DC Heroes RPGDC Heroes was originally produced by Mayfair Games back in the mid-eighties. The game evolved through three editions and produced numerous supplements and modules along the way. The game system (MEGS - Mayfair Exponential Gaming System) is still published under the Blood of Heroes RPG from Pulsar Games (see the Gateway for a link to the Pulsar Games site). I have been running a series of related campaigns set in the mainstream DC universe for several years (the first Enforcers of Justice game started in late '92/early '93).

The campaigns started with the 2nd Edition rules, then moved to 3rd Edition. Eventually I created a hybrid set of rules using 2nd and 3rd Edition (and later Blood of Heroes) as well as incorporating some useful rules from other super hero RPGs. I have incorporated elements from TSR's original Marvel Super Heroes RPG, GURPS Supers, and Champions. I will eventually be posting the hybrid rules as well as the game stats for the characters from my games.

The Who's Who section covers just about everything from the four different campaigns I have run. All of the campaigns took place in the same "universe" and the characters often interacted with each other. Events in one game would have an effect on the others and this led to a coherent "sub-universe" set within the mainstream DC Universe. I strive to keep the game as close to current DC continuity as possible without hindering the freedom of the players. On more than one occasion the characters in my game have played an active part in major crossover events torn from the current issues of DC Comics.

DC Heroes - 10 years (1993-2003) Who's Who DC Heroes - 10 years (1993-2003)
Enforcers of Justice Heroes - The Fight for Justice Justice Incorporated
Guardians New Enforcers of Justice
Northguard The New Adventurers The Angels
Enforcers of Injustice Villains - The Forces of Evil Femmes Fatales
Silver Path Slaughterhouse 7 Lucifer's Six
Justice Subsidiary The Monster Hunters 7 Thunders
Banzai Institute Hero High Department of Extranormal Operations
The Arcane Mystic Forces Avatars
Atlas of the DC Universe Places of Interest Parallel Worlds
Battleground: NYC Revelations
Web of Deceit Total Carnage

Wild West Golden Age
Year One Forgotten Age
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