The Monster Hunters are a team of globe-trotting scientist adventurers assembled by Buck Wargo. The team travels the world investigating myths, legends, and hidden mysteries. The Monster Hunters became allied with former Green Lantern Guy Gardner while on an expedition to the hidden Nabba Jungle in South America, allying with Gardner who was on a quest for the legendary Warrior Waters that he hoped would grant him super powers.

When Guy Gardner opened the Warriors super-hero themed bar and restaurant in New York City, the Monster Hunters began using it as a base of operations. Because of their presence there the Monster Hunters became acquainted with Justice Inc., a New York-based super hero team that frequented Warriors. The Monster Hunters helped out Justice Inc. on several occassions, notably during the attempted invasion of New York City by the extra-dimensional tyrant Overlord.

The Monster Hunters continued to offer their scientific and other skills to assist Justice Inc. when called upon. These close ties led to zoologist Dr. Felicia Albrecht, the human form of the hero Cat, joining the Monster Hunters and eventually falling in love with and marrying Monster Hunters member Desmond Farr.


Back Wargo's family made their money in the 1800s with one of the largest cattle ranches in America. One of the richest men on the planet, Buck is an American Renaissance Man – cowboy, former college football star (something he shares with Guy Gardner), businessman, explorer, and scientist. Buck has a background in medicine and archaeology, and is fluent in several languages.


Rita has a Ph.D in Zoology and is a fitness expert, owner of a nationwide chain of Muldoon's fitness centers. She is an expert in small arms fire, and an inventor who has personnaly customized several of her pistols. She was taught boxing and martial arts by her Navy Seal father. After they met, Rita became a mentor to Felicia Albrecht.


Joey is one of the world's leading computer experts, graduating top of his class from MIT. He also has a Ph.D in Palentology, and is one of the top-ranked martial artists on the planet.


Desmond Farr and his twin brother Dean come from Old Money. For unknown reasons, whenever Dean suffered an injury it was Desmond who would feel the pain. This strange lack of pain allowed Dean to follow a more adventurous lifestyle despite the effect his risky activities could have on his brother. On an expedition to Burma, Dean found a recipe for an ancient potion and was transformed into the legendary bestial Tiger Man of Burma. Sensing something was wrong with his brother, Desmond followed and in order to stop Dean he took the formula himself. After stopping Dean's rampage and them both being given an antidote it was discovered the mysterious link between the two was gone, or so they thought.

Dean did more research on the ancient formula and once again became the Tiger Man of Burma, this time able to control his transformation into the bestial form and able to retain his intelligence while in it. When Dean was killed, the power of the Tiger Man was mystically transferred to Desmond over the dormant but still-present link between the twins. Trying to learn more about the Tiger Man legend, Desmond eventually encountered Buck Wargo and was invited to join the Monster Hunters. When Felicia Albrecht became part of the Monster Hunters team, Desmond soon became attracted to her. The attraction blossomed into mutual love and the two eventually married.


Veronna is the greatest of the Warrior Women of the hidden Nabba Jungle in South America. She left the Jungle to accompany Guy Gardner back to civilization, pledging herself to him after he successfully drank from the legendary Warrior Waters that were sacred to her people. Veronna is a strong, skilled fighter and expert in most hand-to-hand weaponry and unarmed combat. Like the other Warrior Women she possess mild telepathic abilities.