Parallel Worlds

Travel to the realms of alternate Earths, otherworldly dimensions, and possible futures and meet the people that live there, and a few that just like to visit.


Alternate Earths
  • The Megaverse: an alternate Earth that was home to an array of heroes before its destruction by Darkseid.
  • Alternate Enforcers: an alternate Earth where a very different team called the Enforcers of Justice are the premiere heroes of their world.
Parallel Earths
  • The Elseworld: a parallel Earth, created as the result of interference in the timestream by time-traveling members of Justice Inc.
  • Justice Inc.: Justice Incorporated have had several adventures involving parallel worlds and alternate futures.
  • World Without a Renegade: a parallel Earth, actually an alternate timeline created when the hero Renegade was erased from the timestream.
Alternate Futures
  • Overseer: future where Earth is conquered by a hero gone bad.
  • Great Disaster: future where humanity is reduced to savagery and evolved animals rule.
Other Dimensions
  • Otherworld: other-dimensional world ruled by the malevolent Overlord.
  • Anti-matter Universe: negative universe where evil and chaos reign, also called the Negaverse.
People and Organizations
  • Hypertime Masters: heroic explorers who travel across Hypertime.
  • Kei Manga Corporation: a pan-dimensional corporation with access to Hypertime.
  • Rebels of Otherworld: the rebellion against Overlord's rule on Otherworld.