Asia - 2028

Robotech - Southern Cross

Estimated Population: ~218,000,000

Asia by far took the most damage during the Zentraedi planetary assault of 2011. The Middle East, northern Russia, and large portions of China are a radioactive wasteland. Even in the areas where life still thrives nearly every major urban center was reduced to ruins, throwing the surviving populace back into a pre-Industrial Age way of life. Today, the majority of Asia is dominated by the EBSIS. Only the India Quadrant and Far East Sector (Japan) remain affiliated with United Earth Government. After the First Robotech War, the jungles of Indochina became home to thousands of rogue Zentraedi, and though the official word is that they were all eliminated during the Malcontent Uprisings, there are still believed to be a few of the giant aliens hiding in the deep jungles. The rest of the continent is mostly uninhabited wilderness, with a scattering of small settlements and farming villages.

Eastern Bloc Soviet Independent State (E.B.S.I.S.)

Estimated Population: ~65,000,000 (Asian Zone)

See the EBSIS page for details.

Far East Sector (Japan)

Estimated Population: ~18,000,000

Japan is the most technologically advanced sector on Earth. Like nearly everywhere else on the planet the Zentraedi assault laid waste to the major cities, causing massive loss of life. Years of rapid development, however, had used up most of the viable surface area in urban centers and, unable to build outward, expansion moved upward and, more importantly, downward. So while the planetary assault wiped out the cities aboveground, the infrastructure beneath the surface survived. Reconstruction proceeded quickly and Japan became the technological center of the planet and is a loyal member of the United Earth Government. The Far East Sector is the most densely populated sector on the planet.

India Quadrant

Estimated Population: ~60,000,000

Already densely populated, India saw a massive influx of refugees from Pakistan and the Middle-East after the Zentraedi planetary bombardment. Ethnic conflicts exploded throughout the region and the UWG was ill-equipped to handle the violence. It wasn't until the early 2020s that a semblance of order was finally restored. The United Earth Government tries to maintain a strong presence in the area to dissuade conflict. The natural resources of the area are too valuable for the UEG to let be destroyed in local conflicts or worse, fall into the hands of the expansionistic EBSIS. The majority of the populace either work as farmers or live in squalid refugee camps. The strong-hand techniques of the UEG and the Southern Cross maintain order either directly or through loyal warlords, but tensions are rising and it may only be a matter of time before open conflicts breaks out in the region.

Manchurian Quadrant

Estimated Population: ~25,000,000

Taking its name not from the northern Chinese region of Manchuria but from the Manchu warriors who once dominated China, the Manchuria Quadrant occupies what remains of south-central China (the rest of China is now wasteland or under EBSIS control). The region is an independent feudal kingdom of mainly scattered communities with an odd mix of low- and high-technology. After the Zentraedi planetary assault, relief to the region came from relatively unscathed Taiwan and a new provisional government was set up in Shanghai. Initially allied with the United Earth Government, the provisional government eventually declared independence, marking the return of the Kuomintang (KMT) government to the mainland after 75 years in exile. Lacking in natural resources, the government has recently entered into the arena of high-tech piracy. The Quadrant is also the target of frequent raids from the neighboring China Quadrant, and it is believed that the EBSIS are hoping to expand into the territory from the newly acquired Chinese territory to the north.

China Quadrant

Estimated Population: ~20,000,000

China Quadrant does not actually encompass any part of the old super-power. It consists largely of the old nation of Myanmar with northern portions of nearby Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. The region is modestly populated, mostly low technology. In the wake of the Zentraedi planetary assault, a force of former Chinese army officers and troops fled the destruction into Myanmar and joined forces with the remnants of that nation's military government. The better trained and equipped Chinese forces soon seized control and claimed the country in the name of the (now non-existent) Chinese Republic. The majority of the populace consists of poor peasant farmers and laborers. Natural resources are scant, due to mismanagement by the previous regime, so the government has taken to plundering neighboring Manchuria and Indochina Quadrants. The military government has been making overtures to the EBSIS but the Soviets are interested in resources, something the China Quadrant is sorely lacking.

Indochina Quadrant

Estimated Population: ~30,000,000

For the majority of the population of Indochina, life after the Zentraedi assault was much the same as before. Only the large population centers were destroyed, leaving the small peasant villages to continue with life as usual. It was only the arrival of rogue Zentraedi to the area that changed anything, but even then this was a populace used to being under the thumb of one warlord or another, the only difference was that these rulers were giant aliens. With the elimination of the rogue Zentraedi the region has gone back to being a scattering of peasant farming communities. The jungles are still home to high-tech bandits, drug smugglers, and even a small number of Zentraedi (probably the largest concentration left on Earth, but the exact numbers are unknown).

Asia - 2028

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