7 Thunders

Wonder GirlDuring Philip Adler's attempt to take over the world, an event now known as the Revelations crisis, the creature known as Brimstone returned to Earth from the Sun powered by the Spear of Destiny. Earth's mightiest heroes tried in vain to stop Brimstone's rampage. The destruction was finally halted when the Human Bomb apparently sacrificed himself to destroy Brimstone.

In truth, the danger was not over. The power of the Spear had saved Brimstone by sending him into another dimension: the pocket Ragnorok created by Odin of the Norse Gods that once held the Justice Society. Brimstone's presence threatened to upset the balance of the pocket realm and release the Daemons who had been imprisoned there in place of the JSA.

To combat this threat, Gaea put out a call to her champions, Primal Force, but they did not respond. Gaea then called to the Source for help. The Source sent Takion to retrieve seven young heroes to combat the threat of the Daemons and Brimstone. The seven heroes were taken to New Genesis and their mission explained to them by Highfather, Zeus, Odin, and the wizard Shazam. They were each given a Mother Box and sent into the pocket dimension to stop the threat. The group was named the Seven Thunders after a quote from the Book of Revelations.

The Seven Thunders were:

The group were able to stop Brimstone and the Daemons from escaping to Earth. They stayed together through to the end of the final battle of Revelations, then went their separate ways, but a bond remains between them. On occasion Gaea has summoned one or more of the Thunders for a special mission. The costume Wonder Girl is wearing in the picture above was created by Kyle Grant and she wore it on an adventure she went on with the Guardians.

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