Rebecca Samuels was a highly successful cat burglar until a stray shot from a security guard effectively ended her career. The Ultra-Humanite freed the paraplegic Rebecca from a prison hospital and offered to heal her injuries and give her super-powers in exchange for her loyalty. Rebecca agreed and Ultra used his scientific skills to fix the nervous system damage and also give Rebecca electricity-based powers. When he was finished, Rebecca took the name of one of Ultra's former henchman, whom he had performed a similar operation on decades before, and she became the new Deathbolt.

Deathbolt worked with the Ultra-Humanite on several of his schemes. She has battled several hero groups, including Justice Inc. and the New Enforcers of Justice. Most recently she was one of several metahuman prisoners at Stronghold Penitentiary who became infected with Joker-venom. The infected inmates staged a massive breakout but most, including Deathbolt, were apprehended by the Enforcers before they could do much harm. Deathbolt, and most of the other infected metahumans were later cured of their chemically-induced insanity.

Powers and Abilities:

Thanks to the Ultra-Humanite, Rebecca was restored to peak physical health. She now possesses the agility and strength of an Olympic-level gymnast. Ultra also gave Rebecca electricity-based powers, including the ability to porject bolts of electricity, absorb electrical energy, and surround herself with an electrical force field that can shock any opponent that tries to touch her.

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