Jascen Broden is a typical teenager, for a member of his family that is. Jascen's mother, Sylvia, is part of the Forces, a large, extended family living in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and Canada. What makes the Force family special is that most of them possess at least the potential for superhuman powers if not actual powers. So when the teenage Jascen began developing super powers his mother took it in stride. His father, however, was a different story. Alan Broden had never been that comfortable with his in-laws and now that Jascen was developing powers Alan began to feel that discomfort around his son. At first Alan tried to accept what had happened but eventually the tensions reached their limit and Jascen's parents divorced. Sylvia got custody of Jascen, which was fine with Alan, who moved to Los Angeles.

Beyond his parents' divorce, Jascen's powers had little impact on his personal life. He made no effort to conceal his new abilities and as a result he had to quit the high school basketball team (much to the coach's disappointment). Other than that Jascen's life proceeded as it had before he got powers, until the arrival of the Enforcers of Justice. The appearance of the new super-hero team in Superior City inspired Jascen. Like many of his generation in the Force family, Jascen decided to become a super-hero himself. After a couple of months of practice Jascen made his debut as Blur, but made no effort to conceal his true identity, after all most of his classmates knew he had powers and probably could have guessed that Blur and Jascen were the same person anyway.

Only a couple of days after his debut Blur encountered the Enforcers of Justice. After helping them out on a few missions he was invited to join the team. Alongside the Enforcers Jascen has battled an array of super-villains including some of the team's most dangerous enemies, like Death Spider, the Silver Path, and Lucifer's Six. The encounter with Lucifer's Six was particularly painful for Blur because one of the Six is actually Jascen's cousin William, one of the few members of the Force family to go bad. During their encounter William, who calls himself Reaper, used his telepathic powers to take over Jascen's mind and turn him into a psychopath who called himself Point Blank. Though Jascen has no memories of his actions as Point Blank he still feels guilty over what happened. Thanks to therapy, and telepathic surgery to fix the damage Reaper did, Jascen has come to terms with the guilt.

One thing Jascen did learn from his Point Blank experience was that his powers are capable of much more than just super-speed. With the help of scientist (and former super-hero) Dr. Jacob Keller, Jascen hopes to learn how to use his powers to their fullest extent. After the Enforcers returned from being trapped on the the other-dimensional planet of Otherworld, Blur left the Enforcers for personal reasons. Though he is no goes on missions with the Enforcers, Blur has had his share of adventures along with many of the other metahumans and heroes-in-training he goes to school with at the Superior City Academy.

Powers and Abilities:

Blur is a metahuman with super-human strength and endurance. He also possesses the ability to surround himself with a gravity-based energy field that warps space-time. When the field is activated Jascen gains super-human reflexes and the ability to move at super-human speeds, all due to the effect on space-time the field causes around him. The field also has the added effect of partially deflecting projectiles directed at Jascen. With the help of Dr. Keller, Jascen is learning more about the nature of his powers and different ways to use them. He has occasionally used his gravity-field to increase his mass and density and has also learned to teleport by creating a sort of "wormhole" when traveling at high speed.

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