These are the super-villains that have appeared in the various DC Heroes campaigns.





Former hero brought back from the dead as a soldier of evil


Time-traveling conqueror formerly known as Futurion and his vile henchmen


An advanced android dedicated to restoring the Manhunter cult


A loose association of professional killers.





Dr. Thomas Geffen was a biologist at S.T.A.R. Labs who was working on a way to accelerate plant growth as a means to increase food production. An accident at the lab caused Geffen to be doused in the experimental chemicals he was working with. The chemicals transformed Geffen into a protoplasmic creature, driving the scientist insane. Dubbed Biomass by the press, Geffen went on a rampage before being stopped by the hero Chrysalis. Captured, Biomass was kept at S.T.A.R. Labs in an effort to see if his condition could be cured. He was used by Carnage as part of the villain's attack on Superior City, and Biomass escaped into the sewers after this and remained there while he recovered. Biomass was later captured by the Faces of Fear and mind-controlled to serve them during the recent Gang War in Superior City, after which he was again captured and sent back to S.T.A.R. Labs.


Dr. Geffen's entire body has been transformed into plant-based protoplasm. Through concentration he can maintain a humanoid shape, one that manifests superhuman strength and can achieve a consistency as hard as reinforced concreate. He can also lower the density of his protoplasmic form to a level where he can ooze through solid objects as long as there is at least a tiny crack to allow him to flow through. His touch can accelerate the rate of decay of organic matter, which will cause dead material to rot and disintegrate in minutes. When used against living matter, this effect can cause severe, but usually recoverable, damage to the target's cells. Geffen no longer needs to eat food and instead gains sustenance from exposure to sunlight. He can also emit and interpret the chemical signals from all forms of plant life, effectively allowing him to communicate with flora.



Nuclear-powered mercenary


The strangest villain ever



The company was a foursome of muscle and killers for-hire who frequently worked for various organized crime families across the United States. The Company's last assignment was for a crime family in Empire City, where they had been hired to deal with a rival gang during a Gang War and later to deal with the local hero team, the Guardians. The Company set a trap to lure in some members of the Guardians, but they were killed by Tommy Monaghan, the Hitman, before they could spring the trap.


The members of the quartet were:


A multinational criminal corporation operating subsidiaries that offer all manner of services to the forces of evil.


Technologically-powered thieves for hire



A psychotic, time displaced former hero and his spider-demoness lover


Inheritor of a psychotic legacy.


Electrically-powered beauty


Popular heavy metal band that uses their concerts as cover for thefts


A mercenary team of super-powered pro wrestlers




Lou Connors was a track and field athlete with a remarkable throwing arm. His strength and accuracy was exceptional, and he was almost a certainty for a podium finish in the Olympic Games until he was caught betting on his own competitions. Bereft of what he hoped would be lucrative endorsement deals that would have come from an Olympic medal, Connors looked for other opportunities to use his skill to make money. In the end he was inspired by the likes of Captain Boomerang and Javelin, he decided to become a super villain.

Adopting the name Discus, Connors acquired a collection of trick throwing discs with a variety of effects. When he caught wind that the Silvery Path was offering a bonus to any costumed villain committing a crime in Superior City, Discus thought that this would be perfect for his debut. Unfortunately for Discus, his first attempt coincided with the arrival of the heroic Omega (now Aegis), who swiftly defeated the neophyte villain. Discuss was incarcerated in Mercy Island prison, where he became part of the villain army assembled by Carnage for his plan to take revenge on Superior City. When that plot was thwarted he was again sent to prison.


Discus was a skilled athlete who could throw objects with remarkable strength and accuracy. His tools of choice were a set of custom-designed, high-tech throwing discs roughly the size of a conventional Frisbee or discus. These discs ranged from simple weighted ones he could throw at opponents, relying on his skill to break limbs or score knockout blows, to ones that exploded on contact; ones that could release a smokescreen, tear gas, or knockout gas; to more esoteric ones like a disc that emitted a piercing, glass-shattering sonic attack or threw off blinding flares of light. With his skill, Discus could throw his discs with uncanny accuracy, even going as far as being able to bounce them off of walls and other surfaces to strike targets around a corner or behind cover.


Unaging radioactive would-be world conqueror



The Dream Warriors were a quartet of industrial spies and assassins who specialized in attacking targets through their dreams. The four possessed special suits, derived from technology created by the villain Doctor Destiny, that let them enter another person's dreams. There they could manipulate the dreamscape to trick the target into revealing information, or attack the target with nightmares. These attacks could prove to be lethal, as if the target was killed in their dream they would die in real life.

