Philip Adler was the product of a half-century of selective breeding designed to produce the perfect Aryan, a plan set in motion before the fall of the Third Reich at the end of World War II. Realizing that the Reich was doomed, a select group of Nazi officers and scientists had made plans to create a Fourth Reich from the ashes of the old, even if it took years for their plan to culminate. Thus was born the conspiracy called the Millenium Empire. When the preparations were finally complete, after decades of waiting, the conspirators felt it was time to choose the man who would rule the new Reich. From amongst the dozens of children that had been part of a half-century long Aryan breeding program they selected young Philip.

A brilliant student and gifted athlete already, Philip was to be transformed into the ideal Nazi superman. Scientists and agents loyal to the conspiracy had scoured the globe in search of genetic material from some of the worlds greatest conquerors. They combined samples from Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, and even Hitler himself. Agents had even managed to steal samples from one of the Genesis Pits used by the immortal Ra's Al Ghul. Philip Adler was genetically re-engineered to incorporate key traits from all of these great leaders and warriors. Nazi mystics also added a magical component that granted Adler the benefit of the skills and experience of each of these six powerful men. Thus transformed, Adler became the leader of the new Reich.

To begin the final stage of the conspiracy's plan, Adler was given control of the economic resources carefully assembled over the years. He stormed across the business landscape, amassing a great economic empire in a short time, and all the while playing the role of business tycoon and generous philanthropist. While publically heading his so-called Millenium Economic Coalition of america (M.E.C.A.) from Atlanta, Adler was secretly preparing to establish the Fourth Reich.

During these final preparations, Adler became the host for the power of the force of Hate, turning him into one of the mystical Avatars. Allied with the other-dimensional Antithesis, Adler began the creation of an army with which to conquer first America, and then the world. To distract the super-hero community when the time came to move openly, Adler created two metahuman teams, a group of villains to spread chaos and a team of heroes to infiltrate the super-hero community. In a final step to give himself the power necessary to destroy any opposition, Adler had his agents find and secure several magical artifacts, including the Amulet of Osiris and the Spear of Destiny.

Adler's machinations set in motion the events of the Revelations crisis, which culminated in a massive battle in the heart of Empire City between his armies and the forces of good, led by the Guardians and Justice Incorporated. It was during this battle that the sight of the devastation around him led the power-mad Adler to name himself Kristallnacht after the "Night of Broken Glass" in November 1938 when Nazi mobs across Germany and Austria murdered dozens of Jews and burned and destroyed hundreds of Jewish Synagogues and shops. In the end Adler's forces were defeated and he was stripped of his magical artifacts. As punishment for his actions the Spectre drove Adler insane by awakening the dormat personalities of the conquerors whose genetic heritage had been infused into him. The conflicting minds fractured Adler's psyche and he was locked away in Arkham Asylum.

Adler remained a vegetable in Arkham, until the cataclysmic quake that turned Gotham City into a No Man's Land. Still insane, Adler wandered the ruins of Gotham, until the rogue angel Asmodel decided to usurp the power of the Spectre. As a result of Asmodel's actions, the magic that kept Adler's psyche in chaos dissipated and he was once again in control of his own mind. Adler has since been recruited by the mysterious Darklord to be the general of the armies of Darkness in the coming war against the forces of Light.

Powers and Abilities:

The prodcut of an intensive breeding and training program, Adler is a natural athlete and possesses a genius-level IQ. The genetic and mystical infusion of traits from history's greatest leaders and conquerors has transformed him into an unparalleled militray leader and tactician as well.

As the current Avatar of Hate, Adler can control crowds by inflaming and directing their inner hatreds, or can infuse a target with intense hatred of anything he can conceive of. The Fires of Hate burn behind Adler's eyes and his stare can provoke intense fear in a target, or can even physically burn them. Adler's strength and endurance are also marginally superhuman now.

For a short time Adler possessed several mystical items which gave him even more power. According to legend, whoever wields the Spear of Destiny cannot lose in battle. The Spear was also tainted by Hitler's madness, which augmented Adler's own Hate-based powers. Adler also possessed the Amulet of Osiris, one of a trio of magical artifacts (the other two are possessed by the mystical heroes Rift and Visionary. The Amulet rendered its possessor invulnerable to any attack. Adler also briefly had the Holy Grail, which could heal any wound. These artifacts were taken from him after his defeat.

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