murders, Jacob used his money to help the team prove their innocence. The Enforcers were initially suspicious of this stranger who was offering his help, but over time Jacob was able to earn the team's trust.

Jacob became a major backer of the initiative to create the Superior City Academy. He continued to support the Enforcers, mainly offering his scientific expertise and occasionally the influence his wealth offered. Though his powers have waned over the years, Jacob did play a part in the defeat of the villain Carnage during the villain's attack against Superior City. More than a year after he had first entered their lives, the Enforcers had the time travel adventure where Jacob had first met them and he was finally able to reveal why he had chosen to offer his help to the team.


Exposure to the gravity energy activated Jacob's metagene. His density increased dramatically, granting him superhuman strength and resilience and making him almost immovable when he set himself. The increased density also meant increased mass; Jacob weighed over a ton (the furniture in his home and workplace is all reinforced to support his weight). As Dwarfstar, Jacob also had the ability to increase the pull of gravity on an object. Jacob still has his powers (and increased mass), but he only rarely uses his gravity power as it is now extremely draining to him and leaves him fatigued.

Jacob is a skilled astronomer and physicist. In his prime he was a talented acrobat and is still spry for his age.





Jason Stickley was a decorated police officer and member of the Superior City Police Department's Special Crimes Unit. In the SCU, Jason specialized in piloting the robotic exo-suits that were sometimes used when the SCU had to engage with metahuman powered criminals. As one of the best pilots in the SCU, Jason is selected to test a new prototype remote-piloted robot developed by Orion Robotics called Spartacus. The Spartacus unit is designed with a cybernetic interface, where the pilot is connected mentally to the robot and interacts with it as if it were his own body. Meanwhile the pilot's actual body remains at safe location connected to the cybernetic interface machinery. This allows the officer to engage with metahuman hostiles without endangering themselves.

As a member of the SCU, Jason frequently encounters members of the Enforcers of Justice and other heroes that operate in Superior City.

Being a police officer, especially in the SCU, can have an impact on a person's social life, but Jason manages to start up a friendship with computer engineer Marie Ste-Claire, not realizing she is secretly Mystère of the Enforcers of Justice. Unfortunately for Jason this makes him a target for some of Mystère's enemies. While Jason is on a mission, remote piloting the Spartacus unit to stop the metahuman criminal Hazmat, the rogue AI known as OMEGA orders a robotic drone disguised as Marie to kill Jason. Infiltrating the SCU headquarters, the drone murders Jason's body as the real Marie watches.

While she can do nothing the save Jason's body, Mystère is able to leap into Cyberspace and use the cybernetic interface to preserve Jason's mind in the computer of the Spartacus unit. Thanks to her techo-magic Jason's mind remains alive when his body dies, though it is now trapped in the Spartacus robot. Jason's family and fiancé refuse to accept the situation and have him declared legally dead. Jason is now at risk of being declared property, and if the computer on the Spartacus unit is erased then he truly will be dead. Luckily Mystère and the Enforcers are able to call in experts like Victor "Cyborg" and legal expertise from lawyer Jean Loring, who has specialized in metahuman cases. They go so far as to help set up a new Cybernetics division at the Superior City branch of S.T.A.R. Labs to help with Jason's situation.

With his legal rights more or less established Jason attempts to go back to working with the Special Crimes Unit, but some of the members are uncomfortable with the situation. Jason instead decides to operate on his own, becoming the city's latest hero as Spartacus. He was a key ally to the Enforcers during the villain Carnage's attack on the city and continues to serve and protect Superior City today while working with S.T.A.R. Labs to understand his condition.


Jason Stickley was a trained police officer and a skilled pilot who specialized in driving robotic power suits. Now that he inhabits the Spartacus robot permanently, Jason has access to all of its abilities. The Spartacus robot is human-sized (about 6'5"), but is heavily armored and superhumanly strong. The robot body can run as fast as a sports car and jump the length of two football fields, and it is capable of operating underwater without impediment. Electro-adhesive pads on the hands and feet allows Spartacus to climb up surfaces without needing to find hand and footholds.

