Deep in the Misamori Jungle on Otherworld is the home of the Onesi, a race of humanoid squirrel-like creatures. A primitive, tribal culture, the Onesi lived relatively peaceful lives, unaware of the realities of the world outside their jungle, until the forces of the Overlord invaded. Overlord was seeking slaves to mine the valuable minerals of the Misa Mountains. Tough as the Onesi were they were no match for the advanced weaponry of Overlord's forces and they were enslaved. Among the Onesi was one who could resist the invaders, their traditional champion who was stronger and faster than any of them. The problem was that the current champion was young and new to the role. His training was not yet complete and when he tried to fight Overlord's forces he was eventually captured. The champion's name was O'nami Digo.

Rather than kill the champion, the soldiers took him to Overlord's Citadel where he was put in the gladiator games. The Games Master named him Digit (pronouced with a long 'I' sound on the first 'i' and a hard 'g', like Dye-git), and he soon became a celebrated fighter. A few months later Digit befriended one of the new gladiators, the Earth hero Blur who had been trapped on Otherworld with some of his teammates from the Enforcers of Justice. When Blur's teammates freed him from the Citadel, Digit escaped with them. After several adventures alongside members of Otherworld's rebel forces the Enforcers found a way to return to Earth, and Digit decided to go to Earth with them.

On Earth, Digit became a member of the Enforcers while learning about his new home. Eventually, Digit was hired on by the metahuman temp agency Heroes, Inc. which eventually led to him taking a position as a pro wrestler in the new superhuman division of the Ultimate Wrestling Federation.

Powers and Abilities:

Standing nearly seven feet tall and weighing over 300 pounds, Digit is an impressive figure. The Onesi are all agile and strong, and as their champion Digit is well above the norm for his people. He dexterity rivals that of an Olympic gymnast and he can lift several tons with a minimal of effort. He is also nearly impervious to harm, and even when he is injured he often does not feel it and heals from most wounds in mere minutes. Digit's fingers are tipped with retractable claws that can cut through solid steel and he has thin membranes spread beneath his arms that he can use to glide shot distances. The Onesi were also superb hunters, and Digit is no exception. He has enhanced hearing and vision, and possesses a small range of psychic abilties to help him on the hunt. These include and empathic sense that lets him sense the mood of his prey and a more general "life" sense that allows him to track prey. He also possesses a sixth sense to warn him of danger.

While fighting in the gladiator pits Digit received a great deal of combat training. He is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and with a variety of melee and missile weapons. He is also a natural acrobat and tracker.

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