The heroic Tarantula managed to track down the Dream Warriors after they had begun hitting targets in New York City. Discovering that they were using technology, Tarantula found a way to sabotage the Dream Warriors' suits, resulting in them becoming trapped in the Dream Dimension. Several years later the Tarantula, now in his new identity as Renegade but at the time wearing a costume reminiscent of his old Tarantula one, found himself traveling through the Dream Dimension with his teammates in the Enforces of Justice. There they came under attack from the Dream Warriors, who had managed to survive and recognized the man who had trapped them there. Renegade and the Enforcers evaded the attack and escaped the Dream Dimension. Presumably the Dream Warriors remain trapped there.


The Dream Warriors had special suits that let them physically project themselves into the dreams of their targets. Once inside the target's dreamscape the suits let them manipulate the dream environment, which they could use to mimic friendly people and places in an effort to manipulate the target to reveal their secrets, or to create nightmarish scenarios and forms to terrify or attack the target in the dream. So effective were these attacks that the target could manifest physical damage in the real world, even to the point of suffering fatal injuries.





Dion Waverly is a self-professed alchemist who claims to have used his arcane knowledge to gain control over the four classical elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. However he gained his powers, the Element Master proved to be a criminal menace to the authorities around Baltimore, Maryland. The Element Master seemed intent on using his powers to commit mainly jewelry robberies purely for his own wealth, though he claimed that the thefts were to procure rare materials for his alchemical experimentation.

Element Master's crime wave attracted the attention of the hero team Vigil, who operated in the Mid-Atlantic region around Washington, DC. Vigil were able to thwart several of Element Master's crimes, though the villain always managed to escape capture. With the increased attention, Element Master decided to find greener pastures and began heading west. Unfortunately for the villain, Vigil decided to stay on his trail and Element Master eventually found himself in Superior City. His pursuers followed but, before they could locate the Element Master, Vigil were killed by the villain Death Spider. Feeling the coast was clear for him, Element Master decided to commit one last robbery in Superior before heading back east. Sadly for the villain the city was not lacking in heroes and he was stopped and finally captured by G-Force in one of the latter's earliest appearances.

The villain was incarcerated in Mercy Island Prison, where Element Master was recruited by the villain Carnage into the army he was building. Element Master participated in Carnage's assault on Superior City, but was ultimately recaptured after the assault was finally stopped by an assembly of heroes led by the Enforcers of Justice.


Element Master possessed the ability to control the four classical elements. With air control he could generate powerful winds, and could use the winds to propel himself in flight; earth control let him generate earthquakes and move volumes of earth he could use to strike at enemies; his control over fire let him increase or decrease the intensity of a flame or manipulate the shape of the flame to surround or strike at an opponent; and with water control Element Master could manipulate the water to generate powerful waves, whirlpools to drag an opponent underwater, or water spouts that he could shape to his will. Note that Element Master could not spontaneously create any of the elements he controlled; he could only manipulate earth, air, fire or water that was already present.

While he claimed to be a skilled alchemist there was never any evidence that Element Master actually had any appreciable skill or knowledge of that arcane field of study.


Shape-changing villain with the ability to duplicate the powers of anyone he encounters


Villain team assembled by Death Spider for his various revenge plots


Thief who uses a mystic axe to transform into a giant Viking warrior



Various incarnations of the five-person super-villain team.


An all-women super-criminal team


The many villains faced by the heroic Centurions.


Super criminals of Superior City battled by the New Adventurers.


Two separate villainous teams of nature and weather-powered criminals.



a master manipulator and gamesman, and one of the sole surviving clones of Paul Kirk (Manhunter)


Monster-themed villain team assembled by the Gentleman Ghost.




Ned Samuels was a demolitions expert who received a dishonorable discharge from the Army after a string of misconduct incidents. He almost immediately went into business for himself as a mercenary. Perfecting his techniques with his weapon of choice, Samuels adopted the identity of Grenade and began using his skills for robberies. Hoping to make more of a name for himself he targeted Superior City, only to be captured by the hero Blur. He wound up as part of Carnage's villain army but was recaptured after Carnage's plot was thwarted.


As befits his name, Grenade is armed with a variety of grenades, including regular fragmentation grenades, shrapnel grenades, smoke grenades, tear gas grenades, flashbang grenades and knockout gas grenades. He is an expert in explosives and demolitions and has been known to develop custom grenades for specific assignments. Grenade can throw his explosives with great precision.





