Thomas Pierce was a lawyer working for a successful New York City law firm when his metahuman powers were activated by the detonation of the Dominator Gene Bomb during their failed invasion of Earth. Pierce initially kept his new abilities a secret, unsure of what to do with them, until two events set him on the path to becoming a hero. The first occurred in the aftermath of the alien creature Doomsday's rampage through Metropolis. Surveying the damage to the city firsthand, Pierce came across what appeared to be a suit of highly advanced power armor in the ruins of one building. Pierce took the suit and attempted to learn its abilities. After he mastered some of the suit's powers he began toying with the idea of creating a heroic identity. The second event made up his mind for him.

While attending a conference in Star City, Pierce was among a handful of heroes who wound up in combat with the extra-dimensional creature called Hellfurnace. After the battle, the heroes were assembled by the enigmatic Omega into the first Enforcers of Justice. Based on his own magnetic and gravity based powers, and the unusual star/galaxy pattern on the power armor, Pierce took the name Singularity. In their first major adventure the Enforcers stopped Hellfurnace's master, the Overlord from invading Earth. After this adventure, though, Singularity began to dedicate less and less time to his new career despite an intense curiosity as to the origins and abilities of his power armor. Pierce would eventually learn the truth about the armor, a truth that would lead him to give up the Singularity identity completely.

An accident briefly sent Singularity's teammate Headlong into the near future. This future was ruled by a powerful metahuman calling himself the Overseer, who was in reality the future Singularity. Teaming with that future's Tarantula and the surviving heroes, Headlong helped defeat Overseer and learned what had happened. It seems the power armor was of alien origin, Lexcorp had salvaged the armor after the Invasion and was studying it in a Metropolis lab when the lab was destroyed in Doomsday's rampage. The suit was also semi-sentient and symbiotic, designed to bond with its wearer. It had gradually merged with that future's Singularity until he went insane and became the Overseer.

Back in the present, during the crisis known as Zero Hour, Singularity was confronted by an instance of his future self who had been drawn to the present through a temporal rift. The Overseer stole his past self's armor and added it to his own, becoming more powerful. The New York-based team called Justice Inc rescued Pierce and battled Overseer, who was apparently destroyed by a burst of temporal energy resulting from the coming Zero Hour. After this event, Pierce gave up heroing entirely, but that life would not let him go. Pierce was kidnapped, along with many of the other original Enforcers, by the villain Catspaw (who had briefly served with the second team of Enforcers under the name Mimic). Catspaw was able to use technology stolen from Professor Ivo to temporarily augment his own abilities and permanently copied the powers of the captive Enforcers. With his newfound abilities, Catspaw became the villain Enforcer. Again, Justice Inc came to Pierce's rescue.

Pierce's former heroic career came back to haunt him one final time during Overlord's second invasion of Earth. A Tarantula from a possible future, brought to the present by and under the control of the villain Extant, began killing the original Enforcers. His first, and only, victim was Thomas Pierce. Though dead, Pierce's body was stolen by Overlord's chief scientist Styxx and reanimated as the creature called Abyss.

Powers and Abilities:

The Gene Bomb awakened Thomas Pierce's metahuman abilities of magnetic and gravity control. His control over magnetism was strong enough to manipulate nearly 100 tons of solid steel and his gravity powers were enough to destroy a medium-sized office complex. When he initially found it, Pierce was able to activate the alien power suits' flight ability. The suit also augmented his strength and was tough enough to protect him from heavy weaponry. As time passed Pierce uncovered other abilities in the suit, including a mental shield, telescopic vision, and a low-level stealth field.

Enforcers of Justice