History: Lucas Boyd was always a lucky child. All during his childhood odd occurrences would happen when Luke needed the odds to be in his favor. This and his natural athletic abilities made him one of the most popular kids in Centreville.

All during his childhood though Lucas had one rival for everything and that was his best friend, Robert "Buzz" Baxter. Buzz, his girlfriend Patsy Walker and Lucas grew up doing just about everything together. Lucas even dated Patsy on occasion before she realized her love for Buzz. Lucas even had a semi-recurring character in Patsy's mother's comic who was a rival for Buzz's affection. If it was up to Mrs. Walker, Patsy and Lucas would have been together but the fates had other plans for all of them.

During the summer before Lucas' senior year in high school, his parents decided to transfer to New York. Lucas didn't want to leave Centreville and transfer to another school for his last year. He arranged to stay with his uncle Thomas while his parents and sister went to New York.

Unfortunately his mother and sister were killed in an accident in New York six months after they moved there. His father moved back to California, this time to San Diego relocating the Tomorrow Inc. head offices there, William Boyd threw himself into his work, transferring Tomorrow Inc. from a minor electronics firm into a multimillion dollar research and development company rivaled only by Stark International.

During his college years, Lucas threw himself into athletics, partying and gambling, all three of which he inherited from his grandfather. Without Buzz to steal his thunder, there was nothing stopping Lucas from becoming the most popular student at U.C.L.A. With his good looks, charm and personality, even those who thought at first that he would be a snob fell under his spell. He became known as the Jack of Hearts.

After graduating, Lucas began working with his father's company already to train to take it over one day. But this soon became dull. He decided to create a new identity, Jackson Hartley. With Jackson, Lucas was able to purchase a bar, the Jack of Hearts and follow his love of gambling.

One night two events happened that changed his life. One was Patsy Walker- Hellstrom's kidnapping on live TV by Mad-Dog (Buzz Baxter). The other was terrorists attacking the Tomorrow Inc. laboratories while Lucas was there. Using his luck powers, his natural athletics and devices found around the lab, he was able to single-handedly defeat the terrorists. He realized that this was the excitement he was lacking in his life and so he created a third identity, Card Shark.

Shortly after this he met the others who went on to form the Cavaliers and the rest is history.

Powers: Card Shark has the power to affect probability. This probability manipulation is limited to what he can make the cards do for him. So far he has caused people to fall in love with him (jack of hearts), affected the randomness of a machine, giving both good and bad luck to others among other tricks. It is unknown at this time if he will ever be able to use his powers without the cards as a focus.

Card Shark is also an Olympic level gymnast and his natural reflexes are far superior to the human max. He is also trained in various martial arts and can hold his own in a fight.

His greatest power though may be his patience when it comes to his ward, Jeffrey Morgan (aka Champion). Not everyone would attempt to raise an eight foot tall fourteen year old, but Lucas considers it just another hand that has been dealt to him and he knows when to hold the cards.

Skills: An expert gambler, Lucas is also a talented bartender, businessman, has been known to perform a sleight of hand trick or two and is also a hell of a dancer.