Enforcer began his existence as an advanced model of Overlord's artificial soldiers. Named Catspaw, this advanced model was given incredibly versatile shape-shifting abilities, the most advanced feature of which was its mimic ability. By scanning an individual, Catspaw could then alter his form to an exact duplicate of the target's. He even had limited telepathic abilities that let him duplicate the target's mind. Catspaw could even duplicate metahuman powers. With these powers Catspaw was the ultimate infiltration soldier.

When Overlord first attempted to invade Earth, Catspaw was one of the initial agents sent there. However, when the original Enforcers of Justice traveled to Overlord's homeworld, Catspaw was left behind. Unable to return to his master, Catspaw began wandering around Earth. As he continued to mimic individuals to maintain his disguise Catspaw discovered that he was retaining residual amounts of the minds he was absorbing. Over time Catspaw gained independent will. He completely broke his initial programming when, while in Africa, he attempted to mimic a dying game warden named Mike Donavan.

CatspawDonavan had been tracking a group of poachers when they ambushed him and left him to die. Catspaw mimicked Donavan at the moment of death and the shock of copying the man's psyche as he died resulted in a permanent transfer. Catspaw now had all of Mike Donavan's memories and personality. After burying the body, Catspaw then went after the poachers that had killed Mike Donavan and when he caught them he apprehended them rather than kill them. This was due to the increasing influence of Mike Donavan's personality, which was soon firmly in control. A confused Catspaw, as Donavan, returned to his home in the United States and got a job at the Pacific City Zoo. "Mike Donavan" then decided to use his powers for good and, adopting the identity of Mimic, began fighting crime around Pacific City. This eventually brought him to the attention of the Enforcers of Justice who, unaware of his true nature, ironically invited him to join. Keeping his true past a secret from the team, Mimic fought valiantly alongside the Enforcers against the android Annihilator.

Shortly after the defeat of Annihilator, Mimic vanished. An as yet unrevealed event caused the Mike Donavan personality to lose control and Mimic's original programming took hold again. This time, however, he was not a subservient pawn but had full independent will, likely the result of the combination of having had a full personality in control for a time, the cumulative number of psyches he had mimicked, and whatever event had submerged the Mike Donavan personality. All that is known is that the next time Mimic was seen he was pursuing Catspaw's line of work: infiltration and assassination.

Mimic quickly began establishing a reputation for himself as a freelance assassin using the name The Enforcer. To further increase his profile, he formed an organization of metahuman mercenaries called the Assassin's Guild. Enforcer's first public appearance was when he had members of the Assassin's Guild kidnap all of the metahumans that had been members of the original Enforcers of Justice team. The captured heroes were rescued by members of Justice Inc. but not before Enforcer was able to use technology stolen from Professor Ivo (the scientist who had created the Amazo android) to allow himself to permanently mimic the powers of Singularity, Firestrike, Headlong, and Lupin (even though Lupin had not been among those kidnapped, Enforcer had located his lair and had found sufficient hair and skin samples to duplicate his powers). Enforcer escaped while Justice Inc battled members of the Assassin's Guild.

MimicEnforcer later battled both Justice Inc and the Guardians, and was eventually invited by Death Spider to join various incarnations of his Enforcers of Injustice. Along with Death Spider he has frequently battled the new Enforcers of Justice. During Death Spider's latest attack on that hero group, Enforcer was captured by Renegade and Manhunter and was incarcerated at the DEO's Stronghold facility.

Enforcer escaped from Stronghold when he realized that the psionic creature Mindshadow, another of Overlord's minions trapped on Earth, was after him. Seeking a hiding place, Enforcer fled to Superior City, home of the new Enforcers. His efforts were in vain, though, and the psionic entity possessed him and, using powers stolen from Abyss, transported itself, Enforcer, and several members of the Enforcers to Otherworld. On Otherworld, Enforcer once again entered the service of Overlord, mainly out of fear of what would happen if he refused. When the lost members of the Enforcers infiltrated Overlord's scientific complex to find a way home, however, Enforcer secretly assisted them, hoping to follow them back to Earth. When the heroes escaped without him, a desperate Enforcer tried to follow. What he did not know was that the heroes had escaped into the techno-magical dimension of Cyberspace and were transported the vast distance to Earth by their teammate Mystère. Using dimension travel powers mimicked from one of the rebels on Otherworld, Enforcer entered Cyberspace, but had no way of reaching Earth from where he was. For weeks he wandered to wastelands of Cyberspace before he spotted a disturbance. What he had found was the computer systems belonging to a refugee space fleet fleeing the powerful Imperiex. Enforcer his himself in the computer systems and that was able to hitch a ride back to Earth, the ultimate destination of the fleet. Once in Earth's Cyberspace region, Enforcer was found by the cyber-entity OMEGA and after some effort OMEGA was able to bring Enforcer out of Cyberspace and back to the real world. Now free, Enforcer is itching for a chance to pay back Renegade of the Enforcers of Justice for abandoning him on Otherworld, but feels he must pay a debt to OMEGA first.

Powers and Abilities:

As Catspaw, Enforcer had the ability to alter his form into anything imaginable, though lacking independent will and imagination that limited his choices. Catspaw usually needed to be instructed by Overlord or one of his Elite to assume a particular form. Catspaw's strongest advantage, though, was the ability to become a near perfect duplicate of any nearby individual. Catspaw could even duplicate a person's memories, skills, and metahuman powers (though he could only maintain such a total duplication for a few days before returning to his normal form). This made Catspaw the ultimate infiltrator for Overlord.

When he became Mimic after absorbing Mike Donavan's memories, Enforcer's powers changed slightly. He lost the ability to duplicate a target's memories and skills and he could now only shape change into a person or object if he had made physical contact with it sometime in the past. An advantage of this, though, was that if he had mimicked someone in the past he could recall that form at will, allowing him to assume that person's form and powers at a later time without having to make physical contact with them again.

After the Mike Donavan personality was submerged, Enforcer permanently mimicked the powers of many of the original Enforcers of Justice. He now has Firestrike's flame generation and control powers and his power of flight, Singularity's gravity and magnetic control powers, Headlong's superspeed and electrical blast, and Lupin's superhuman strength, agility, and heightened senses. His shape changing powers have reverted back to something closer to those he had as Catspaw including the ability to mimic skills, though he lacks the ability to duplicate memories. Thanks to his use of the Amazo technology Enforcer can now mimic a target's individual metahuman powers (where before he had to become a complete duplicate of the target). At present Enforcer must be within close range of a target to duplicate any powers, but he is trying to re-learn the ability he had as Mimic to recall powers and shapes he had duplicated in the past without needing to be near the target source.

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