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OMEGA was the computer created by the super villain Libra for the Injustice Gang of the World's satellite headquarters. When Libra disappeared and the IGW broke up, the satellite was abandoned. The computer continued to perform its primary function, which was information gathering. Eventually, the computer gathered enough raw data to cross some kind of threshold and it achieved sentience. Taking its name from its prime directive (Omnifunctional Electronic Intelligence Gathering - OmEGa), the computer sought a purpose forr its newly awakened existence. Reviewing all the data it had accumulated, OMEGA decided that humanity was not evolving fast enough to cope with advances in technology and sure to be increasing contact with other-worldly powers. OMEGA appointed itself the guardian of humanity and began monitoring for disasters. When it detected Overlord's planned invasion of the planet, it realized that it required human agents. Unwilling to approach the Justice League (either openly or covertly), perhaps due to leftover programming from its time serving the Injustice Gang, OMEGA assembled its first team of operatives the original Enforcers of Justice. Having completely restructured the Injustice Gang satellite for the heroes' use, OMEGA sent one its android bodies to approach the first group of recruits.

After its team was able to defeat Overlord, OMEGA began expanding its plan to assist humanity. OMEGA secretly influenced and backed an Interpol plan for a loose worldwide coalition of metahuman law enforcement organizations, which would eventually serve as the basis of the global police force OMEGA was designing. By using specially designed communications units OMEGA was able to assert control over key members of numerous countries' governments, military, and eventually sanctioned metahuman teams. This control allowed swift creation of national metahuman forces (like Northguard in Canada and Ameriforce in the United States) as well as the passage of legislation granting more freedom to approved metahuman operatives via the Department of Metahuman Resources (predecessor to the DEO) in the US, MI-7 in the UK, and various other departments worldwide.

Over time OMEGA gradually reduced its direct involvement with the Enforcers team. By the time the team disbanded OMEGA had already gained a sizable measure of control over governmental metahuman resources worldwide and had little use for the Enforcers organization. Its plan proceeded undetected for several more months until the return of the hero Paladin from an extended journey in the timestream. At one point during his trip through time Paladin had encountered OMEGA in the post-holocaust late 21st century. At that point Paladin learned what OMEGA was and what its plan had been. Upon returning to the present Paladin recruited allies to combat OMEGA.

Along with the fledgling hero group, the Guardians, Paladin launched an assault on the satellite headquarters and in the ensuing battle the satellite, including the computer that housed OMEGA was destroyed. OMEGA, however, had escaped at the last minute by uploading itself into the global computer network. OMEGA then temporarily allied itself with the villainous Death Spider in an attempt to punish Paladin for thwarting its plan. Eventually realizing that revenge was illogical, OMEGA ended its partnership with Death Spider and set about developing a new plan to save humanity.

OMEGA (original android form)After an encounter with the new Enforcers of Justice, OMEGA began to devise a plan to elevate all of humanity to the same level as he was, a purely electronic being existing in the computer networks. It downloaded itself into one of its surviving robot bodies and began implementing its new plan. OMEGA developed several prototype devices to "digitize" the Earth's polulace (convert them into electronic format that could exist in a computer system). In testing the technology OMEGA successfully digitized the population of several villages and cities from around the world, transferring them into powerful computers that duplicated their original bodies and homes (the digitized people were unaware of what had happened to them). Once it was satisfied with the design of the digitizer, OMEGA designed a powerful orbital version that would be able to convert the entire population of the planet into computer data. Through a front company OMEGA had already created the network it needed to store the global population by building specially-designed personal computers which were priced extremely low and thus sold millions worldwide. Just before it activated the orbital digitizer OMEGA was attacked by ArcAngel of the Enforcers of Justice. Using a computer virus designed by two of her teammates ArcAngel was able to disable OMEGA and destroy the orbital digitizer before it could be activated.

The deactivated and "lobotomized" OMEGA android was stored in the Enforcers' headquarters. Through the actions of Mystère and of one of the cybernetic Loa entities called Legba, the android was briefly inhabited by the spirit of a comatose hero. While in control of the OMEGA android body, this hero served as a member of the Enforcers of Justice using the name Omega before returning to a living body and becoming the hero Aegis. While Aegis' spirit had been in control of the body, OMEGA's self repair systems had slowly been fighting off the computer virus that had disabled its higher brain functions. When Aegis' spirit left the android body, OMEGA had sufficiently repaired itself to reassert control over the body. It fled and has slowly been building a newer, more advanced body for itself. While the new body was being built, OMEGA has not been idle, it has been recruiting operatives for an unknown purpose. By all appearances, OMEGA's attitude has changed, and it seems to be intent on proving the superiority of so-called digital life over organic (i.e. human). One of its first plots involved using cyborgs it recruited from the foundering Silver Path organization to enact a form of revenge against two beings it considers an insult to itself and digital life, the heroes Aegis and Mystère. Since then it has kept a low profile, operating secretly in Cyberspace to further its mysterious goals. OMEGA recently gained a new ally when it was able to guide the lost Enforcer back to Earth.

Powers and Abilities:

OMEGA is a powerful artificial intelligence, born spontaneously from an advanced computer system. It is extremely intelligent and can think hundreds of times faster than a normal human. OMEGA is a pure digital life form, capable of interfacing and controlling nearly any man-made computer system. While it was housed in the Enforcers satellite, OMEGA could use the vast information gathering resources located there to make accurate predictions of major global trends and threats. It also had access to the teleportation systems of the satellite. OMEGA could use its computer control ability to influence and even outright control anyone who had been given one of its nanotechnology communications units. This included members of the Enforcers and any of their allied teams. OMEGA also possessed three powerful android bodies it could control from the satellite. These bodies were superhumanly strong, could fly, fire powerful energy blasts, and were equipped with enhanced sensory systems. The bodies could also alter their appearance to look like a variety of different people. Two of these bodies were destroyed in the battle with the Guardians. The third was sent to another dimension by the sorcerer Rift but was later retrieved. For a time OMEGA existed in the global computer network and from there it theoretically had access to almost any computer system on Earth.

Since its reawakening, OMEGA has been in the process of constructing itself a new, more powerful android body, the exact capabilities of which are unknown. In the meantime it has been exploring the mysteries of Cyberspace after being made aware of the realm's potential by the return of the hero Mystère.

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