Trevor Hathaway was a struggling actor in Chicago on the verge of a breakthrough role when he died. Just before taking a role on a major daytime soap opera, Trevor was attacked and killed by a vampire. The next night he rose from the dead as a vampire himself. Confronted by the vampire that created him, Trevor refused to obey the other's commands and in a vicious fight slew his sire by staking him. At first Trevor tried to resume his mortal life, but was horrified to learn that not only did he no longer cast a reflection, he did not show up on film either. Any hope of an acting career was shattered and Trevor fell into a deep depression. Unwilling to attack anyone, Trevor resorted to drinking the blood of animals and occasionally stealing from blood banks to survive.

It was at his point in Trevor's life that he was approached by the undead thief, the Gentleman Ghost, who was forming a team of supernatural thieves. Trevor became a founding member of the Graveyard Shift under the name Night Flick and the group began a string robberies along the east coast of the U.S., eventually targeting New York City. The crime spree in the Big Apple soon drew the attention of New York's resident hero team, Justice Incorporated.

The Graveyard Shift battled Justice Inc. on several occasions, always escaping. During one confrontation Night Flick became infatuated with Justice Inc. member Cat. He hypnotized Cat into thinking she loved him which led to a confrontation with Night Flick and Cat against the rest of Justice Inc. During this fight Night Flick found himself overwhelmed by his vampiric nature and he attacked and nearly killed Mindblade. When the team again confronted Night Flick and the hypnotized Cat, Mindblade attacked Night Flick telepathically. In the course of the psychic battle Night Flick's vampiric nature was apparently destroyed, though in reality it survived on the psychic plane and was eventually reborn as the psychic creature called Mindshadow. A grateful Night Flick told Justice Inc. where the Graveyard Shift were working from and the team let him leave.

Though he still needed blood to survive, Trevor was no longer compelled to attack other people or fight off the animalistic vampire urges. Night Flick set up a small theater in the Bronx as cover and decided to use his vampire powers to fight street crime in New York, mostly targeting drug dealers. later, while patrolling Night Flick again encountered Cat, who at the time had left Justice Inc. and was battling organized crime in the guise of the "Dark Stalker". The two teamed up and together wreaked a good deal of havoc on New York City's criminal underworld. Cat responded to a call from Mindblade to battle the villain Monarch and she brought Night Flick with her. Trevor was instrumental in helping Justice Inc. defeat Monarch and he was invited to join the team.

During the Revelations crisis Justice Inc. found itself traveling uncontrollably through various parallel Earths. One of these Earths was ruled by Mindblade, who in that reality had been turned into a vampire by Night Flick. Siding with the world's few surviving heroes Justice Inc. tried to find a way to overthrow the vampire rulers. During their effort the team came across a Russian-made formula supposedly able to grant a normal human all the powers of a vampire without any of the weaknesses. Night Flick tried the formula only to find it was not intended to be used by someone who0 was already a vampire and it wound up restoring him to human form. Later, during the final battle between the heroes and the vampires, the vampiric Mindblade killed Night Flick but because the formula was still in his system Trevor rose from the dead more powerful than ever. The heroes succeeded in freeing this Earth and continued their journey, eventually returning to their proper world.

When Justice Inc. was trapped on the other side of the galaxy by Vandal Savage they wound up in conflict with the Mordru, a powerful sorceror. Mordru used magic to steal the vampiric power of Night Flick and Felicia Albrecht (who Night Flick had turned into a vampire to stop her from dying). The spell restored both their humanities and Mordru used the stolen power to change his own associate, Vrykos, into a "super-vampire". After the team returned to Earth, the now-human Night Flick was mortally wounded by Death Spider during the latter's efforts to disrupt the wedding of ArcAngel and Paladin. While desperately attempting to save him, Felicia realized that (due to the Russian formula) Night Flick's vampire powers were not gone, just dormant. Forcing the dying Trevor to ingest human blood jumpstarted his powers turning the actor into Night Flick once more. Once his vampire powers were restored Night Flick's injuries healed almost instantly.

Night Flick continued as a member of Justice Inc. until his teammate Cat chose to leave. Trevor was still infatuated with Cat and decided if she was no longer with the team then he couldn't stay either (though he told no one of his reasons for leaving the team). Night Flick spent several months just wandering when he was approached by the hero Zodiak to help fight a demonic invasion. Night Flick joined Zodiak's mystic team, the Arcane, and together they thwarted the invasion. Night Flick stayed with the Arcane for a short time and he took advantage of the team's resources to do some investigation into vampires. What little he learned made him decide to leave the Arcane and begin his own investigation into vampire society.

During the course of his investigation Night Flick discovered that he was considered and outcast because he had killed his sire (a major crime in some vampire circles). Hunted, Night Flick continued his investigation and stumbled across the efforts of one vampire to unite all the different factions and launch an attack against humanity. Night Flick, along with fellow vampire outcast (and member of the group Scare Tactics) Screamqueen, sought out Justice Inc.'s help to stop this from happening. Along with the centuries-old vampire Andrew Bennett they were able to thwart the other vampire's plan and Bennett killed him. Afterwards Night Flick rejoined Justice Inc. and has been with the team ever since.

Powers and Abilities:

When originally transformed Night Flick had many of the abilities typically associated with vampires. He possessed superhuman agility, strength and resistance to injury and could regenerate injuries in a short amount of time. Night Flick could transform into mist or into a bat or wolf and could also summon and control those bats, rats, or wolves as well. Like some vampires could hypnotize opponents and could fly. He also shared many of the weaknesses of a vampire: Night Flick did not cast a reflection or show up on film, he took lethal damage when exposed to sunlight or if staked through the heart, was compelled to rest during the daytime, and was required to consume blood on a regular basis to survive. After being turned into a vampire the first time Trevor was constantly trying to control aggressive impulses which were driving him to hunt other humans. This impulses disappeared when the psychic vampire essence was removed by Mindblade.

After taking the Russian serum and being made into a vampire again Night Flick many of his powers were increased. His regenerative powers and physical resistance were increased, as were his powers of hypnosis. Night Flick's sensory powers were augmented, including superhuman hearing, the ability to see in near-total darkness, and even the ability to see through illusions. Night Flick also now possesses the ability to generate an aura causing anyone looking directly to be overwhelmed by fear.

When using his powers takes on an inhuman appearance with a protruding brow, tapered ears and red eyes. He can, though, assume his human appearance at will. Because of the Russian serum, Night Flick no longer suffers from many of the traditional weaknesses of a vampire. Though his skin is still sensitive to sunlight, Night Flick does not suffer lethal damage if exposed to it. The nature of the vampire serum means that Night Flick does not need to consume human blood to survive, but he does require it to maintain his powers. If he does not consume blood on a regular basis he will revert to human form, but can transform back into his vampire form by drinking blood.

Even before turning into a vampire Trevor was an accomplished actor and detective. His time as a member of the Graveyard Shift also made Night Flick an accomplished thief. Night Flick is also well versed in movie trivia and continually makes movie references in conversation.

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