During the Zero Hour crisis, several members of Justice Incorporated found themselves transported to an alternate Earth by the time-traveling villain Futurion. The heroes discovered that the premiere heroes of this Earth were a team called the Enforcers of Justice (not to be confused with the "real" Enforcers of Justice team). The heroes returned to their own timeline and believed the world of the alternate Enforcers to have been destroyed when the timestream realigned itself. This later turned out to not be the case.

Years later, during a confrontation with Futurion, members of the new Enforcers of Justice were accidentally transported to the Earth of the alternate Enforcers. The heroes found themselves in the bodies of their counterparts on that world, who were all members of a west-coast branch of the main Enforcers of Justice team. After a pitched battle with a group of super-villains, enemies of the Enforcers called the Lethal Legion, the heroes were taken back to their proper timeline by the enigmatic Gideon.

Web Wizard Skystriker Phantom Lady Kinetix

Web Wizard

After the tragic death of his grandfather at the hands of a criminal, John Lawson swore an oath to fight crime. Using his knowledge of chemistry, the young reporter developed his special web-shooter pistol and hit the streets as the Web Wizard. Later he discovered the miraculous properties of the irradiated venom of rare spider. At high concentrations the venom is lethal but a small dose grants Web Wizard the proportional strength and agility of a spider for 60 seconds. Originally a maverick, Web Wizard's time with the Enforcers has mellowed him some, enough for him to be selected to lead the West Coast branch of the team.

Web Wizard was the counterpart to Renegade.


Lisa Mitchel was a test pilot and part-time ally of the Enforcers. She was also the lover of the original Skystriker. She blames herself for his death at the hands of his enemy Skyjacker and now wears the Skystriker armor herself to atone.

Skystriker was the counterpart to ArcAngel.


Naturalist Marie Ste. Claire learned the secrets of the Living Ghost from an African shaman. Returning to America she uses those powers to fight evil as The Phantom!

Phantom was the counterpart to Mystère.

Lady Kinetix

Lady Kyoko Uchida is the heir to the powerful Uchida clan in Japan. After her father was assassinated by ninjas hired by a rival clan, Kyoko was sent to school in the United States for safety reasons. Seeking to use her mutant abilities to help people, Lady Kyoko has joined the prestigious hero team the Enforcers of Justice using the code-name Lady Kinetix. Kyoko's mother remains in Japan, ruling the clan until Kyoko is old enough to return and take her rightful place as leader.

Lady Kinetix was the counterpart to Orchid.

Blaster Wavelength Mr. Mercury Omega Man


Jason Rhodes is a mutant whose powers surfaced when he was 13 and he began using his powers to fight crime in his neighborhood. Wearing modified skate gear as a costume and patrolling on his skateboard, Jason became known by the local gangs he frequently opposed as The Blaster. Jason was invited to join the west coast branch of the Enforcers of Justice when he helped them against their enemies, the Lethal Legion. Blasterís Jetboard was built for him by the original Skystriker.

Blaster was the counterpart to Blur.


Electronics engineer Ray Starker was bombarded by extra-dimensional energies during an accident at an advanced physics symposium. Granted the ability to transform himself into electromagnetic energy he used his newfound abilities to battle evil and joined the Enforcers of Justice as Wavelength.

Wavelength was the counterpart to Surge.

Mr. Mercury

Lawyer Bill Talbot gained superspeed powers in a freak accident while visiting his scientist parents at their lab. He became the hero Mr. Mercury and helped found the Enforcers of Justice. Mr. Mercury is best friends with Web Wizard and often makes the journey to the west coast to hang out with his buddy.

Mr. Mercury was the counterpart to Quiksilver.

Omega Man

Rai Star-Rider is the last survivor of his world. An astronaut, he was away from his planet when it was destroyed by an invading alien fleet. He miraculously survived the invasion when his escape pod fell into the hyperspace vortex that brought the alien fleet to his world. His escape pod eventually crashed on Earth, where he discovered he had gained great powers. Rai vowed that what happened to his world would never happen to Earth and became the planet's greatest protector. Named the Omega Man by the press for being the last of his people, Rai was one of the founding members, and the overall leader of the Enforcers of Justice. Omega Man later adopted a secret identity as Ray Stewart, so he could better interact with the people he has sworn to protect.

Omega Man had no counterpart, though the "real" Enforcers were later joined by a hero calling himself Omega (now Aegis).

Lethal Legion

The Lethal Legion are a team of super-villains consisting of the greatest enemies the Enforcers of Justice have ever faced.

  • Enforcer: the leader and founder of the Lethal Legion. Enforcer was a mercenary who was given the powers of the original Enforcers of Justice by a mad scientist.
  • Red Spider: the arch-enemy of the Web Wizard. Red Spider is a brilliant, but insane scientist. He possesses a vast arsenal of spider-themed weaponry, including his giant walking Spier-Tank.
  • Cosmik: alien criminal given great power by the cosmic entity called the Celestian. Cosmik originally served the Celestian, but has been replaced and now takes great pleasure in terrorizing the Earth.
  • Mach: arch-rival of Mr. Mercury. Mach was a thief captured by the heroic Mr. Mercury and put away by lawyer Bill Talbot. When Mach learned that Talbot was secretly the Mr. Mercury, he discovered how Talbot had gained his powers and paid a criminal scientist to duplicate the accident, giving Mach even greater powers than his hated enemy.
  • Anti-Man: the antimatter-man. Anti-Man was a soldier assigned to a super secret project involving the creation of a devastating new weapon using antimatter. The soldier was accidentally caught in on of the test chambers and his entire body was converted to antimatter. He must constantly wear his containment field or any contact with matter, even air, will result in a massive explosion.
  • Metamorph: incredibly malleable shape-changer. Metamorph can stretch his limbs, or any other part of his body, or reshape his body into any form he can think of.
  • Metalloc: cybernetic mercenary.

Parallel Worlds