Alex Red-Talon is the grandson of the shaman Flying Fox, who served with the World War II All-Star Squadron, and is a direct descendant of the Native American warrior Arak, the son of the Thunder spirit. Alex was learning to be a shaman under the tutelage of his grandfather when he was sent out of his remote village inNorthern Canada to learn about the rest of the world. Alex eventually found himself in New York City where he got a job working at the new Hall of Justice Super-Hero Museum, which was also secretly the headquarters of the hero team Justice Inc.

FoxspiritShortly after starting work at the museum Alex found himself being sent through time alongside Justice Inc. during the crisis in time called Zero Hour. At one point in their journey the group found themselves in the 1940's where Alex saw his grandfather as young man when he was a member of the Young All-Stars. Alex and the others watched in horror as the Zero Hour entropy wave engulfed the All-Stars. At that point Alex suddenly found himself in possession of his grandfather's mystic cloak and powers. With his newfound abilities Alex fought alongside Justice Inc. for the remainder of the crisis. When the crisis ended and they had returned to the present Alex found he had been granted a mystic amulet. By using the amulet Alex could call upon the fox spirit to grant him powers and it would also cause the Fox Cloak to materialize. Alex joined Justice Inc. as the hero Foxspirit.

After a short time with Justice Inc., Foxspirit was called back to his village to combat the evil forces released by the demon Neron during Underworld Unleashed. Foxspirit and his grandfather successfully defended their village but Flying Fox was gravely injured and soon died. Alex took over as shaman of his village. Over the next few years Alex perfected his shamanic abilities and learned to tap his own latent powers as a descendant of the Thunderspirit.

Recently Alex joined a reunion of his grandfather's former teammates, the Young All-Stars, and alongside the hero team the Guardians helped defeat an incarnation of the Injustice Syndicate.

Powers and Abilities:

When he had possession of the Fox Amulet, Alex was also able to use many of the mystic powers his grandfather had as Flying Fox. These powers included the ability to turn invisible, project blasts of flame, understand any language, and was given a mystic sight that would allow him to see through illusions. The Fox Cloak let Fox Spirit fly as well. As Thunder, Alex no longer uses the Fox Cloak. Instead he has tapped his spirit heritage to grant himself the power to project powerful lightning blasts and generate thunderclaps that can shatter stone. Thunder also carries many shamanic artifacts with him in his medicine bag giving him access to powerful magics at a moment's notice.

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