In the mid-90s an unprecedented level of cooperation between DC Comics and Marvel Comics resulted in the Marvel vs. DC comic mini-series that pitted characters from both comics universes against one another before inevitably they teamed up to stop a greater threat. A highlight of the mini-series was an incident in the story that resulted in the merger of the Marvel and DC Universes. To capitalize on this the two publishers jointly released a series of one-shot comics set in this "amalgamated" universe, released under the masthead of AMALGAM COMICS. The titles were published under the conceit that there had never been a DC Comics or a Marvel Comics, just Amalgam Comics that had been printing super-hero books since the 1930s. The characters were all combinations of DC and Marvel properties - for example Super-Soldier (Superman and Captain America), Dark Claw (Batman and Wolverine) and his side-kick Sparrow (Jubilee and Robin), and teams like Judgement League Avengers (Justice League and the Avengers) and JL-X (X-Men and Justice League).

As a bit of a conceit we came up with a theoretical Amalgam Comics version of the Cavaliers, choosing to combine them with DC Comics' Justice Society. We didn't play out any of this in the game, but later on I used the relative compatibility of the Marvel and DC RPG systems to develop an Amalgam Comics Roleplaying Game.


Heroic defenders of good, the Justice Knights formed during Operation: Invasion! when the Kree-Dominion War threatened Earth. Based out of California the team has faced off against numerous foes, including the Society of Evil and Doctor Doomsday.


Broadcast company executive Alannis Madison and Quantum-powered protector of Earth. Combines Flare and Sentinel (Golden-Age Green Lantern Alan Scott).


Joshua and Jessie Garrick, the twin siblings of the Speed Force. Combines Midnight Express and Jessie Quick (and Golden-Age Flash Jay Garrick).


Fire, Earth, Air, and Water - the elements are all Jim Reilly's to command. Combines Faultline and Firebrand (Lorraine Reilly).


DEA agent Carter Prescott, in reality Katar P'rscot - a Thanagarian officer posing as a human. Captured by the Society of Evil he was genetically re-engineered as an alien-human bird-of-prey. Combines Hunter and Hawkman (Carter Hall / Katar-Hol).


Gold medal Olympic decathlete Lucas Sloane discovered that good things just happen to him and those around him. Takes to the streets to use his "good luck" and athletic abilities to uphold Truth, Justice, and Fair Play. Combines Card Shark and the Golden Age Mister Terrific (Terry Sloane).


Born during a mystic stellar convergence, David Ryder uses his magical powers to fight for good. Combines Wyld Ride and Starman (mixing Golden Age Starman Ted Knight and later bearers of the name, his sons David and Jack Knight).


On her 13th birthday young Karen Morgan learned she was actually a time-lost Atlantean princess. Kidnapped by modern-day sorcerers hoping to sacrifice her for power, Karen instead summoned her latent Atlantean magic and was transformed into a 6'4" super-powered "Knockout". Combines Champion and Power Girl (Karen Starr).