Brian Deacon was one of the most popular adult contemporary singers in America, then he died. During a concert Deacon was electrocuted by a falling stage light. Rushed to hospital he had been clinically dead for over half an hour before emergency room doctors managed to revive him. The near-death experience had changed Deacon, in more ways than one.

For starters, Deacon found that his metabolism had been accelerated to superhuman levels. He could run at several times the speed of sound and do things in a fraction of the time it had taken before. He could also fire blasts of electricity from his hands. With his newfound powers Deacon was able to complete a new album in less than a month. When it was released the public saw that super-powers weren't the only thing different with Brian Deacon.

The new album was pure modern rock music, not the mellow croonings of the old Brian Deacon. His super-powers and new music stylings alienated his old fans but won him an entire new fan base. He immediately set out to promote the new album with his so-called "Resurrection Tour".

It was after playing a concert in Star City that Deacon was approached by the mysterious figure called Omega to join the Enforcers of Justice. Alongside the Enforcers Deacon helped stop Overlord's planned invasion of Earth. The team dissolved shortly after this mission and Deacon went back to his touring.

Though his identity was known to the public, Deacon did also use the hero name Headlong. His presence helped give the original Enforcers a high public profile, though the team was often referred to as "those guys with Brian Deacon", much to Tarantula's chagrin. Deacon's priority has always been on his career but that hasn't stopped him from having an adventure or two along the way. The most notable was one in which he traveled to the near future and teamed up with that future's Tarantula to battle the Overseer, who was in reality that time's Singularity, who had been taken over by his alien power suit. It has been suggested that the future Tarantula who teamed up with Headlong is the same one who came back in time to the present and became Death Spider.

Powers and Abilities:

The electrical accident which nearly killed Deacon also gave him the ability to move at superhuman speeds. This also included superhuman reaction time and reflexes. He has been practicing using his superspeed to generate whirlwind effects with some success. He also has the ability to throw powerful bolts of electricity, but this power is unreliable, often cutting out on Headlong at inopportune times.

Enforcers of Justice