Jack Miser was a test pilot for the U.S. Air Force during the Cold War. While test flying a new supersonic fighter in 1968, Jack and his plane were captured by Parademons from Apokalips. Darkseid was curious to learn more about humanity and turned Jack over to Granny Goodness and Desaad. After years of torture, the two decided to subject Jack to one final experiment. Desaad took a sample of the mysterious X-Element, the source of power for much of Apokalips' equipment and bonded it with Jack. As a result, Jack Miser's body was transformed into a strange, dark, obsidian-like material. Jack also gained superhuman strength and became nearly impervious to injury. With the help of the New God Himon, Jack escaped Granny's orphanage and fled Apokalips in a Boom Tube, deliberately choosing a random destination so the parademons could not pursue.

The Boom Tube carried Jack back to Earth, but not his Earth. Jack had been transported to a parallel world, similar but not exactly the same as his own. Jack's arrival on this new world interrupted the test flight of an experimental rocket. As a result of his sudden appearance the flight was put in danger. The rocket landed safely but its crew had been exposed to an unusual combination of cosmic and X-Element radiation. As a result the three crew members gained superhuman powers. The three, along with Jack decided to form a team and became the first major super heroes on this world. Jack took the code-name Elemental and became a founding member of the Atomic Four.

Elemental stayed with the Atomic Four for over a decade until the moment he had been dreading came. Darkseid's troops finally tracked him down and attacked. Knowing they were after him, Elemental chose to flee, hoping it would draw his pursuers away from his adopted homeworld. With the help of the Atomic Four a makeshift Boom Tube was created and Elemental headed for his home Earth with Parademons and a Pursuer hot on his trail.

Elemental (X-Element form)Elemental materialized in New York City with the Apokaliptian forces right behind him. The battle caught the attention of two novice heroes who had just decided to begin their crimefighting careers. The two, Quiksilver and Azure Star, joined forces with Elemental and in the ensuing battle the three were able to defeat the Parademons and the Pursuer. With no way to return to his friends, Elemental agreed to join Quiksilver and Azure Star in forming a new hero team in New York, Justice Incorporated.

After several adventures with the Justice Inc. Elemental was contacted by his teammates from Atomic Four. Apparently their world had fought off the forces from Apokalips and it was safe for Elemental to return. Along with Justice Inc, Elemental returned to the parallel Earth, called the Megaverse by his current teammates. Initially all appeared well, the Megaverse had survived Darkseid's invasion almost unscathed, but it all turned out to be an illusion. While Justice Inc were in the Megaverse the New God Orion was battling his father Darkseid within the Source itself. When Orion apparently killed Darkseid, the Source became tainted and the effect was felt everywhere, especially in the Megaverse.

The reality of the Megaverse change instantly, as did Elemental. One of the heroes of the Megaverse had used a Mother Box to create an illusion to deny what had truly happened to their world during the Apokaliptian invasion. In reality the planet had been devastated. before they could decide what to do, Justice Inc suddenly found themselves prisoners of Elemental. The tainting of the Source had also tainted Elemental and he told his teammates the Megaverse Earth needed a firm ruler to restore order. He set out to take control of the devastated world and sent Justice Inc back to their Earth.

Within a short time Elemental and his new allies, some leftover Apokaliptian soldiers and several former heroes and villains of the Megaverse, succeeded in seizing power. In spite of the despotic nature of Elemental's rule the planet entered a period of reconstruction. When Justice Inc returned to the Megaverse months later to save a dying Azure Star they reluctantly left Elemental in power realizing that without his central authority the planet would descend into anarchy.

Less than two years after it had begun Elemental's reign came to an end. It was during the events of Genesis that Darkseid returned to the Megaverse. It was revealed that Elemental had turned evil because Darkseid, knowing his life was in danger in the battle with Orion, had hidden a part of his essence in Elemental, and now Darkseid had come to reclaim it. Elemental and his allies were no match for the forces of Apokalips and Darkseid reclaimed what was his and also stripped the X-Element from Jack Miser, returning him to human form. Darkseid then set about to destroy the Megaverse Earth. Only with the timely arrival of the Guardians were a handful of the population of the Megaverse Earth, including Elemental and three of the surviving heroes, able escape the destruction. In the end the Guardians saved fewer than a thousand of the billions of people on the world.

Once back on Earth, the now-human Jack Miser tried to readjust to a normal life but found it difficult after all he had been through. Eventually Jack realized that though the X-Element had been removed from his system he still apparently retained a link to the Source. Jack discovered he possessed an awareness tied to the Source and anything touched by it, including metahumans. His awareness led him to join with his former team, Justice Inc, in a battle against an incarnation of the criminal organization H.I.V.E.. During the battle Jack was able to use his connection to the Source to save the life of the current host of the Goldstar powers. When the H.I.V.E. tried to kill the current Goldstar as they had killed his predecessor Jack saved him by drawing the Goldstar powers into himself, becoming the new host. With his new abilities Elemental helped defeat H.I.V.E. and rejoined Justice Inc. A short time later, after an adventure in the antimatter universe, Elemental left Justice Inc. to join the interstellar heroes of Starcore. He has returned to Earth on occasion, most recently to recruit Justice Inc. in the battle against the war-machine Mageddon.

Powers and Abilities:

After he was bonded with the X-Element, Jack Miser was transformed into a seven foot being with a skin like black metal. In this form Element was superhumanly strong and nearly impervious to harm. He could resist almost any physical and energy-based attacks directed against him. After the removal of the X-Element and his later absorption of the Goldstar energies he gained a whole new slate of powers. When he activated the powers he would gain the ability to control most natural energies. With this control he can manipulate gravity and magnetic fields as well as exert control over natural elements like fire, air, and water. Elemental can also survive unaided in space, fly at superluminal speeds, and can create constructs of golden energy thanks to the Goldstar powers. He also possesses Goldstar's cosmic awareness that warns him of events that affect the universal balance. Jack's tie with the Source also gives him control over metahuman powers. With this ability he can increase or decrease (even temporarily cancel out) any metahuman ability or he can choose to duplicate an individual's powers and grant them to another person for limited time. In all his forms Elemental has always been vulnerable to attacks from weaponry based on the X-Element, which accounts for much of the weaponry from Apokalips and New Genesis.

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