On the distant planet of Otherworld, the only opposition to the tyrannical Overlord comes from a small group of rebels. The rebellion against Overlord has its origins in the policy of handing over mutants to Overlord's chief scientist, Styxx, for experimentation. The mutants are placed in Styxx's lab where he would determine the nature and origin of the subject's mutation, presumably to determine the nature of useful mutations that could be incorporated into Overlord's genetically engineered troops. The rebellion was born when a group of these mutants, led by Gartan, escaped from the Citadel. The escapees fled north to the mountains near the ice caps where the rock would shield them from the radiation and hide them from Overlord's forces. From there the rebels have been expanding their numbers by raiding slave convoys bound for Overlord's capital and freeing the captives.

The rebels are only just beginning to truly organize. The original group were more like refugees, occasionally staging a raid for food and supplies or the free some slaves. That all changed with the arrival of the original Enforcers of Justice on Otherworld. With the Enforcers' help the rebels actually assaulted Overlord's Citadel itself and handed Overlord a minor, but very symbolic defeat. When the Earth man Jason Frost chose to stay behind to help the rebels, they gained a military expert who could help them start a real rebellion. With Jason's help, the rebels have created an agenda with the aim of toppling Overlord and freeing their planet. The rebels began dispatching scout missions to gain a better understanding of the state of the world. They also began stealing military hardware and stockpiling it. The goal was to become an army large and strong enough to take on Overlord's forces.

Shortly after the arrival of another group of heroes from Earth, members of the new Enforcers of Justice, Overlord's forcers discovered the rebellion's mountain base. Made aware of the discovery when one of Overlord's scouts jumped the gun and attacked before reinforcements could arrive, the rebels fled. Having planned for such an eventuality, the rebel forces split up into multiple groups. Each group has been tasked with spreading the rebellion across the face of the planet.



Frost is NASA astronaut and former U.S. Marine pilot Jason Frost. During the initial scouting for Overlord's first planned invasion of Earth his forces captured a solar energy research satellite which had just been launched from the space shuttle. Captured along with the satellite was Frost, who had been on a space walk to perform maintenance work on the satellite. During the theft Frost was bombarded with unusual radiation from the satellite and the dimensional portal used by Overlord's troops. Frost and the satellite were transported to Otherworld for study.

During the Enforcers of Justice's raid on Overlord's Citadel, Frost was rescued. He discovered that the strange radiation he had been exposed to had given him super-powers. Frost helped the Enforcers thwart Overlord's invasion of Earth, and afterward decided to stay behind on Otherworld and help the rebel forces there overthrow Overlord once and for all.

Exposure to alien radiation during his abduction has given Frost a host of metahuman powers. He possesses superhuman strength and resistance to injury, and his skin has hardened to the point where it can deflect high-calibre bullets. He also possesses the ability to fly and project energy blasts of destructive force. Frost is a trained Marine pilot and is skilled in ground and air tactics.



Gartan is the leader of the rebellion against Overlord. It was he who led the initial escape from Styxx's lab that led to the founding of the rebellion as well. Like the other founding members of the rebellion, Gartan is a mutant with powers not possessed by others of his race.

Of all the members of the rebellion, Gartan is the most well trained in combat. He is a skilled and charismatic military leader and an expert in armed and unarmed combat. The rebels put their utmost faith in him and without his leadership the future of the rebellion would be in doubt. Gartan, however, has a secret.

The majority of the founding members of the Rebellion were all sent from their respective kingdoms to Overlord as part of his demand that all mutant children be turned over to him. Gartan is the exception, he is actually a mutant Imperial Stalker, one of Overlord's genetically engineered super-soldiers. Many of what the others believe to be Gartan's mutant powers are actually the engineered traits of an Imperial Stalker. he is incredibly strong, but not superhumanly so, but does possess a superhuman level of resistance to damage. He also heals at almost 30 times the rate of a normal person. An Imperial Stalker also possesses sight and hearing beyond the range of a normal person. Gartan's mutant powers are the ability to project devastating laser blasts and, most importantly of all, the power of free will.

