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Robotech - Southern Cross

In the feudal society of Earth in 2028 stability is bought with military might. The Army of the Southern Cross and the Eastern Bloc Soviet Independent Stat (EBSIS) represent the two largest military powers on Earth. While the ASC has the edge in technology, the EBSIS is catching up and the two are involved in a slowly escalating arms race. Mecha and equipment for both powers are listed below.

Mecha (singular and plural) is the general term for the giant robotic combat systems used by both sides. The term is shortened from the word mechanical and was originally used as a nickname for any piece of advanced technology, but eventually came to apply specifically to the new robotic combat vehicles being designed by the Robotech Research team. The even shorter term mech is also occasionally instead of mecha.

Both military powers also maintain more traditional combat equipment, including vehicles like conventional fighter jets and tanks, as well as general and specialized equipment used by individual soldiers in the field.

Update: By the end of 2028 a new global power had emerged, the New World Order, with its own mecha and military forces. Following the NWO conflict, the technologically advanced Robotech Masters arrived at Earth in their space fleet with an army of mecha of their own.

Army of the Southern Cross Mecha and Equipment

Veritech Mecha
ASC Veritech Mecha
  • VHT-1 Spartas - Veritech Hovertank
  • VF-8 Logan - Veritech Fighter
  • VFH-10 AJAX/AGAC (Armored Gyro Assault Chopper) - Veritech Fighter/Helicopter
Non-transformable Battloid Mecha
ASC Non-transformable Battloids
  • Heavy Infantry Combat Battloid (Salamander)
  • Light Infantry Combat Battloid (Dryad)
  • Force Reconnaissance Battloid (Monocle)
  • Alpine Combat and SAR Battloid (Satyr)
  • Autonomous Patrol Robot (Golem)
Powered Armor Suits
ASC Powered Armors
  • Heavy Infantry Powered Armor (Basilisk)
  • Light Infantry Powered Armor (Fenris)
  • Hard Atmospheric Diving Armor (Kraken)
  • Heavy Orbital Powered Armor (Manticore)
  • Close Combat Powered Armor (Triton)
  • Civil Defense/Riot Control Powered Armor (Unicorn)
ASC Military Vehicles and Equipment
ASC Military Vehicles
  • Ground-based vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Naval vessels
  • Spacecraft
ASC Personal Equipment
  • Body Armor and Shields
  • Weapons

EBSIS Mecha and Equipment

First Generation Mecha

First Generation Mecha are Soviet versions of older RDF and Zentraedi mecha the EBSIS obtained through grey and black market channels and reverse engineered.

EBSIS 1st Generation Mecha
  • EBSIS Perun (RDF Excalibur refit)
  • EBSIS Starburst (RDF Raidar X refit)
  • EBSIS Enforcer (RDF Gladiator refit)
  • EBSIS Red Eagle (RDF Veritech refit)
  • EBSIS Raptor (Zentraedi Battle Pod refit)
New Generation Mecha

The New Generation Mecha are the first generation of mecha the EBSIS has designed from the ground up via their own R & D efforts.

EBSIS New Generation Mecha
  • EBSIS Dragon (Soldier Battloid)
  • EBSIS Juggernaut (Heavy Soldier Battloid)
  • EBSIS Destroyer (Heavy Recon Battloid)
EBSIS Military Vehicles and Equipment
Military Vehicles
  • Ground-based vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Naval vessels
  • Spacecraft
Personal Equipment
  • Body Armor
  • Weapons

New World Order Mecha and Equipment

NWO Mecha
  • NWO Jotun
  • NWO Panzer
  • NWO Shrike
  • NWO Valkyrie
  • NWO Octos
NWO Military Vehicles and Equipment

Robotech Masters Mecha and Equipment

Robotech Masters Mecha
  • Bioroids
Robotech Masters Vehicles and Equipment
  • Aerospace Vehicles
  • Spacecraft
  • Body Armor and Weapons

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