The Spartacus robot is equipped with an advanced set of sensors, all of which Jason can use. The optical sensors can act as normal eyesight and are equipped with telescopic and thermal capabilties; the audio sensors can detect sound above and below the normal human range and can amplify distant sounds; and the robot body is equipped with an advanced radar system. Spartacus also has an advanced radio communications system, and Jason now has perfect recall thanks to his ability to access the Spartacus robot's computer memory.

In addition to the superhuman strength the Spartacus robot is also equipped with powerful energy blasters for offensive combat.

The Schwa




Up until a few years ago, The Schwa was just a rumor. The Vagabond Vigilante, Hero to the Homeless, The Schwa supposedly protected Superior City's most vulnerable from those who would prey on them, but never stayed around long enough to be seen. It was only the testimony of those he'd saved and the ramblings of those he had beaten that gave any indication he existed; a fast-talking madman who preyed on criminals whenever he encountered them. The first properly documented appearance of The Schwa occurred after the new Renegade had begun operating in the city. When a group of Parademons from Apokalips were attacking the city during the Genesis crisis, The Schwa appeared and helped Renegade defend the city. A few months later The Schwa again appeared to help Renegade, this time against the madman called Bughouse.

The Schwa vanished again, but reappeared in the leadup to Carnage's scheme of revenge against Superior City. Something about The Schwa's mental instability made him immune to the psychic memory dampening that was affecting the rest of the city and he tried to warn the other heroes about the threat that was coming. Though this failed, The Schwa was still a helpful ally to the Enforcers of Justice in the battle to defeat Carnage and his army of villains. Since then The Schwa has had a slightly more visible profile around the city. He continues to be a valuable source of information for the Enforcers, often warning them of strange occurrences that he is the first to take notice of.

Unknown to the people of the city, and even to himself, The Schwa is Julius Durant, heir of one of the wealthiest families in Superior City. Julius was a half-brother of Gareth Durant, who was secretly the hero Paragon of the Centurions. Julius learned his brother's secret on the same day he witnessed his death. During the Legends crisis, when the public had been turned against the heroes, Julius was among the enraged mob who were attacking the Centurions. When the Warhounds of Apokalips were unleashed he watched as the hero Paragon was attacked. Paragon's costume had been damaged and Julius recognized his older brother just in time to see him vaporized in an attack that also claimed many of the members of the Unknowns.

The sight of his brother's violent death, and the aftermath of the mental manipulation that had driven the mobs to attack the heroes, drove Julius insane. He was sent to a private hospital and the family hushed up the incident to avoid scandal. As far as the public was concerned both Durant brothers had died that day. A year later when the Gene Bomb was detonated during the Dominator Invasion, Julius' metagene activated and he gained his luck powers. With his powers he was able to escape from the mental hospital where he was held and he returned to Superior City. Julius' addled brain decided he would become a super-hero, just like the brother he no longer really remembered due to suppressing the trauma. Just as Paragon had a stylized letter "P" on his costume, Julius would also have a letter - and chose the phonetic symbol for schwa, which resembles an upsidedown lower-case "e".

His own real identity submerged beneath his insanity, Julius became The Schwa - defender of the innocent and scourge of criminals everywhere. Over time he came to believe his abilities were given to him by the symbol he wears, to the point where if the symbol is removed he believes that his powers disappear, a belief that is so strong that a psychological block actually stops him from using his powers if he doesn't have his symbol.

The Schwa lives on the street, never taking off his costume. He spends his days scrounging for food, wearing a "disguise" of a ratty trenchcoat and fedora, and his evenings patrolling the dingier parts of Superior City looking for criminals to beat up.


Before his metagene was activated Julius was fairly athletic and was in excellent physical shape. When his powers kicked in his physical abilities were increased to the equivalent of peak human levels. The Schwa's primary super power, however, is his uncanny luck. The Schwa has the unconscious ability to affect probability in his immediate area, usually to his own favor. This allows him to survive situations that would otherwise be potentially fatal and to defeat enemies that would normally overpower him through actions and events that, to an outside observer, look like ridiculously dumb luck.


Father Duncan Kelley is the mentor of Enforcers member ArcAngel and is a staunch ally of the team.