History: Jeffrey Morgan's parents died in a car accident when he was very young. Being of the catholic faith, Jeffrey was awarded to the St. Jude's Catholic School and Care Institute. At the time, the school's headmaster was Father Essex. He took the boy under his wing and spent a lot of time with him until the Father left the school.

During his pre-teens, Jeffrey was very athletic and loved to roam around the coastline near the school. He wandered too far one day and some local teens on motorbikes decided to have some fun with him. Their fun didn't last long as his mutant abilities became fully active. Jeffrey was the only fourteen year old around that was 7'6"; and nearly 500 lbs that could lift 85 tons. The school did their best to hide Jeffrey at that point but he was fully seen in public when he helped the Cavaliers save a Congress candidate from villains posing as renegade mutants. He has been a Cavalier ever since.

Recently, after a battle with Blackjack, his powers went haywire and Moira MacTaggert was brought in to assess the situation. His DNA had been altered in his pre-teens and was inhibiting his natural mutant progression. After Moira undid the damage, he took on new abilities and powers. The full extent of this change has yet to be seen.