The Annihilator was one of the few Manhunter androids to survive the destruction of the Manhunter race and their homeworld Orinda by Earth's heroes. Annihilator dedicated itself to restoring the Manhunters and gaining revenge on humanity. To accomplish its goals the Annihilator took over an old Manhunter base in the Himalayas and captured the alien, N'lassa, that had taken up residence there. With N'lassa's unwilling help Annihilator developed a set of "eggs" which he then had secreted around the globes. When activated, these eggs would hatch and spread out a matter transmuting wave to turn the planet Earth into an artificial world, a new Orinda.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Omega had discovered Annihilator's plan and dispatched his newest Enforcers of Justice to deal with the threat. Among the new team was a hero calling himself Manhunter who possessed Orindan technology given to him by N'lassa. The Enforcers stopped Annihilator's "eggs" from hatching and in a pitched battle in the air above the Himalayan base Annihilator was destroyed when Manhunter used his Power Baton to rip the android's power supply from his chest. Annihilator's body was smashed to pieces on the mountainside.

Powers and Abilities:

Annihilator was a powerful model of Manhunter android. He possessed superhuman strength and agility, could absorb large amounts of energy and emit powerful energy blasts from his hands and eyes, and could fly. Annihilator also had access to a large amount of the surviving advanced Manhunter technology left on Earth.

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