History: Jesse was born and raised in New York City. His mother Barbara and his father Donald were living in Brooklyn at the time. Don was moving up the corporate ladder and was hoping to get the two of them out of that neighborhood. Barb was also waitressing at the time to make ends meat. When Barbara became pregnant, Don was upset. A baby didn't figure into his perfectly scheduled plans. They talked about abortion but Barbara would hear nothing of it being a strict Catholic. Don went along with her and Jesse was born.

As Jesse grew up, Don's career leveled out on a middle rung and he never got to executive status. He held resentment for Jesse and blamed him for his lack of success. When he was only four, he ran away because he sensed his father didn't love him. His mother was frantic with worry while his father was indifferent to the situation. Jesse made it a few blocks to a local train station where he met Old Max. He was an eccentric neighborhood legend. While at the station, Max was attacked near the boxcars by an extra-dimensional creature. The creature caused a nearby train to move and crash into the platform that Jesse and others were on.

Jesse was identified on the way to the hospital and his Mother was notified. Old Max was in the bed next to Jesse's at the Emergency ward. He had been wounded from the creature and was dying. He tried to explain to the young boy how there is Wild Magic in the world that must be kept at bay by a mortal. He touched Jesse and passed away.

Jesse demonstrated powers shortly after coming home from the hospital. He jumped out the window and flew, scaring his mother to death. His father had had enough and left them shortly after. When super heroes appeared on the scene, Jesse was a pre-teen. Barb made him promise not to get involved. Jesse did get involved but used his magic to make it look like another hero made the collar (using flame powers to make it look like the Torch was there etc.). Jesse has been fighting crime ever since; at first with an ill-fated group called the Misfits and now with the Cavaliers. He is currently on hiatus pursuing his music career.

Powers: Eldritch energy emission: Unlike normal sorcerers who study spells to harness magical energies, Jesse has the energies coursing through his body and can release them with certain effects. He has learned to do the following effects and will learn more as he hones his skills.

  1. Matter Transmutation: Jesse can effect any matter of a density up to and including diamond. He has also learned to affect living, organic tissues as well and can heal damage by knitting matter together or wound a target by tearing the matter apart.
  2. Flight: Jesse can fly by manipulating the energy he wields. Jesse hates the way he looks when he flies and has been the butt of "Peter Pan" jokes in the past. He then decided to lift his Harley and appears to fly on it. People have often mistaken the bike as the source of his flight.
  3. Energy Bolts: He can release a destructive bolt of eldrich energy that can destroy matter up to Adamantium Steel.
  4. Energy Shield: This Magical shield has protected him from blasts up to and including Doctor Doom's repulsors.

Skills: Jesse is skilled in various Martial Arts and Arcane lore. Being from New York City, he has an uncanny knowledge of super hero trivia. He also is skilled in musical, performing arts.

Wyld Ride's Motorcycle