Enforcers of Injustice

Enforcers of InjusticeThe Enforcers of Injustice is the name Death Spider has given to the teams of villains he has assembled for several of his plots against Justice Inc. and the New Enforcers of Justice. The Enforcers of Injustice first appeared alongside Death Spider when he interrupted the wedding of the heroes ArcAngel and Paladin. When recruiting members for the team, Death Spider deliberately selected villains who would at as counterparts of heroes that had been part of the original Enforcers of Justice.

The first team was made up of Death Spider himself, demon-spider goddess (and Death Spider's lover) Aranaea, twisted speedster Speedmetal, the radioactive Chain Reaction, former hero Abyss, the super-powered ninja assassin Predator, Neo-Nazi mercenary Harrier, special-effects wizard FX, and the shape-changing Enforcer. Most of these villains were apprehended by Justice Inc. after their first appearance and those that weren't were caught a short time later.

Death Spider organized a second Enforcers of Injustice as part of a plot to destroy the newest Enforcers of Justice team by framing them for a series of atrocious crimes and let the authorities take care of them for him. To do this he assembled a team whose members could closely approximate the abilities of the heroes they would be impersonating. Whereas the first Enforcers of Injustice team was made up mainly of mercenaries, this new team was made up of villains who had a personal stake in the effort, or who were insane. The members of this incarnation of the Enforcers of Injustice were:

This group were defeated thanks to the combined efforts of the Enforcers of Justice and the newly formed hero team of the New Adventurers. Death Spider was exiled to another dimension, Aranaea was placed back in her mystical prison, Spectrum and Pscreamer were placed in an asylum, Thunderblade was imprisoned in Mercy Island Prison, and Speedmetal's Responsometer was taken for examination by the DEO. With Death Spider's apparent destruction at the hands of the new Spectre it seems unlikely that a new Enforcers of Injustice will appear anytime soon, but many of the team's members still harbor strong grudges against their heroic counterparts so anything is possible.

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