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The Robotech Masters are a technologically advanced alien race that once controlled a vast interstellar empire built on the mysterious and powerful energy source known as Protoculture. When the source of their power was stolen, the Robotech Empire began to crumble. Desperate, the Robotech Masters first dispatched their giant alien soldiers, the Zentraedi, to find the missing Protoculture Matrix. When the Zentraedi failed, the Masters themselves abandoned their homeworld and set out in a fleet of giant ships with the last of their Protoculture supply, intent on retrieving the Protoculture Matrix from its hiding place on Earth and destroying anything that gets in their way.


Tirol The Robotech Masters began as a race of techno scavengers from the planet Tirol, a moon of the gas giant Fantoma in the Valivarre system. Fantoma itself was a source of the monopole ore needed to produce faster-than-light starships and the giant Zentraedi were originally engineered (by the scientist Cabell) as miners to retrieve the ore. Even with FTL ships, the Tirolians did not become the power hungry Robotech Masters until their greatest scientist, Zor, discovered the energy source called Protoculture.

With the nearly unlimited power presented by Protoculture, the Robotech Masters set out to conquer their region of space. The Zentraedi were changed from miners to warriors and a great space armada built to expand the Robotech Masters empire. Star system after star system fell under the control of the Robotech Masters as their Zentraedi warriors spread forth, and with each conquest the greed and hunger of the Masters grew as they consumed the resources of conquered worlds.

Seeing what his discovery had wrought a guilty Zor hid the secret of Protoculture from the Masters, with his Protoculture Matrix being the only known source. In a final attempt at redemption Zor placed the Matrix aboard his spaceship and sent the craft off on a random, automated journey through the stars. Before the Masters could capture and interrogate him Zor was killed in an attack by the enemies of the Robotech Masters. Desperate to find the Protoculture Matrix, the Masters ordered the Zentraedi to track down Zor's ship.

When the Zentraedi finally did locate Zor's ship, it had already been found by the natives of the world it had crash-landed on, Earth. The Zentraedi attempt to reclaim the ship and the Matrix led to the First Robotech War and the destruction of almost the entire Zentraedi armada. When the Robotech Masters learned of their warrior's failure they set out to retrieve the Matrix themselves. With the Zentraedi forces crippled the Empire was beginning to fall apart so in desperation the Masters chose to flee Tirol in a fleet of motherships, taking with them most of the remaining technology. With their existing Protoculture supply dwindling rapidly, the Masters' fleet had to a slower route to Earth, one that would take nearly two decades. Their only hope would be to retrieve the Protoculture Matrix and with it rebuild their empire, and they would not let anything stand in their way. Their arrival at Earth would spark the Second Robotech War.

Organization and Society

Tirolian society under the Robotech Masters is set in a rigid caste system. At the head of Tirolian society are the Elders or High Masters generally referred to simply as the Robotech Masters. Below the Elders are the Clone Masters, those who have dominion over the millions of clones that make up the armed forces and general populace of the Tirolian Motherships. They are considered generals of the army and ministers of government in Tirolian society and serve as advisors to the Elders. Next in rank are the Science Masters. Cooly logical, this group are responsible for all technological and scientific matters in Tirolian society. They build the great machines, perfect genetic techniques and consider themselves masters of all spheres of technological and biological knowledge. Together these three groups represent the elite of Tirolian civilization. Within each grouping, individual members inevitably can be found working in threes, a reflection of the Triumvirate, the cornerstone of Tirolian philosophy governed by the concept of information, decision and action. The remainder of the Tirolian populace falls under one of two categories: military or civilian.

The military, known as the Tirolian or Robotech Legion, is made up entirely of clones. They are fully programmed and are dedicated to the cause of their Masters. Legionnaires range from the common soldier, programmed for combat and little else to the independent-thinking, high-ranking officers. All Legionnaires are fully brainwashed and programmed to serve the Robotech Masters. Even the most competent officer is subservient to the Clone Master caste.

The civilian clones generally exist in threes, appearing as groups of identical triplets, each with his or her own name but similar in temperament. The clone population onboard a Robotech Mothership is there to provide a sense of continuity for the Robotech Masters and represent an idealized version of the civilization left behind on Tirol. As such the civilians lead idyllic if simple and uninteresting lives. They generally fall under the categories of merchants, craftsmen and nobles and reenact daily life as envisioned by their Masters, not knowing or caring that they have no independence at all. In fact, independent thinking or other deviation from normal behavior is cause for a clone to be taken in for "repair", which generally involves the consciousness transferred into a life-like bio-android while the body is "corrected" or, in extreme cases, the clone (and sometimes its clone siblings as well) is simply destroyed. This sort of action is tolerated and accepted by the populace as a necessity to maintain order.

There is also another control system in place for the civilian populace, a special type of clone called a Muse. The Muses, inevitably female triplicate clones, have special empathic abilities that allow them to pacify the populace through their music. Most often played on instruments called Cosmic Harps, and accompanied by vocals, the songs of the Muses can be used to calm the populace, or manipulate them in other ways, usually to make them more productive or, in extreme situations, increase their aggression (usually only in the direct of situations when the Clone Masters have been forced to send civilians into combat).


The Robotech Masters are masters of biotechnology and are the originators of Robotechnology. Originally techno-scavengers, the Robotech Masters are adept at understanding and manipulating all forms of technology. Early on they mastered the science of genetics and cloning, which led to a form of immortality for the elite and a means to create a subservient population for them to rule over. With Zor's discovery of Protoculture their knowledge increased exponentially. Tirolian scientist have mastered sub-light and faster-than-light space travel, particle beam physics, robotics, genetics, and thousands of other forms of science and engineering, including the mysterious science of Robotechnology and its mechanized war machines and powerful Reflex weapon technology. The Robotech Masters are currently the most technologically advanced race known.

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