David Night and his twin sister Angela were born in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Nights are related to the Force Family, an extended family living in western Canada and parts of the northwestern US that all possess the metagene (though not all members of the Force family have developed powers). David, Angela, and their older brother William all possessed the metagene and all developed metahuman powers when they reached puberty. William ran away when he was sixteen and was recruited by the villainous Father Lucifer.

When David turned sixteen he also ran away, heading south into the US. He soon wound up in Star City and was among the heroes manipulated by Omega into combatting Overlord. Calling himself Firestrike, David joined the other heroes in forming the original Enforcers of Justice and were able to thwart Overlord's invasion of Earth.

After a few more minor adventures with the Enforcers, David decided to return home to Vancouver. When he got there, however, he found that his parents had been murdered by his brother William (now Reaper of Lucifer's Six). David and his sister Angela were captured by Lucifer's Six and were to be sacrificed by Father Lucifer to his patron, the demon Mellikon. Two of Firestrike's fellow Enforcers, Tarantula and Headlong, soon arrived in Vancouver to search for David. Tarantula and Headlong were able to stop Father Lucifer from sacrificing the Night twins, but were not able to stop Lucifer from casting a spell which enabled Mellikon to enter the Earth realm by possessing Firestrike's body (and thus consigning David's soul to Hell). Mellikon (in Firestrike's body) fled with Father Lucifer and Lucifer's Six before the heroes present could do anything.

When Mellikon, Lucifer, and the Six were next seen it was in New York City. They battled Justice Inc and during the fight the hero Quiksilver critically injured Firestrike's body. Mellikon sought Father Lucifer's aid in healing the body but Lucifer turned on the demon, stealing his power and sending him back to Hell. Father Lucifer and Lucifer's Six again escaped, leaving the comatose and soulless body of Firestrike behind. Guilt stricken over nearly killing the body of the innocent Firestrike, Quiksilver brought him to S.T.A.R. Labs (where Quiksilver worked in his secret identity) in the hope of bringing him out of the coma.

The Firestrike body was again briefly possessed, this time by a hero from the alternate dimension known as the Megaverse. Firedrake, a member of that world's premiere super-team, had crossed dimensions to enlist the aid of his former teammate Elemental who was on this world as a member of Justice Inc. Firedrake soon left David's body, which returned to its comatose state. David was finally healed when his sister Angela and Quiksilver journeyed to Hell and rescued his soul from Mellikon (whose powers had been restored by the demon Neron). The recovered David and his sister Angela (code named Impact) joined the Canadian national hero-team Northguard.

Powers and Abilities:

As Firestrike, David possesses the ability to sheath his body in an aura of fire. The aura itself does not harm David. He can also hurl bolts of fire hot enough to burn steel, and can control the intensity of existing flames. By using his flame aura and control over flame Firestrike can fly at high speeds by super-heating pockets of air. If he concentrates, Firestrike can also exert control over fire itself, moving and shaping it by will, but he has difficulty controlling this power. David is also extremely resistant to physical injury, except for cold-based attacks which have a greater effect on him because of his flame-based powers.

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