The Soldiers of AnarchySOLDIERS OF ANARCHY

The Soldiers of Anarchy were a team of super-villains who were an integral part of a decades-long plan by former Nazis to create a Fourth Reich. To draw attention away from the final stages of the plan the appointed leader of the new Reich, Philip Adler, created two groups to distract the super-hero community. The first group was the Soldiers of Anarchy, a team of alleged anarchist metahumans with no discernable agenda other than the spread of chaos.

The membership of the Soldiers of Anarchy was a mixture of neo-Nazi and white supremacist metahumans, and a few of the Nazi super-soldiers who had survived the decades since the fall of the Third Reich in suspended animation. To hide the true agenda of the Soldiers of Anarchy, each of the members was given a new costumed identity, so the heroes would not recognize them.

The Soldiers of Anarchy played a major role in the Revelations crisis. After their defeat and capture, the team effectively ceased to exist. With no central cause to hold the members together they went their separate ways, most have resumed their original villainous identities.

The members of the Soldiers of Anarchy were:

Overkill: the leader, possessing superhuman strength and wielding a pair of experimental assault rifles. Overkill was in reality the Nazi villain Übermensch, the leader of Axis America, who had been recently revived from cryogenic sleep.

Harrier Eris: possessed superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and could control the emotions of others. She was really Lady Libertine, daughter of the Nazi scientist who created (and was the brother of) Captain Nazi.

Frenzy: strongest by far of the Soldiers. Frenzy's true identity was Iron Cross, part of the neo-Nazi, white supremacist Aryan Brigade.

Draco: winged, fire-breathing creature. Draco was in reality the Gargoyle, a transformed super-villain who served Adler's chief ally, the Antithesis.

Whiplash: stretchable psychopath. Whiplash was the malleable Backlash, one of the more twisted members of the Aryan Brigade.

Harrier: armored strike-platform. Harrier was a loyal soldier of the new Reich, selected by his superiors to pilot the advanced Harrier power armor. The design of the armor was based on the Nazi Axis Assassin armor. Harrier later worked as a member of the first Enforcers of Injustice and was later killed when he was used as a pawn by Lucifer's Six against the heroes Paladin and ArcAngel.

White Dragon (not pictured): fire-sheathed mercenary. White Dragon is the only member of the Soldiers of Anarchy who did not hide his real identity. He was a metahuman white-supremacist with fire-based powers who had previously battled Hawkman (Katar Hol).

The Protectors - Wolves in Sheep's ClothingTHE PROTECTORS

More insidious than the Soldiers of Anarchy were Adler's second group. This team of metahumans was established to infiltrate and eventually betray the super-hero community. Like the Soldiers, this team was made up of Nazi and neo-Nazi villains with new identities, but unlike their allies these villains were pretending to be heroes. With a series of impressive victories in (staged) fights with super-villains, the Protectors gained the trust of the hero community during the Revelations crisis, when they could use all the help they could find. The Protectors revealed their true nature near the end of the crisis, when they murdered the hero Balance and turned on their supposed allies, the heroic Guardians.

The members of the Protectors were:

American Eagle: team leader, with super strength, flight, and laser vision. American Eagle was in reality the Nazi metahuman Baron Blitzkrieg (who now calls himself simply the Baron).

Jetstream: pilot of the Jet Suit power armor. Jetstream was the neo-Nazi Golden Eagle, a member of the Aryan Brigade.

Ladyhawk: winged warrior. Ladyhawk was really Gudra, a Valkyrie who had served the Nazis as a member of Axis America, summoned back from Valhalla by Nazi mystics to again serve their cause.

Stonewall: team powerhouse. The powerful Stonewall was in reality one of the Third Reich's greatest champions, Captain Nazi, who had been frozen cryogenically at the end of the war and revived by his brother a few years ago.

Sunbeam: energy projector. Sunbeam was Aryan Brigade member Heatmonger.

Whirlwind: super-speedster. The lightning fast Whirlwind was really Nazi metahuman Zyklon, a frequent foe of the war-time All-Star Squadron. He had been cryogenically frozen alongside Übermensch.

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