Uktena is a water elemental, a mystical creature made of living water from the dimension known as the Green. One day the curious elemental followed the Swamp Thing from the Green back to the Earth plane, emerging in the swamps of Louisiana. Uktena immediately began exploring and made his way along the Gulf Coast to Florida where he was befriended by a native shaman. The shaman educated Uktena in the ways of the modern world, which only made the elemental want to see it for himself. Using his powers to appear as a Native American (the only humans he'd been exposed to) and taking the name Jeremy Blackcrow, Uktena traveled to where he thought he could best experience humanity's diversity: New York City.

UktenaUktena arrived in New York just in time to use his powers to assist Justice Inc. in defeating a splinter group from the criminal organization H.I.V.E. Uktena and two other new heroes, Arclight, and Cat were invited to join the team. It quickly became obvious to his teammates that Uktena was a novice when it came to being human. They helped where they could, eventually convincing him to enroll in university to learn more about humanity.

For several months Uktena stayed with Justice Inc., fighting alongside them against several foes, including the battle to free New York from the world-conquering Overlord. Uktena's heroic career ended abruptly when, while on a field trip in his Jeremy Blackcrow identity, he was captured by a mad shaman. The shaman used magics to warp and control Uktena, sending the elemental on a destructive rampage along the Gulf Coast until both were stopped by Justice Inc. and their ally Zodiak. After the battle Earth's Water Elemental, Naiad, takes Uktena back to the Green to heal.

Powers and Abilities:

Uktena is a water elemental, a mystical creature made of pure water. Uktena is able to stretch and shape his body into nearly any shape he can think of. As a creature of magic he is sensitive to mystic phenomena and can sense when something magical is nearby. Uktena's connection with the Green allows him to communicate with plant life. As an elemental, Uktena also possesses a limited ability to control nearby sources of water. This control lets him move and shape a volume of water, using it as a weapon or tool. Because he is tied to the natural element of water, Uktena needed to be in contact with water periodically or he would begin to lose his elemental powers.

The shaman that had befriended Uktena had taught him some shamanic magic. One of the things Uktena had learned to do with this magic was assume a human guise, which he used as Jeremy Blackcrow.

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