Arliss Core was a hazardous materials specialist working for Lexcorp when he was bathed in experimental chemicals during an industrial accident at a LexOil facility. By the time Arliss was evacuated the chemical had eaten through his protective suit and burned 85% of his skin. Arliss survived, and his body was slowly covered in strange scar tissue. Months later the scar tissue started to dissolve and the doctors discovered that Arliss had been transformed. His body now emitted a toxic, radioactive plasma; an effect that proved lethal to several staff at the Lexcorp facility where he was being treated. Arliss was placed into a containment suit that helped control his powers, but the damage had already been done. Arliss had been driven insane from the intense pain of his injuries and he snapped. He discovered that he could manipulate his power to fire blasts of energy and escaped the facility.

With the media calling him Hazmat, Arliss started attacking oil facilities. He started by destroying the LexOil facility where his accident had occurred before heading north where he damaged the Global Industries oil storage facility in Pacific City. His next target was going to be the LexOil site in Paradise but he was stopped in Superior City by the police Special Crimes Unit officer Spartacus and the hero Mystère. Like most of those sent to Mercy Island Prison, Hazmat was secretly recruited into Carnage's villain army and took part in his plot against Superior City. He was again imprisoned after that plot was thwarted.


The chemicals he was exposed to transformed Hazmat's body into a form of living radioactive plasma. No longer fully solid, Hazmat wears a special containment suit to maintain a human form. He is constantly emitting dangerously high levels of radiation, which is also blocked by his containment suit. Hazmat has learned to concentrate the radioactive energies he emits, even through the containment suit. By doing so he can use these energies to fly, emit beams of intense heat, or fire radioactive blasts. While inside his suit Hazmat also possesses superhuman strength.


Purveyors of evil and chaos led by the demonic Adversary.



Global secret society founded by and subservient to the immortal villain Vandal Savage.



Billionnaire CEO of Dark World Enterprises and master manipulator.



Would-be world conqueror and Avatar of Hate



Criminal team made up of second generation villains.


Teenage cultists serving a dark master



Villainous team of speedsters.



A team of villains formed by the Grandmaster to serve his aims.


An ancient order of assassins that has remained hidden for centuries.



An Artificial Intelligence dedicated to saving humankind from itself.


The criminal underworld of Superior City.


The despotic ruler of an extra-dimensional realm who has twice tried to invade Earth.


Overlord's most powerful underlings.



The Parapsychological Studies Institute, a research organization hiding a dark secret.




Papa Zombi was the lead Silver Path bokor (dark magician) for the Pacific Northwest. When the Silver Path folded he abandoned the techno-voodoo trappings of that organization and, setting himself up in Superior City, created his own criminal organization. He was captured by the Faces of Fear, who attacked his posse, and was mind controlled.


The charismatic Papa Zombi is a skilled magician trained in the darker Voodoo arts. He can cast spells to divine the future, create Voodoo Dolls to manipulate and inflict pain on a target, and knows the potions and rituals to enslave the living or animate the dead as zombies.




When the Silver Path criminal organization placed a bounty on Superior City, offering a reward to any supervillains committing crimes in the city, it attracted a lot of attention. While many tenured villains attempted to take advantage of the bounty, there were also a lot of novices and one such neophyte was Cliff Peters. Cliff was a moderately successful contractor and handyman, with a home renovations show on local television. Seeking more money and attention, Cliff contacted criminal technology suppliers Fabricators, Inc. and acquired a set of gadgets based on various handyman tools.

Cliff christened himself Power Tool and attempted to rob one of the main branches of the Superior City Bank. Power Tool soon found himself confronted by officers the police department's Special Crimes Unit, who made short work of the wannabe supervillain. Power Tool was arrested and incarcerated in Mercy Island Prison, where he became part of the villain Carnage's scheme to attack Superior City. After Carnage was defeated, Power Tool found himself back in prison.


Cliff is a reasonably competent handyman, with experience most trades like carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and so on. As Power Tool, Cliff wore an armored apron and carried an arsenal of high-tech gadgets patterned on tools. These included a pneumatic gun capable of rapid-firing nail-like projectiles, a reinforced power saw capable of cutting steel, a hammer that would fire off explosive percussion when it struck a target, and cables that could wrap around a target and electrocute them.


An immortal ninja assassin.


The harbinger of Darkness.





