When the Overlord conquered the planet now called Otherworld there were those among the populace who chose to side with the conqueror. From among these and those who have pledged themselves to him since his conquest was completed, Overlord has chosen a select few to join his Elite. The Elite are a cadre of the most powerful and feared beings on Otherworld.


First and foremost among the Elite is Styxx. He was one of the leading biotechnology experts on Otehrworld when Overlord first arrived. He was also one of the most unethical. Overlord made the scientist an offer he could not refuse, and Styx has since risen to sit at Overlord's side as his chief scientist. Styxx's brilliance is rivaled only by his sadistic nature. He derives great pleasure performing experiments on living subjects. The suit of armor Styxx wears for protection is actually made from still-living muscle harvested from his victims. Styxx was responsible for the creation of the Pseudomen, Hellfurnace, and Catspaw. As a result of one of his early experiments, Styxx must now ingest a fluid distilled from the "life essence" of a living being on a regular basis to remain alive.

Styxx was also responsible for transforming the corpse of the hero named Singularity into the gravity-manipulating creature called Abyss.


One of the premiere generals in Overlord's army is the being named Horde. Formerly a warlord from the Ezcali Empire (one of the feudal fiefdoms on Otherworld) Horde was chosen by Overlord to lead his armies in the attack on Earth. Horde possesses a unique ability that gives him a great edge in combat. Whenever he is knocked unconscious or even killed in battle, Horde vanishes only to reappear as two duplicates of his defeated self. In addition the newly emerged duplicates gain a metahuman power. Should either of these duplicates then be knocked out or killed, it would also split into two more duplicates which inherit the power its "parent" possessed as well as a brand new power! These duplicates can also split and thus Horde can become an army unto himself.


During his search for a new energy source, Overlord studied the dimension known as the quantum field and was surprised to find an entity trapped within the field. Once freed the entity was revealed to be made of pure mental energy with no physical form. Overlord learned that the creature was from Earth in the near future where it had been created by the unlikely merging of quantum technology and the psychic vampiric essence of the vampire named Nightflick which had been dormant within the mind of the hero Mindblade. The creature, which called itself Mindshadow, could only survive by possessing another living being, where it could feed. So long as it did not expend too much energy using its powers it could survive indefinitely in the host. Overlord offered Mindshadow an endless supply of victims in exchange for its loyalty and Mindshadow has served Overlord ever since.

Mindshadow is a psychic vampire who feeds off of the mental energies of living beings. It is one of the most powerful psychic beings in existence capable of taking control of even the most powerful of minds. With its telekinesis Mindshadow can lift hundreds of tons and demolish whole buildings. There are also few minds which can resist the sheer power of Mindshadow's telepathy, so there are few secrets it cannot uncover. Originally whenever Mindshadow possessed a victim, its trademark helmet and cloak would always appear and clothe the victim. The helm and cloak would remain so long as the target remained possessed. Now, after the experiments performed on it by the scientists at PSI, when Mindshadow possesses a target the victim's features change to duplicate the appearance of Samuel (Mindblade) Edmund or Trevor (Nightflick) Hathaway if the victim is male or Sarah Edmund (Mindblade's sister) if the victim is female. Whichever appearance the target takes on, they will always be clothed in black.


One of the most devastating creatures in Overlord's army is the being called Hellfurnace. Created by Styxx, Hellfurnace is a giant created from pure plasma energy. The energy is contained in a specially constucted suit which generates powerful magnetic fields. Hellfurnace is immensely strong and radiates tremendous heat and can also project a powerful energy blast. Hellfurnace's containment suit also has the ability to channel some of the energy of attacks directed against it into itself. The suit can then use this energy to increase the power of the containment field and cause Hellfurnace to grow to an even larger size.


The bulk of Overlord's elite shocktroops consist of the constructs called Pseudo-men. The Pseudomen were designed by Styxx and are the perfect soldiers. They are expert marksmen and hand-to-hand combatants and are completely loyal to Overlord. However, not all of the Pseudo-men are artificial constructs. One of Styxx's most vile inventions is the Pseudo-mask. This mask looks like the face of a Pseudo-man. If the mask is placed on a victim it instantly bonds to the victim's face. It then extends conduits directly into the victim's brain and "downloads" a set of Pseudo-man instructions. This program overrides the victims nervous system turning them into an unwilling Pseudoman.

Styxx once created a prototype Pseudo-man that had powerful metamorphic and mimetic capabilities. This construct, originally called Catspaw, has since gained independent will and calls itself Enforcer.

These were the members of the Elite seen during Overlord's two attempted invasions of Earth. When members of the new Enforcers of Justice were trapped on Otherworld they encountered several others.

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