Thousands of years ago, the being called Overlord once ruled a vast interstellar empire with an iron fist. Eventually his subjects grew tired of OVerlord's oppression and there was a revolution. Overlord was overthrown, and fled for his life into deep space. Since that time he has been accumulating power, both personal and in the form of allies and has sworn to build a new empire and with it regain his old one.

When Overlord came across the planet now known as Otherworld he was far more powerful than he had been when he was overthrown. Having gained personal power, he now needed a base of operations and an army, and the planet before him seemed like it would suffice for both. While not possessing much of a space program, the planet did have impressive biotechnology. Overlord sought out the planet's leading scientist and transformed him into the creature that would eventually be called Styxx. Overlord then demanded the planet surrender to him unconditionally. With Styxx's help Overlord had already secretly gained the allegiance of several small rogue nation-states and thus was warned when the planet's leaders tried to launch a pre-emptive strike against him.

Overlord had no time to play games so he used his energy control powers to cause the planet's sun to emit a huge solar flare, which he then directed at the planet's moon. The moon was destroyed and the planet was irradiated by the fallout. The destruction of the moon also generated an electromagnetic pulse which all but destroyed the planet's technological infrastructure. While the massive meteor storm that followed the moon's destruction created havoc and destruction, Overlord began a more systematic elimination of the major cities and military installations. In a matter of weeks he had driven the planet back into barbarism. While the scattered pockets of survivors struggled, Overlord and his allies (who had been protected from the devastation) began the construction of the Citadel where the planet's largest city had once stood.

Since then Overlord has been working on a slow but stead plan of technological research, genetic engineering, and military buildup. Thanks to Overlord's social and occasional genetic engineering the surviving populace was evolving at a rapid rate, and in such a way as to become stronger. Using these new evolutions Styxx has been creating designer soldiers, refining them further in his lab and experimenting with variations. While Styxx has been doing this Overlord has also been constructing a spacefleet and equipment for the army Styxx is creating.

Overlord's first encounter with Earth was essentially unintentional. One of Overlord's projects has always been the search for new sources of power and in one of his experiments he discovered the quantum field, from where he rescued the psionic vampire Mindshadow. A later experiment led to the discovery of a dimension of pure electro-magnetic energy, one that seemed to be the source of energy for all the stars in the universe. It was while exploring this realm that Overlord stumbled across Earth's solar system. When he saw the level of Earth's technology he soon began plans to invade.

Knowing he would need a great deal of power to deal with Earth's superhuman defenders, Overlord planned to tap the power from the newly discovered dimension. Overlord dispatched members of his Elite to Earth to steal technology he could use to tap the energy dimension. They also kidnapped scientists with expertise in solar and stellar radiation. The mysterious Omega recognized the threat and assembled the first group of Enforcers of Justice to stop Overlord's invasion. The Enforcers eventually brought the fight to Otherworld and joined forces with a small band of rebels opposed to Overlord. The Enforcers defeated Overlord, trapping him in the very dimension he'd hoped to use to power his invasion.

Several months later, in order to defeat the Ultra-Humanite, the hero Tarantula used an experimental S.T.A.R. Labs power generator to overload the villain. Unknown to Tarantula the generator drew power from the same dimension that Overlord was trapped in. During the battle Overlord managed to transfer his consciousness into the body of S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Dr. Albert Michaels. In Michaels' body, Overlord took control of the criminal organization SKULL and began to prepare for a second invasion of Earth. Overlord summoned his Elite from Otherworld and was soon able to retrieve his body from the energy dimension (Dr. Michaels gained metahuman powers and was driven insane by his possession. He is now a member of the criminal organization Tarot).

Overlord and his minions transformed criminals and gang members into an army of Pseudo-men and swiftly seized the island of Manhattan. Overlord and his forces were eventually defeated, but it took the combined efforts of Justice Inc, the Justice Subs, Galahad, Ameriforce, the New Conglomerate, and Superman. Overlord and his elite were imprisoned in the Slab to await trial. Eventually it was determined that, since Overlord was the ruler of a sovereign nation (or in this case, a sovereign planet) which had no formal ties to Earth, the U.S. had no jurisdiction over them. Overlord and his Elite were released to return to Otherworld after Overlord signed a non-aggression pact with the United Nations.

During Overlord's absence the rebels on Otherworld had gained ground against his forces but he soon put a stop to their advance, driving them back into hiding. Since then, Overlord's forces managed to find and destroy the rebellion's headquarters, but the rebels themselves have scattered across Otherworld, spreading the word and recruiting allies to stop Overlord. As for himself, Overlord has left the problem of the rebels in the hands of his Elite and is concentrating on completing his space fleet so he can begin the conquest of other planets and eventually reclaim his throne.

Powers and Abilities:

Overlord has always been physically very powerful. He is superhumanly strong and virtually impervious to harm. He is also incredibly intelligent and can defeat an opponent by sheer force of will and presence. He is also capable of interplanetary flight. After first discovering the energy dimension Overlord utilized a pair of gauntlets that allowed him to channel the powerful energies contained therein. Due to his extended imprisonment in the stellar energy dimensions, however, Overlord can now channel the power naturally. He can absorb incredible amounts of energy and generate heat, light and energy blasts. Most impressively Overloard can channel the power to increase his already incredible physical strength to levels far beyond even Kryptonian levels.

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