History: Julie Madison was born in San Diego, the only child of a wealthy family. Her father Jason is the head of Madison Industries, a respected research and development facility. While Julie was in university, Madison Industries began working on alternative energy sources. Project: Starlight was in its final stages and was very top secret. Using their private satellite, M.I. scientists had discovered an energy signature unique to Earth's solar system. They built special equipment to tap into that energy, and beam it from space. Once harnessed, they believed it could run the most powerful generators indefinitely, and with no harmful waste products. Julie's dad invited her to the test run. She watched as a blue-white light – which the scientists had dubbed quantum energy – filled the test chamber. The gigantic generator powered up immediately and ran at peak efficiency – for about ten seconds. The equipment overloaded and threatened to explode. Flares of energy shot all over the room. The technicians hit the controls to reverse the energy flow, sending it back into space. The energy dissipated, and the project was shut down. Shortly thereafter, Julie began demonstrating unusual new talents – such as flying, and manifesting solid light constructs in whatever form she imagined. She and her father figured out that the quantum energy had infused itself in her, instead of beaming back into space. At first, she used her new powers discreetly, but was soon contacted by Midnight Express, and co-founded the Cavaliers as Flare.

As the only female of the group, Flare has had to deal with the sometimes-chauvinistic attitudes of her team-mates. To this end, she has devised a "Quantum Pig", which will come out of nowhere and run over anyone who makes a sexist comment.

Ever trendy Flare can't seem to decide what she wants to do with her life. As Julie, she has changed her university major more often than Midnight Express changes costumes.

Powers: Flare's powers include light control, light emission, energy solidification and illusion. She combines these powers to create solid light constructs in whatever form she imagines. She can project powerful lasers that can burn her targets or act as kinetic bolts. She can fly fast enough to break the sound barrier. Flare glows with a bluish-white aura when she uses her powers. She can become invisible if she concentrates, and she has mastered teleportation. Flare experiences a sort of adrenaline rush when using her powers at critical times, her powers "flare up" and become temporarily stronger. However, the Cavaliers have learned the hard way that quantum energy and magic do not mix! If, at any time, Flare and Wyld Ride's powers combine, the results are disastrous. On occasion, when distracted, Flare loses control of the quantum energy at her command, and the results have ranged from merely changing the color of her constructs to transporting the team into the past.