Samuel Vision is the next incarnation of the mystic previously known as Mark Merlin and later Prince Ra-Man. Samuel became the mystic Visionary after Ra-Man's death at the hands of the Anti-Monitor's Shadow Demons during the Crisis. Soon after Samuel took up residence in Mark Merlin's old home, the Mystery Mansion located near the town of Cloister, Vermont. Samuel also gained possession of the mystic artifact known as the Eye of Ra. His research on the Eye of Ra led him to learn of two related items: the Heart of Osiris and the Amulet of Ptah. Seeking the other artifacts, Visionary learned that the Amulet of Ptah was in reality of Atlantean origin and was known as the Zodiac Amulet. Samuel tracked the amulet to its current owner, Kyle Grant, who used the amulet as the hero name Rift, a member of the Guardians.

After contacting Rift, Samuel assisted the Guardians on a few occasions, the most important being his involvement with the team during the Revelations crisis, where he found the third artifact in the possession of the evil Philip Adler. After Adler's defeat, Visionary took possession of the Heart of Osiris and hid it away. Samuel next aided the Guardians when Empire City came under attack by one of the Millennium Giants. Samuel and Rift magically linked the Mystery Mansion and Rift's own magical home and used the link to disrupt the powerful ley-line nexus that existed under Empire City (it was the nexus that was drawing the Giant to the city). In the process Rift and his house vanished into another dimension and the Mystery Mansion disappeared as well.

After the loss of the Mystery Mansion, Visionary was approached by the hero Zodiak to join his alliance of mystics called the Arcane. Samuel agreed and helped the team set up a base of operations near Cloister.

Powers and Abilities:

While he has no intrinsic mystic abilities, Samuel Vision is an accomplished occultist with knowledge of many mystic rituals and spells. Samuel also possesses the magical Eye of Ra, one of a trio of powerful artifacts. The exact powers of the Eye are not known, but they all relate to the senses. Visionary has been known to use the Eye for dispelling illusions, clairvoyance, and to enhance his own sensory perceptions to see and hear beyond the normal human range.