Thomas Young is a writer and painter who somehow acquired a set of apparently magical quill pens. Calling himself Quill, Thomas began a campaign of would could be called novel vandalism across the west coast. He would use his quills to deface public and private sites, harass individuals or groups, and generally cause chaos in the name of his personal philosophy of challenging capitalist entities, government organizations, and crass media he considered as catering to the lowest common denominator. Quill considered himself a champion of culture and intellect and would target anyone or anything he felt was a threat to those ideals.

Quill struck up a rivalry with the west coast-based villain called the Corsair, a rivalry started by Quill out of a desire to prove that "the pen is mightier than the sword." Quill would make an effort to interfere in Corsair's crimes when he could, and in turn Corsair would seek to disrupt any of Quill's activities he came across. Quill was arrested in Superior City when he battled Corsair there, the latter being in the city alongside his new teammates in the Swordsmen. Quill found himself reluctantly recruited into the scheme of the villain Carnage, but fled the city as soon as he was able to. Quill remains at large and has resumed his personal crusade.


Thomas is a talented painter and writer, skills he is able to make use of in his crusade thanks to the strange quill pens in his possession. The origin of the quills is a mystery, but their powers are not. Quill has been seen to draw pictures in the air that would come to life, or he would write out stories the contents of which would appear; though in both cases these would be realistic but otherwise intangible illusions. Quill could also use one of his pens to write out actions for people around him and those people would be compelled to perform those actions, and has also been observed writing out actions for inanimate objects to perform, and the objects would come to life and act these out.




Very little is known about the Rainbow Warriors. They are a seven-person team of professional criminals that built, were given, or otherwise acquired a set of seven technologically advanced suits that granted them powers. It is also not known if these seven suits were originally in the colors of the rainbow or if the group later adopted those individual colors as part of a chosen theme. In any case the seven criminals, each clad in a suit of a different color of the rainbow, began using the powers of the suits to commit high-end robberies.

The Rainbow Warriors first appeared in Superior City to commit robberies as part of the super criminal competition called the Enemy Awards. They were stopped and apprehended by the Enforcers of Justice and incarcerated in Mercy Island Prison. Unfortunately this made them available to the villain Carnage, who secretly controlled the prison and recruited the Rainbow Warriors into his super-villain army. When Carnage and his army were defeated by the combined heroes of Superior City the Rainbow Warriors once again found themselves under arrest and in prison.


The members of the Rainbow Warriors are all professional thieves, with some possessing a variety of other skills they make use of in addition to the powers they get from wearing their technologically advanced costumes.

The Warrior known as Red wears a suit that can project beams of intense heat as well as control the temperature of his immediate surroundings, rendering it anywhere from unbearably hot to lethally cold. Orange is a con artist whose suit is equipped with powerful flamethrowers that he can manipulate in a variety of ways. Yellow is a former psychologist who can use light projectors in the suit to generate blinding flashes or hypnotic signals that can induce fear in an opponent. A former botanist, Green has a suit that can induce unnatural growth in plants and also control the plants into moving according to his command. Blue's suit is capable of generating intense cold, including the ability to produce ice from the moisture in the atmosphere that Blue can manipulate. Indigo is ex-Special Forces and wears a suit that lets him turn invisible or project a concealing cloak of darkness over an area. Finally, Violet is a physicist whose suit can generate massive magnetic fields to let him lift and bend ferrous metals.

In addition to their individual powers, each of the Rainbow Warrior suits is armored to protect its wearer and is equipped with built-in secure communications gear that links the Warriors to each other.


The villains who battled Renegade during the hero's first year in Superior City.



A Los Angeles-based team of movie-themed villains.


Gunt-toting team of super-mercenaries and hitmen.


Techno-voodoo cult


Dangerous team of villains that plagued Superior City.


Villains dedicated to the spread of chaos, or so they would have you believe...


Long-lived Nazi super-soldier and now the head of a South America-based Neo-Nazi crime syndicate.


Villain team whose members use sword-themed motifs in their crimes.





Jani Yamahito was a brilliant student of biology and genetics and earned a position interning under Dr. Larry Thornton at the west coast branch of the Banzai Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Strategic Studies. Jani's research centered on tissue regeneration and growth, basing her work on samples from a variety of species of exotic reptiles. Jani discovered how to clone limbs and organs from the samples, and found that careful exposure to certain frequencies of radiation let her create controlled mutations in the cloned material. The mutated tissues were also resistant to transplant rejection, meaning they should theoretically be able to grow in any body.

Eager to prove the results, and unwilling to risk delays or worse seeking approval, Jani decided to test the transplanted tissues and used herself as guinea pig. Jani succeeded in grafting webbing between the fingers on one of her hands and was excited to show her results to Dr. Thornton. It turned out that Thornton was less than thrilled when he discovered what Jani had done, barely supressing his shock and horror at what his student had done to herself. Fearing what would happen to her research, Jani took her notes and all her remaining tissue samples and fled.

