The Femmes Fatales are a team of female thieves who all possess metahuman powers. The group has committed a string of successful high-profile roberies over the last few years that has placed them on the DEO's Most-Wanted List. On the few occasions that members of the team have been captured, the rest of the group have been quick to free their imprisoned sisters.

The first known encounter between the Femmes and a super-hero team happened in Phoenix when the then newly-formed Enforcers of Justice tried to stop the ladies from robbing a S.T.A.R. Labs. They would face a different team of Enforcers in Pacific City some time later. In both encounters the ladies escaped capture. At the time the Femmes Fatales had four members:

More recently the team's roster has doubled with the addition of four new members. This expanded group has faced Justice Inc and the new Enforcers of Justice. The new members of the Femmes Fatales are:

The Femmes Fatales were recently infiltrated by the hero Arachnia in her Skorpia identity. Arachnia was able to learn a great deal about the Femmes Fatales before her deception was uncovered. Despite Arachnia's efforts the Femmes Fatales escaped before they could be taken into custody and they remain at large.