Sarah Edmund is the older sister of Sam Edmund, aka Mindblade of Justice Inc. Their parents possessed mild psychic abilities and Sarah developed powerful psychic abilities as a teenager. As Sam grew older it initially appeared that he did not have any powers. When his powers did surface in his late teens, the result was a tragedy. Sam's psychic powers revolved around the ability to sense and mimic any psionic abilities he was near. When his power first activated he was with his sister and the psychic shock permanently transferred her abilities to Sam and also put her into a coma. Though it was an accident, Sam was overwhelmed with guilt over what had happened and swore to find a way to help the comatose Sarah.

Shortly after adopting his heroic identity and joining Justice Inc, Sam learned about the man named Monarch, who had established a base of operations in New York City where he offered to cure individuals with extreme medical conditions. Against the advice of his teammates Mindblade took his sister to Monarch in the hope he could cure her. Monarch was able to bring Sarah out of her coma using his Quantum Field technology, but shortly afterward it was revealed that this technology was part of a plan to take over the Earth. Monarch's plan was thwarted by Captain Atom and his splinter Justice League group, Extreme Justice. Monarch left New York with his followers, including Sarah, all of whom had been healed by the Quantum Field technology and felt an obligation to the man that had helped them.

Monarch set up a new base on the island of Zandia and Sarah, whose powers had been partially restored by the Quantum Field technology, became one of his chief aides. When Monarch found a way to bypass the safety measures Extreme Justice had used to block the Quantum Technology he again tried to set his plan into motion. This time Extreme Justice had the help of Justice Inc, now led by Sarah's brother. In the ensuing battle Monarch and Captain Atom were hurled into the Quantum Field and the villain's plans thwarted again. In the same battle Sarah's Quantum Field technology implants played a part in the creation of the psychic vampire Mindshadow. With Monarch gone, Sarah took charge of his organization despite the objections of her brother.

Though puzzled by his sister's actions, Mindblade left Sarah on Zandia, hoping that under her leadership Monarch's followers would be better off. What neither Mindblade or his sister knew, though, was that Sarah was not entirely herself. When Monarch had used his technology to restore her psychic powers, Sarah's telepathic abilities developed a strange side-effect. Whenever she was in the presence of an individual with strong personality traits for a prolonged period Sarah would begin to mimic those traits herself, supplanting her own personality. So by the time Monarch had vanished Sarah had already absorbed his personality. As more time passed, however, the effect wore off and Sarah was no longer able to retain full control of Monarch's organization. This left Zandia open and the terrorist organization Tarot moved in and seized power on the island. Sarah escaped with the help of her brother and the rest of Justice Inc.

After fleeing Zandia, Sarah spent some time in New York with her brother and unknowingly began to imprint his personality. She decided to use her telepathy to help people and eventually wound up on the west coast acting as a sort of freelance psychotherapist. She came into contact with the Enforcers of Justice when she helped one of their team members, Blur, who had recently been mind-controlled. As before the imprinted personality eventually wore off, but this time there was no other strong personality to imprint from. Instead Sarah's psycho therapy work was constantly exposing her to individuals with mental problems. She began to exhibit signs of various mental illnesses and for the first time she and her brother realized that something was wrong. The problem was eventually traced to the Quantum Field implant and some of Mindblade's teammates in Justice Inc. were able to remove it. The damage, however, had already been done and Sarah voluntarily admitted herself to a mental hospital in Superior City.

At the hospital Sarah met Alicia Uchida, secretly Orchid of the Enforcers of Justice. Alicia's comatose mother was at the hospital, and Alicia was at the time getting counseling there. As Orchid, Alicia had accidentally killed the villain Mammoth in combat and was getting counseling to overcome the guilt from that act. Orchid's guilt also seemed to have caused her powers to vanish, though they were not really gone but she was psychologically blocking them herself. Despite the removal of the Quantum Field implant, however, Sarah still possessed some psychic abilities, including some of her ability to imprint. When Black Lotus of the World Crime League attempted to seize control of Orchid (via previously implanted mental commands) the guilt-induced mental blocks stops her. Instead, because of her proximity to Alicia, Sarah develops the Orchid powers and responds to Lotus' commands. The result is unexpected, but Lotus nonetheless makes use of the mind-controlled Sarah to attack members of the Hong Kong Cavaliers. Meanwhile Orchid's own subconscious had somehow taken control of her mother's comatose body and began to use her to battle crime as a mysterious figure calling herself Stiletto. The World Crime League's attacks against the World Crime League also draws the attention of the Enforcers of Justice, resulting in a major confrontation at the Banzai Institute's Superior City compound. During the battle; which involved Lotus, the mind-controlled Sarah, Stiletto, Alicia, and two other psychic heroes; there was a massive psychic feedback caused by the proximity of so many psionics, most of whom were mentally linked to each other in some way. As a result of the feedback, Sarah was freed from Lotus' control and her powers were stabilized (and in the case of her telekinetic abilities even increased).

Free of her mental problems, and no longer imprinting the personalities of others, Sarah relocated to Los Angeles where she is again working as a therapist, mostly for movie stars and other celebrities. With Orchid's permission she has taken on the Stiletto identity and recently joined with other female heroes in southern California to form the Angels.

Powers and Abilities:

Originally, Sarah possessed the telepathic ability to read minds, communicate with thought, and sense emotions. She also had telekinetic abilities that let her levitate objects. With her telekinesis was even strong enough to lift herself, letting her fly. She lost these powers when her brother permanently absorbed them. The powers were restored, though to a lesser degree when Monarch used his Quantum Field technology to bring Sarah out of her coma, though this also left her with the uncontrollable ability to duplicate parts of people's minds, most notably their personality and skills. If the personality duplicated was strong enough Sarah's own personality would be submerged and the imprinted one would take hold until the effect wore off, usually days or months later depending on how long she was exposed to the original person.

After the psychic feedback stabilized her powers Sarah was left with her telepathic and empathic abilities. All that remains of her imprinting ability is a form of "danger sense" warning her when someone nearby plans on harming her. Sarah's telekinetic abilities were the most affected. Her TK powers have increased dramatically as has her control over them. Along with the ability to move large objects with her mind, as Stiletto Sarah can also fire bolts of mental force and can even create complex telekinetic constructs.