When the alternate timeline known as the Age of Apocalypse was inadvertently created by Legion, the Cavaliers were on one of their many impromptu (and, as usual, unintentional) dimension-hopping adventures. When the team returned to Earth, they found themselves in a world completely unknown to them. Worse still two members of the team vanished, having been merged with their counterparts in this alternate reality. Those two Cavaliers were Midnight Express and Card Shark or, as they were known in this timeline, Scattershot and Longshot ( relation).


Scattershot is a wanted criminal, a renegade mutant and sometime ally of Gambit & the Externals. His usual area of operation is the devastated west coast of North America, but with his speed (which rivals that of Magneto's son Quicksilver) he can get just about anywhere in short order. He also carries two specially-designed pistols loaded with high-density projectiles. The guns don't actually fire, he just uses them for aim and lets his mutant control over kinetic energy do the rest.


Longshot is a bartender in Warren Worthington's bar, Heaven. He is also a covert ally of Magneto's X-Men, passing on what information he can pick up from the numerous members of Apocalypse's elite who frequent the establishment. Longshot's control over probability allows him to grant himself or an ally a run of good luck when most needed or an enemy a bad break when they least need it. His amiable personality and "good luck" have thus far kept Apocalypse's security forces from suspecting him but lately it seems that his luck has been running out.