The Ultra-Humanite is a brilliant scientist who occasionally battled the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron during World War II. The Humanite survived over the years by mastering the surgical techniques to successfully transplant his own brain into new bodies. In a recent scheme the Ultra-Humanite set in motion an elaborate plan to increase his personal power. To distract any heroes who might try to interfere with his plan the Ultra-Humanite built a robot in the image of the villain The Wizard and sent it out to recruit a group of villains. The robot Wizard brought together a team reminiscent of the old Injustice Society consisting of the new Harlequin, the son of the original Icicle, the new Sportsmaster, Thrasher (who had gained his power from the same source as the Fiddler), and the Shadow Thief. This group, led by whom the rest believed to be the real Wizard, called itself the Injustice Syndicate and soon crossed paths with Justice Inc., a hero team based in New York City.

Ultra-Humanite (Infinity Inc. clone body)The Ultra-Humanite also created new incarnations of former henchmen, rescuing a crippled thief and turning her into the new Deathbolt and transforming a convicted murderer into the radioactive Chain Reaction (a name he preferred over Cyclotron, the name of his predecessor). The Ultra-Humanite then kidnapped Dr. Robert Crane, a scientist who had been the original hero Robotman when his body had died but his brain had survived in a robot shell. Years later Dr. Crane's brain was successfully transplanted into a donor body, that of his late friend Charles Grayson. The Humanite forced Dr. Crane to build him a robot shell like Crane's old Robotman body. Ultra then used a device called the Time Pool, a time machine capable of opening small (~1' diameter) portals into the past, to reach back to the moment of one of his greatest defeat at the hands of the wartime All-Star Squadron and recover two powerful items- the Powerstone and the so-called "Hammer of Thor" (actually an alien artifact of unknown origin).

While Justice Inc. was distracted, the Ultra-Humanite began to implement his plan, which was to create several life-like android duplicates of various UN ambassadors, then have them replace the real ambassadors. Ultra's androids would then proceed to secretly assassinate various world leaders and allow more of Ultra'a android duplicates replace them, effectively granting Ultra control of the world's most powerful countries. Justice Inc. were able to rescue the real ambassadors and thanks to his superspeed Quiksilver was able to stop the androids that were already dispatched from killing their targets. By the time they traced the Ultra-Humanite, however, he had already transferred his brain into its new robot body, a body powered by the Hammer of Thor and Powerstone. Justice Inc. found themselves powerless to stop the Ultra-Humanite until one of their members, Tarantula, tried a desperate gamble. Luring Ultra to the S.T.A.R. Labs building in Manhattan, Tarantula used an experiment generator (which tapped into another dimension for energy) to bombard Ultra with intense amounts of energy. As powerful as it was, the Powerstone was unable to absorb the immense amount of energy being directed at Ultra and it overloaded. Ultra, the Powerstone and the Hammer of Thor vanished in the explosion.

Ultra had somehow survived and next surfaced in Superior City. This time his brain was housed in a body he had genetically engineered from tissue samples of members of Infinity Inc., giving him many of the their powers. Ultra again had his new Deathbolt and Chain Reaction aiding him and he also had several members of the erstwhile new Secret Society of Super Villains. This time around the Ultra-Humanite seemed to be working for someone else, using the Powerstone to channel a strange darkness that slowly began enveloping the world. The new Enforcers of Justice dispersed the darkness by using the Hammer of Thor to shatter the Powerstone. Ultra and his allies were captured, but the Humanite later escaped. He is now the leader of the group of scientists called the Council and has recently crossed paths with the new Justice Society. At the end of his latest scheme, during which he usurped the powers of Johnny Thunder's mystical Thunderbolt, Ultra-Humanite was apparently killed by the new Crimson Avenger.


The Injustice Syndicate was formed mainly as a distraction to keep any heroes from uncovering Ultra's real plan. Ultra-Humanite deliberately recruited villains who shared at least a name if not a closer tie with villains who had fought with the Justice Society in the 1940's. The Syndicate did not find out that Ultra was behind the group until their defeat the members of the Injustice Syndicate were:

WIZARD: The Wizard was not the actual villain by that name but an advanced robot designed by Ultra to mimic the real Wizard, who had fought the JSA several times both on his own and as a member of the original Injustice Society. It was the robot that recruited the others, who believed him to be the real Wizard. Since Ultra could not design he robot to use real magic he patterned after the Wizard as he was during a point several years earlier when he had temporarily lost his powers and relied on magic artifacts (which Ultra was able to mimic with technology).

HARLEQUIN: This Harlequin does not appear to be related to the original in any way other than a fascination with the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. She possesses the ability to project powerful illusions but the source of her power is a mystery. She has recently been recruited by the criminal organization Tarot to be part of its Arcana group.

THRASHER: Thrasher is a thief who learned how to channel his powers via a guitar. His teacher was the same mystic who showed the Fiddler how to channel his powers using an instrument. He now leads a group of music-themed criminals called the Backbeat

SHADOW THIEF: Shadow Thief is one of the best industrial spies and thieves in the world. He originally gained his powers by using a stolen Thanagarian shadow field generator but thanks to the demon Neron the Shadow Thief no longer needs the generator to use his powers.

ICICLE: This Icicle is the son of the original, who often battled the Justice Society. Where his father used a special gun to generate his cold powers, the current Icicle possesses these powers naturally, a result of his father's long exposure to the strange radiation his weapon generated.

SPORTSMASTER: The current Sportsmaster has no connection to the original. This Sportsmaster was a college football player who gained the superhuman power to perfectly imitate any physical skill he observed. For example, by watching a skilled martial artist he would be able to perform the same moves perfectly. He wore an armored uniform and, like his predecessor carried various pieces of sports equipment that had been modified for offensive power, like exploding discusses and specially-tipped javelins.

THINKER (Not Pictured): The Thinker is Clifford Carmichael, a psychopath who had the mind-enhancing circuitry of the original Thinker's helmet implanted directly into his brain. With these cybernetic implants Cliff briefly served in the Suicide Squad before being recruited into the Ultra-Humanite's Injustice Syndicate. Like Harlequin, he is now a member of Tarot.

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