Jackie Sellers was the consummate "bad girl" of the amateur gymnastics scene, but she was also one of the best. She was a potential Olympic medallist until, for no apparent reason, she was dropped from the U.S. national team. A despondent Jackie went to visit her friend Debbie at university in Empire City. One morning, after a particularly intense party at the university and an uncertain chain of events involving lots of alcohol and a Van der Graaf generator, Jackie woke up with a severe hangover. And super powers.

Initially keeping her newfound abilities to herself, Jackie became involved in a battle with agents of the Crime Cartel alongside several other heroes. After defeating the Crime Cartel the group of heroes decided to form a permanent hero team, the Guardians of Empire City. Though she made no pretext of hiding her true identity, Jackie adopted the hero name Tazer and has been a member of every incarnation of the team.

When the Guardians were recruited by Paladin to go up against the rogue A.I. Omega, Tazer discovered that she had been part of Omega's grand scheme. Part of Omega's plan had involved the creation of a great army of metahumans and had been using its influence to track individuals with superhuman potential. Jackie was such a person and the routine medical tests she participated in as part of he Olympic training had brought her to Omega's attention. It was Omega, through its agents, who had Jackie dropped from the Olympic gymnastic team, but before it could capture her to conduct experiments to activate her metagene, Jackie had already managed to give herself an origin.

It was during the Guardians campaign against Omega that Tazer first met Joshua McGovern, the super-speedster named Flashback. Though there was the hint of an attraction between the two, the team's mission took Jackie away before anything could happen. It wasn't long, though, before the two crossed paths again. This time Flashback came to the Guardians for help near the beginning of the Revelations crisis. It was during Revelations that Tazer was recruited by Gaea to be part of the group of young heroes called the Seven Thunders. At the end of Revelations Flashback joined the Guardians full-time and what had been a spark of attraction between he and Tazer exploded into a five-alarm fire, and it seemed that it would take a world-shattering event to separate the two. Then a world-shattering event occurred.

When the ancient beings known as the Millennium Giants rose and began devastating the planet, Empire City was in the path of one of them. Despite their best efforts the Guardians could do nothing to stop the approaching Giant, Sekmet. In the end it was only with the combined efforts several other hero teams that the creature was diverted, but in the process many of the Guardians were lost, including Tazer. In attempting to physically attack Sekmet, Tazer had actually entered her body. Since Sekmet was not truly a living thing but an extension of Earthly power, Tazer found herself in a mystical maze of tunnels carrying her through the Earth's essence. When she finally emerged from the tunnels, Tazer was no longer on Earth, but the mystical realm of Skartaris.

Jackie remained trapped in Skartaris for several months before several of her teammates, including Flashback arrived in Skartaris to fight one of the first battles of the coming Darkness War. Reunited, Jackie and Josh along with Jackie's roommate Debbie returned to Empire City. A short time later the three were invited by the mysterious Harbinger to help reform the Guardians to fight in the Darkness War.

Powers and Abilities:

The exact circumstances under which Jackie Sellers gained super powers are still a mystery. Her powers, however, are much easier to quantify. Jackie's entire body is supercharged with an unusual form of electrical energy. The energy has accelerated her nervous system, granting her superhuman reflexes and the ability to move at several times the speed of sound. Jackie can also focus the energy in several ways. She has thus far been able to channel the energy into powerful bursts of light and, by generating a field of static electricity Jackie has been able to scale vertical surfaces using a kind of "static cling". Jackie's most powerful offensive use of the energy is where she derives her heroic code-name from, Tazer. By surrounding herself in a powerful electrical field, Tazer can disrupt the nervous system of anyone she comes in contact with. Depending on the resistance of the individual Tazer can paralyze or even render unconscious a foe. Her "Tazer Effect" has even been known to disrupt the powers of metahumans she has hit with the attack.