Gartan keeps his true origin secret from the rest of the rebels. As far as they know he is a mutant from one of the unknown races on Otherworld.



Datros is a mutant from the island kingdom of Ghor. He was a favorite of Demise, the ruler of Ghor and chief gladiator in Overlord's arena. Datros was a gladiator for a while, albeit a very reluctant one, until the extent of his mutation was discovered. He was the first freed by Gartan and helped rescue the other rebels.

Most males from the island of Ghor are superhumanly strong, and Datros is no exception. Though nowhere near as strong and tough as Demise, Datros was one of the strongest from the island. He disdained the brutal hand-to-hand combat in the arena, which greatly angered Demise. Beyond his above normal strength and toughness, Datros possesses a limited form of telekinesis which lets him "project" his punches, delivering a staggering blow across hundreds of yards.

Perhaps his greatest talent, however, is Datros' uncanny knack with technology. He is the rebels' chief engineer and is able to maintain the stolen weapons and equipment that the rebellion uses. He has recently been given the ability to examine technology from before the Cataclysm, and may even be able to repair some of it, which would be a great boon to the rebellion.



Thoren is the youngest child of the chieftain of one of the nomadic tribes that inhabit the Northern Steppes of Otherworld. Thoren possesses superhuman reflexes and reaction time, and has the power to move at great speeds. This lets him run at several times the speed of sound.

With his ability to travel great distances in a short time, Thoren is the head messenger of the Rebellion. Now that the rebels have split up he keeps the disparate groups in touch with each other.



Avia is one of the Aquila'ar (eagle people) from the A'l'kiira Mountains in the far north of Otherworld. Like the other rebels, she is a mutant, with abilities not found amongst the rest of her people, and was sent to the Citadel when her powers were discovered. Avia was one of the original group of escapees that formed the rebellion against Overlord.

The Aquila'ar are a race of winged humanoids who possess the ability to fly. They also have keen eyesight, able to see great distances, and possess a natural sonar sense. The Aquila'ar are also sensitive to magnetic fields, which gives them a nearly infallible sense of direction. Avia's mutant powers appear to be extensions of the natural abilities of her race. In addition to her racial abilities, Avia's natural sonar has evolved to allow her to project beams of sonic energy that can shatter stone, and in addition to her ability to sense magnetic fields, Avia also has the ability to manipulate magnetism as well. With these magnetic powers she can lift and twist large amounts of ferrous metals and can foul up electronic systems.

When the rebels split into groups, Avia led the team that eventually freed her people from Overlord's puppet ruler. The Aquila'ar's valley home is now a refuge for rebels in need of aid or sanctuary.



Wolf is an expert tracker who can follow any trail by sensing energy patterns. He can even follow trails through other dimensions. It was Wolf who guided the original Enforcers back to Earth after they helped the rebels against Overlord. Recently Wolf was part of a rebel team that was captured while exploring the Thunder Mountains. He was subjected to cruel experiments by Styxx and his apprentice for months before he was rescued by a rebel team assisted by members of the second Enforcers team.



Nera is one of the only known psionics on Otherworld besides Mindshadow. Of all the escapees in the original group that founded the rebellion, Nera is the one that Styxx most wants returned. Thanks to her abilities, Nera has been the chief source of intelligence for the rebels.

Besides her telepathic powers, which let her communicate with thoughts or project mental energy to attack opponents, Nera possesses powerful extra-sensory abilities. She is precognitive, meaning she can sense events before they occur. At short range this ability gives her an infallible danger sense that protects her from harm. She can predict events connected to her, and by association the rebellion, and is also sensitive to large scale events and can sense the coming of anything that will have a profound affect on her world. Her sensitivity also lets her see what has happened in the recent past by reading the psychic residue left in a particular area.

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