The West Coast region of the United States has been criticized as lacking in strong, able, powerful superheroes. Even during the brief tenure of the Avengers: West Coast, it has been surmised that the East Coast team still held a majority of the more famous and powerful members of their roster. However, the balance of power has shifted west of the Rocky Mountains in the last year as a new band of heroes have emerged to protect, persevere and party: The Cavaliers.

Based in San Diego California, the Cavaliers rose quickly to an unprecedented height of popularity that has never been seen in that region. The group's members consist mostly of Twenty-something Gen Xers who are comparatively new to the superhero lifestyle. Midnight Express and Faultline were the only founding members to have any meta-human combat experience before the team's formation. Another unique and uncanny feature of the group is that the members' real names all begin with the letter J.

Although the group was officially formed during a crisis between Shi'ar and Kree forces, most of the members met during a fight with the Masters of Evil. The Masters were attacking and attempting to capture Hunter when Titan, Midnight Express, and Flare appeared on the scene to assist in subduing the villains. Californians were all asking themselves if this battle meant a new team was formed in their own backyard and they're questions were answered days later when an earthquake almost shook San Diego to the ground. The group met again at the university where the most damage was being done. They were met by Faultline, whose abilities had led him to this location, and by Card Shark. Although the initial threat was caused by subterrainians of the Mole Man, they discovered that the Kree terrorist group known as the Starlost and The Shiar Honor Guard were about to have a private little war in the pacific. The Starlost had also mined the San Andreas Fault. The group was able to disarm the mines and stop the Shiar from attacking the Starlost. However, members of the Starlost splintered off to attack the Avengers, during which, Wonder Man was killed.

Since that fateful day, the Cavaliers have had a higher ratio of successes than any other superhero team. Their roster has also changed in the last year as well. During a wave of violent weather, the group encountered Wyld Ride who was single-handedly attempting to mystically stop a tidal wave from crashing against the California Coast. Wyld Ride joined the group to defeat The Adversary and a group of various Native Heroes and Villains under his influence. Wyld Ride and his hell-puppy Jake have become permanent members since that time.

Rapture, a powerful but unstable psionic, joined the group for a brief time but quit to return to Greece when her instabilities increased. She was apparently killed when the plane she was on was attacked and destroyed by mutant-hunting Sentinel robots. After Titan was lost in the Nexus War, young Jeffery Morgan joined the group. He soon took up the name Champion.

The group suffered a terrible blow when an alien, harnessing the energies of the Kree villain Shatterstar, atomized Faultline before the Cavaliers and Force Works could subdue him. In the months to follow, the group would be assisted by Time Zone; a university professor with limited control over time. Time Zone never became a full member. Psyche, the Greek psionic who trained Rapture, also joined the group for a couple of adventures but declined membership.

The final change to the group roster occurred right before Christmas when during a battle with Chthon and his servants, Mordred and Turnabout, vibrational energies were overloading all over New York. The wild energies caused a surge that re-formed Faultline. Faultline had not truly died but rather his consciousness had become one with Earth's vibrational frequency. The group stabilized at that point and the roster has remained unchanged since. This group has had a number of successes together including defeating the Honor Guard, recapturing escapees from the Vault led by none other than Nefarius, The Secret Empire, and the Dark Force to name a few.

Although the group is more lighthearted and unfocussed as some of the more renowned hero groups, they are just as dedicated to protecting those who need it and battling evil. They simply know how to have fun while doing it. The group also has a charter that they have chosen to adhere to after having several mishaps. Although an unwritten document, the main highlights are as follows:

  1. The group does not participate in Cosmic-level events or concern itself with Cosmic affairs. This rule was made after many encounters with cosmic affairs caused instability, pain and death and are generally very annoying. There are other groups out there to handle those situations.
  2. Flare and Wyld Ride are NOT to combine their powers unless a quorum of the team agrees. Jesse and Julie's powers are from diametrically opposed sources: Quantum energy and Mystic energy. When they combine, there is absolutely no limit to the unpredictability of the consequences. Everything in an area could change color, new life could emerge or the group could be thrust into an alternate reality. The downside to this rule is that, on most occasions, Jesse and Julie are enough for a quorum.
  3. Mephisto is a mystic entity but CAN be considered a cosmic being. See Charter rule #1 above.
  4. The Cavaliers are not a branch of the New Warriors.
  5. Whenever Dr. Doom is present, Champion is allowed to goon him.
  6. Tech Rat is not allowed to grow plants of any kind.

Although some members want to adhere completely to the charter, they have had to break the codes every so often.

The present group lives out in the desert badlands east of San Diego in a cave constructed by Faultline and Wyld Ride. The base, fondly known as the Cava-Lair, is equipped with state of the art Kree and Shiar equipment that has been salvaged over the years by Tech Rat. This equipment includes a supersonic, futuristic jet (the Cava-Lear), several security devices and a computer with an AI intellect that the group has named Jett Chevalier.

The Cavaliers have the power, the tools, the experience and the heart to become one of the best teams the world has ever seen.

Former Teammates


Powerhouse with super-strength, invulnerability, and flight powers.


Greek mutant with telepathy and telekinesis.