History: Jordan Graham Prescott was born into a career military family. Upon graduation from High School he was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. When he completed his training, Prescott requested (and was granted) assignment to the Counter-Espionage section.

By the time the new S.H.I.E.L.D. was formed by Col. Nick Fury, Jordan was one of the organization's top five agents. When he learned of a project code-named "HUNTER", he volunteered to be the test subject. Under the watchful eye of several brilliant scientists (including Prof. Horton, creator of the original Human Torch), Jordan was subjected to genetic re-engineering which increased his physical abilities and granted him an array of super-human powers.

Shortly thereafter, the project scientists were abducted by the Secret Empire, who were in league with the Colombian drug cartels at the time. Their goal was to force the kidnapped scientists to create super-powered individuals to protect the drug operations from government agents and super-heroes. Jordan agreed to have mental blocks put in place to prevent him from using all of his abilities and to implant memories associated with his new cover. He was sent to Panama believing he was a D.E.A. agent to stop the Secret Empire's operations.

Upon discovering the Empire's base in Panama he was captured and they decided to use him as a test subject in their experiments to create super-agents. One of the other test subjects was transformed into a plasma projector, but he was driven insane by the process (see Chaos). When it was Jordan's turn, the captive scientists made him a secret offer: they would not erase his memory as they had been ordered to do if Jordan would use the powers they were going to give him to help them escape. Unknown to the Secret Empire, the scientists (who recognized Jordan) merely removed the mental blocks that were stopping him from using his powers, as well as cybernetically enhancing his sense of smell. After the procedure was finished, Jordan escaped, taking the scientists with him.

Returning to the States, Jordan (now calling himself Hunter) went into hiding. The false memories S.H.I.E.L.D. gave him were still in place and he believed that people were after him. He contacted the Underground; a nationwide group of individuals whose specialty was making people disappear. With their help Hunter made his way out to San Diego where he met Tech-Rat, who supplied him with his equipment. While in San Diego, he was warned by the Underground that a team of super-villains was hunting him. Hunter set up an ambush to take down the villains, but the team of Moonstone, Absorbing Man, Titania, and Goliath was too much for him to handle. Several super-powered individuals from the San Diego area soon joined the fight: Flare, Midnight Express and Titan. They defeated the villains and later Hunter joined together with them to form the Cavaliers.

During the numerous adventures with the Cavaliers, Hunter eventually recovered his true memories and was reunited with his family. During an adventure on a parallel earth, Hunter adopted the name and costume of his slain counterpart from that world and became Patriot. He also obtained the mysterious staff that the hero-turned-villain, The American, used to use.