Hiding out at a hotel, Jani sought to preserve her samples and realized the only way to do so was to graft them all to her own body. These included a pair of membranes stretching under her arms and a long spiked tail attached at her lower back. Adapting to the grafts caused Jani to develop a ravenous appetite and she gorged herself on room service over the next several days. As the grafts took hold Jani discovered that it was prompting further mutations, including starting to run her skin scaly. Realizing she needed lab facilities to assess what was happening to her, Jani risked returning to the Banzai Institute only to find herself confronted by Thornton and the Institute security. One of the security men panicked and fired at Jani, with the bullet passing through the membrane. Overcome by instincts she had never known, Jani lashed out and impaled the security man with her tail. The other security opened fire, with stray bullets starting a fire in the lab. Jani fled through a window and discovered that her membranes let her fly.

Jani fled to the wilderness outside of the city and realized she needed help. Unable to turn to Thornton, she realized she needed to find another geneticist. She decided to head south, hoping to find help in Star City or Gateway City, but as the days passed Jani forgot where she was headed, and then why she was seeking help. Her mutation had continued to spread, and Jani no longer possessed vocal cords. Within a week Jani had become a slave to her instincts, with her human intelligence nearly completely submerged. Fear and hunger led her to start attacking people and the newsmedia started referring to the strange creature as Talon. No one has made the connection between Talon and the missing Jani Yamahito, so the creature is treated as scientific curiosity and urban legend. Talon has taken up residence in the forest and mountains around Superior City, where there are still occasional sightings and attacks.


Talon appears as a humanoid reptilian creature with three-clawed hands and toes, a long spiked tail, and membrane like wings along both sides of her body that let her fly. She also has superhuman, strength and reflexes and possesses enhanced night-vision. Though her once prodigious intellect has diminished, some of Jani's intelligence remains, as do some of her skills; including some knowledge of how to operate technology.


A new international criminal organization bent on world domination.


A team of music-themed super villains.



The villainous mastermind and his sometime allies.






Coming from a long line of soldiers, George Patton Armbruster was an Army brat, moving from base to base as his father's assignment changed. George always had an affinity for weapons, and when he was old enough he joined the Army. George's first major conflict was the Dominator-led Invasion of Earth. He was overwhelmed by the carnage he witnessed, and blamed the superhuman community for bringing the Invasion down on Earth.

When the detonation of the Gene Bomb triggered his own superhuman powers, George snapped. He felt betrayed by his country when they credited the superhumans with ending the war, so he decided he would show the world what real war was. He hooked up with a militia group, who provided him with his equipment, and has become their premiere soldier. On their suggestion he decided to target the west coast at first, given there were fewer superhumans to contend with. His attack in Pacific City brought out the US government's newest operative, Patriot, marking that hero's public debut. Imprisoned, Warmonger would later form part of the super-villain army that launched an assault and takeover of Superior City, and remained on the loose after that plot was thwarted.

Warmonger wages war for the sake of waging war. He spreads chaos and destruction everywhere he goes in the secret hope that someday the rest of the planet will get the picture and end war. His allies in the militia group continue to support him because it serves their end of destabilizing the United States. Should it ever come down to it, Warmonger would likely oppose the militia group's efforts to stage a military coup in America, but in the meantime he uses them as much as they use him.


When Warmonger's Metagene activated he gained the ability to control weapons of war. He could cause guns to fire on their own; remote detonate explosives with a thought; remote control tanks, attack helicopters, and fighter jets with his mind; and could even control smart weaponry like cruise missiles and drones.

The militia that Warmonger joined up with has provided him with a prototype suit of powered armor they stole from the US military. The armor was incomplete, but Warmonger's power allows him to control it with ease. Aside from being armored against physical attacks, the armor also has experimental defensive systems that provide protection from psychic attacks and even magical attacks. For armaments the suit has built-in high-calibre machine guns and a missile launcher. The suit is also a sealed environment with a 10 minute air supply. Warmonger typically carries a variety of other high-end military hardware depending on the opposition he expects to face in an encounter.

Warmonger has had extensive military training and experience. He is a skilled tactician with a black belt in Karate, and an expert with small arms and heavy weapons. Warmonger is also trained in operating a variety of military vehicles.


The villainous Wilde Family.


Covert crime syndicate seeking to control the world's governments.